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Las Vegas

My husband and I have been married about five years when we saved up enough money to go to Las Vegas. We thought it was time wo go and see what all the hub bub is all about. And we thought that would be a good time to start a f****y so I quit taking my pill so that we could try to get pregnant.

Now my husband is a really good looking guy and I know he "got around" alot before I met him. I also know that he had been to Vegas a couple of times before. We arrived on a Saturday early and got settled into our hotel room and went to eat and hit the club. We had not had sex in about a week as we were saving that up for the trip. At the club it was packed, girls were hittng on my husband and guys were hitting on me. Now I have been told that I am attractive and do get hit on alot. I have only slept with two guys in my life, my first boyfriend and my current husband. I do love sex I just have not slept around, I do have fantasies and have wondered what it would be like to do different things with different people. We met this married couple at the club and shared a table with them. Another married couple joined us, we were drinking pretty heavy and talking about sex. I danced with the husbands and my husband danced with their wives. Three more men joined us, all these men were very good looking and I have to admit I was getting very horny. Everybody decided to go up to this couple's room to party some more. At the room we were all drinking and the men were fondling all of us women. I had never had men fondle me before, I found it to be a big turn on. My pussy burned and was dripping wet. My husband and another man were undressing one of the women. Within minutes all three were naked and she was sucking my husband dick while the other guy mounted her. My fsce was right there as his dick slid into her pussy-I had never seen anything like this before. I thought I would go nuts if I did not get some dick, and not my husbands!

I watched as this dick went back and fourth in that pussy and as my husband got his dick sucked. The two men that had me soon had me undressed. That was when the guy came in that pussy, he pulled his dick out and my husband drove his dick in next. I watched as my husband pounded this woman. Then I felt a dick enter me, I almost exploded. The man held my hips tight as he thrust into me, the feel of a strangers cock in me was more than I could take and I had a massive orgasim, I thought my head was going to fall off. At that point I felt the cock in me explode, I could feel it throbing as it pumped my pussy full of jizz, my orgasim finally finished as his cock finished delivering its load and was replaced with another cock that thrust in and out of me soon delivering another warm load of jizz deep in my hungrey cunt.My husband had dumped a massive load into the woman he was fucking. I watched as his jizz mixed with the previous mans jizz and the womans juices and all ran out around the sides of his cock. He removed his dick and this womans pussy was a gooey mess of fuck juice. The other woman had got fucked by her two guys and we all sat around till it was time for round two. I got two new guys and two more loads of hot cum deep in my cunt. I fucked the other guy and then someone let four more guys who walking down the hall in and we fucked them also. They found a couple more guys also who came in and pumped us full of jizz and left.

We all kept partying until Sunday afternoon. I tried to keep track of how many different guys I fucked, about ten. And my husband I think fucked about twelve or thirteen women. It was great and I must say that I am now a true swinger and fuck as many different guys as I can. My husband loves this new life also. We have joined a swinger club and visit it often. The only draw back from that weekend in Vegas is that I ended up pregnant and have no idea who the father is. I fucked those ten or so guys many times. My husband and I just act like he is the father.

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