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Meeting online

I was on line recently and got chatting to a very horny mature lady and we swapped our sex fantasies on line both wanking as we talked, eventually we decided to meet up and we hit it off straight away and had great sex she even let me fuck her up the arse my first time.
after about a week she invited me round to her house for dinner when i got there she invited me in and her friend was there also we had a nice meal and then they went to do the dishes i thought but to my surprise when they came back into the room they were both dressed in very sexy lingerie.
the woman i had meet online rita and her friend sue looked fantastic, rita said to me this is your 1st fantasy to come true sue will be our sex slave tonight the next time its my turn and you know i want, with that sue was ordered to remove my clothes and suck my cock, which she did without complaint once i was rock hard rita said come on then order her to do something like you dreamed off ok i said with that i told her lick rita's pussy and without hesitation her arse went up in the air and she started licking at her clit, by now i was so hard i thought i would come any minute but now i was now really getting into the swing of the situation,and ordered both of them to suck my cock,followed by both of them stripping out of their lingerie,once totally naked i noticed sue's hairy pussy so i ordered rita to get the razor and get that pussy shaved, there was sue legs a kimbo and rita shaving her pussy with my cock in sues mouth watching that hair being shaved away i said to rita leave a small thin strip like the pornstars have, i could see by the puffy lips and the wetness sue was enjoying this as was rita,once they were finished i said right you 2 get on knees lets see those pussys and i want to fuck both of them there thay were both bent over so i slipped my cock into sue's freshley shaved pussy after a few strokes i swapped to rita, then i decided i wanted to fuck sue's arse so rita got my and started licking sues arse lubicating it ready for me to slide in i said open her cheeks up and guide my cock into that tight arse thats its baby she said treat her like a fuck slave take her hard and rough yes please said sue with that i slapped her arse and said dont talk unless told to, with that i felt my big purple head slip into her arse now why im not the biggest in the world at 9" it sure was a tight fit and sue screamed as my cock rammed up her arse i told rita get the pussy in her mouth so she cant scream this she did and i said rita rub your clit i want you to squirt in her face when i squirt rita said dont do that you know want i want ok here we go as rita squirted into sues face i felt my cum rising with that both girls got on their backs lifted their legs up over their shoulders and spread their pussies so i could come on them both once i had smothered them in come rita said now you need to clean us up as you promised ok i know i said and with that took hold of my cock and started to piss over them with that rita jumped up grabbed my cock and started spraying sue everywhere once i had finished she then licked my cock clean. we retired to bed and spent the next few days with our own sex slave at our beck and call.
i will write about ritas fantasy which came true next time if you like this one i wait for your commrnts.

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