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Rita's true story

after our encounter with sue Rita wanted her turn so it was left to me to arrange and boy was she excited at the prospect of what i was planning.
you see Rita wanted to be fucked by 5 men and begged me relentlessly to arrange it so i did,i called Rita and said it would be tonight great she said i will get ready so i rounded my mates from the football team and had told them about this incredibly horny lady i had meet and what she wanted needless to say they couldn't wait.
when we got to her house we went inside and in the hall was a note please leave all clothes here so we stripped off, then there was note on the door to the lounge do not enter until cock is hard so we all started to wank once hard we knocked on the door and went in Rita was sitting on the sofa naked legs wide open and rubbing her pussy wow was all she could muster as we stood there 5 hard cocks waiting to be serviced with that she got on her knees and beckoned us over we stood in a line and she went down the line sucking each cock.
I was the 1st to make a move and bent her over her pussy was sopping wet so after sticking my fingers it i smeared my cock and shoved it up her arse and started pumping away being cheered on by my buddies after a few minutes she got off i laid down and she sat on top of me bending over then for the next hour my 4 buddies to turns to fuck her arse whilst i was buried deep inside her as each one was about to come they pulled out and spunked over her arse and back then it was my turn to cum over her tits and face when we had all finished she laid down in a paddling pool in the corner and i said right boys lets send her over the edge and we stood in a circle and all pissed over her as she rubbed her self to an almighty orgasm then she shouted quick and we got into the pool and she stood over us and started to squirt and piss all over our cocks once she was finished she licked every cock clean and dry my pals left and i stayed the night to discuss our next adventure which we have many.

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