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Wife does her friend 4 hubbies pleasure

As most husbands we would love to watch our wifes with another woman. Well it happened to me one evening walking home from the pub. We had lots to drink and for a laugh i told my wife for a dare to snog her friend up the lane and to my amazement she did. they got well into it touching each other all over,as you can all imagine my cock stood to attention very quickly. I seen my wifes hand go up the back of her skirt then i heard her start to moan.I had my cock out and started to wank it.Then they both suggested going back to our place to finish it off.They stripped each other down to there underwear i got naked and kept playing with myself.They licked sucked and plyed with eachother.I got my wife to go down on her but it was all to much i got behind my wife and pumped my spunk into her pussy.Then i was happy to watch them make each have multiple orgasms for the rest of the night.And the moral of the story is women know how to get eachother off.

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