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Sexy step s****r and the stranger (True)

This is a very accurate true story.

I love telling this story because till this day I get hard thinking about it.

My step s****r would come stay with me and my step dad and mom every summer.
We did not get along at all not until we entered our teen age years.

First off Brandy is a year older then me she is about 5'9 and has an athletic figure with large firm breast from a young age. Blond hair and blue eyes.

Every summer by the pool I would try not to stare at her sexy yummy body.
And the f****y would joke and make comments about how hung I was in my swim shorts. Mom would say "Well at least you got one good feature from your father"
And then Mom and Brandy would laugh. I was too young to really get it.

We lived in these really nice condo's that had a community pool and jacuzzi with trees around and we spent a lot of time there in the hot California summers. Well after dinner we asked mom if we could go for a swim she said that would be fine and we headed off.
Brandy had on a pink bikini that showed off her large double D's and sexy round ass with her hour glass shape.

We turned on the bubbles and hopped into the jacuzzi. Just laughing and talking. When an older man came out of his condo in a swim suit and towel and asked if we mind if he joins us. Brandy said sure and I could tell he was very interested in Brandy. Thinking back he looked to be in his late 40s.
He was starring at Brandy and telling her how cute she looks making small talk asking her about school and what music she likes.
Brandy was excited that an older man was showing interest in her.
His flirting was getting more and more aggressive. Brushing lightly up against Brandy's breasts commenting on how yummy they look. Brandy blushing and giggling. And to them I was not even there even tho I was just on the other side of the jacuzzi watching.

The man then asked Brandy if he could massage her. Brandy saying "okay".
The sun was setting and the lights from the jacuzzi turns on.
The man gets behind Brandy and starts massaging Brandy's shoulders.
I was getting excited at the idea of watching this stranger have his way with Brandy and me there to see it all.

Then the stranger started moving his hands lower to the top of Brandy's breasts. Brandy seemed frozen face red from blushing. The man was now rubbing her breast over her bikini top. His deep voice talking into her ear.
"Dose that feel good?" Brandy just nodding her head yes.
Nipple's getting very hard. Slight glimpses in and out of the bubbles.
The man suddenly pulls the bikini top down. Brandy jumps a little then lets him. Rubbing and pinching Brandy's pink little nipples. Brady bitting her bottom lip and moaning tilting her head back and the man whispering things into Brandy's ear. Kissing her neck and tilting her head back to kiss her lips.

I see Brandy now reaching back and under the bubbles by the motion of her shoulder and arm she was now stroking this strangers cock.
Its hard to believe the chances this stranger was taking.
The jacuzzi was semi privet from anyone walking by to see them but anyone could have came over for a dip and saw this much older man with Brandy.
But now that it was starting to heat up both their passions had to be fulfilled!

The stranger now reaching down and pulling Brandy's bikini bottom to the side.
Fingering Brandy's hot little pussy under the hot bubble's. Me watching like a horny little ghost, not even there. Wishing I could see my sexy step s****r's pussy under those bubbles but so hard getting to see her large first breast's and small hard pink nipples. And the looks on her face!.. Amazing! So cute and innocent looking and now she could not hold back. She was getting finger fucked right in front of her little b*****r by a stranger in a public Jacuzzi were anyone could walk up at any time.

The stranger was now being very aggressive. Picks Brandy up and turning her around to face him and as he does I see Brandy slowly moving down while she sits on his lap. Deep soft moan. His cock slowly entering her little pussy.
The older man with a wild look on his face like a wolf taking his pray.
Sucking on Brady's nipples while she slowly moves up and down. Me watching wide eyed dick so hard it could split in half!
Feeling like I was doing something very bad by watching but I could not stop my gaze and if I even touched my dick I could explode!

It was only a few minutes the stranger had one hand around Brandy's throat
the other squeezing her breast and bitting her nipple while she rides him up and down when he freezes up tilts his head back and makes a loud grown.
He came hard inside of Brandy.
Nothing said he stands up pulls up his shorts and leaves.
Brandy with a guilty look on her face fixing her bikini top and bottom.
Now it was the realization that I was there the whole time.
She looked embraced but said nothing.
We walked back to the condo and when we get back mom asked if we had fun
and Brandy just tells her a strange man was flirting with her.
I said nothing.

But that night something very unexpected happened and that will be my next story to tell.


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