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Martina's Diary: Sunday August 14th 2011

04:00 Couldn't sl**p. Excited about possibly seeing Lucio again and got my hand down my panties. But disappointed by lots of things, which also keep me awake with worry. Lucio still hasn't contacted me, and now Rose has got herself a boyfriend. Haven't been able to go round to see her much this week. On Thursday afternoon, I went to see her but I felt she wanted to get rid of me quickly. Perhaps I'm just being over-sensitive, but her boyfriend was calling for her at five o'clock, and I imagined that perhaps she was planning to have sex with him before they went out. I felt really jealous.

05:00 Mum and Dad are going at it early morning. I can hear them using some sort of toy. I've heard the buzzing noise lots of times before, but never used to be really aware of what it was. I can't stand it any longer and go outside and sit on the terrace, thinking of Lucio again and whether he's going to be a mass. I'm deciding whether to play it cold towards him, showing him how annoyed I am with him or pretend as if nothing has if last Sunday's fling at his Aunt's house never happened.

10:45 I arrived at mass early, so that I could get the seat I usually occupy on the second row from the front. Instead I decide to move and sit on the back line, so that I can see if or when Lucio comes in. I know he'll see me as well, because it's the seat next to the aisle. That's all I can think about now. And then when he arrives, I am determined to show that I don't care for him any more.

11:15 Lucio arrives quite late. He takes the seat next to me and I am satisfied that I just greet him as you would a stranger: not someone who has made passionate love to you just seven days ago. The mass passes with a lot of tension between us - with no physical contact at all. I feel myself moving away from him so that our legs or hands shouldn't even touch during the service. I don't hear a word that the priest has to say, it's almost as if he isn't there. All I can think about is the man sitting next to me.

12:30 We walk outside into the sunshine in silence. I ask him where he's been, and he explains that his mother has been ill and that he has been in Manila. I don't know whether to believe him, but I really want to believe him. I ask him why he didn't call me, and he says that he has been very worried and that he didn't want to cause me any concern either. I still don't know whether to believe him, but I feel my heart melting towards him a little. Or was it my kang-kang?

13:00 He invites me to a nice restaurant in the mall. We have lunch and I allow myself to say that I had expected him to call me on Monday morning, immediately after our "date" last Sunday. I really didn't want to say anything like that as it suggested that I was eager to see him again....or that I was already in love with him or something. Anyway, seconds later, I felt his hand touching my knees under the table and seeking to reach higher. And immediately I wanted it. I really wanted it! And so I let him explore up my skirt, letting him know by my lack of resistance that I was already ready to accept him again.

13:30 We went in a taxi to the hotel, with him squeezing me tightly round the waist. I was relieved that it was a hotel near the airport that I'd never been to before, and that the reception staff didn't recognize me either. I was really scared that someone on the desk might be a friend, or a friend of a friend. That somehow the gossip would get back to nanay and tatay, or to the girls in the village. That I was now the kind of naughty girl who went to hotels on Sunday afternoon and had sex with their boyfriends.

14:00 He was quicker to take me than last weekend. I didn't undress straight away and instead stood in front of the dresser mirror. I was breathing deeply, I think, in expectation of what was about to happen. I saw him come up behind me in the mirror, already naked, and kneel at my feet and put his hands up my skirt and pull down my pantyhose and knickers and then to start slowly and very gently rubbing me with his thumb and forefinger. Backwards and forwards. Backwards and forwards. Backwards and forwards. The wonderful feelings seemed to go on forever.

15:00 As hard as I tried to keep my feelings hidden, I guess once I was naked and laid on the edge of the bed with him licking between my legs, I couldn't help betraying what I really felt about him. And he told me he loved me, and that I was wonderful! Yes, wonderful! Friends have told me not to take declarations of love too seriously, especially if they come as a man is about to penetrate you with his cock, but I did take it seriously and I declared my love for him as well as his cock pushed into my kang-kang. I was already wet and his cock glided into me without any resistance. I ride him and it was me who came first, with Lucio tired as if he's been busy worrying about his Mum. Unable to cum, he falls asl**p in my arms.

17:00 I arrive home just as my Dad has been interviewing the new helper (maid). He seems annoyed to see me back so soon. I'd told him I might stay out with my friends until 8 o'clock or later. We've been without a helper now since Rose left. And Dad has persuaded Mum that she needs help around the house. The new helper is young and attractive, with quite big breasts, so I'm sure Dad will give her a "trial". Mum is in town, and I did just wonder whether Dad was already about to see whether she could do the job satisfactorily!

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