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I joined a famous sex site to get women on the side, and all I got was men, no problem. This is another of my stories.

After receiving my first gay blowjob and liking it a lot, I decided that was time to fuck some man ass, and I did it enjoying many times!

I was 37, on my chiseled 5'9" frame, and a 6" uncut cock to go with it, Latin lover with a lot of energy to fuck...

I met Bobby, about my age and height, a blondy with a boyish (twink type)and gayish smile, but as a learned the thickest 6" cut cock(he's a nyc jew living in fla).
He said in the past, he had some friends who took care of each other's needs whatever that mean, I wanted to fuck his ass.

We went to bead, and he was the type trying to kiss me which a prompted rejected since I definetely don't kiss men...So, we started a 69, and I never sucked cock that thick before(once but completely drank!). His cut massive cock had a big head, and the little hole so big that it looked like a fish's mouth. Well, I manage to squeeze that cock in my mouth and started sucking it and jacking it the best I could for my first time!
Bobby, in the contrary, was an expert cocksucker, lucky me. He sucked me hard alternating between licking and sucking my already pre cumming head, and thankfully he jacked me a little softer otherwise I would had cummed right there.
So, I told him after that suck/jack section that I wanted to fuck his nice pink asshole that I opned while playing with his thick hard cock. Maybe he wanted me to rimm that hole which at that time I had never done before, and today wow. Bobby had this nice completely hairless asshole crying for a good tongue licking and fucking which I would have done with pleasure!
He finally agreed but told me "no banging" just a soft fuck, and I agreed...
He laid on bead with his face on the pillow, and his tanned white body all for my use, and specially that nice white ass. I opned his ass with my 2 hands and put my lubricated cock between his asscheeks, and asked if he liked like that, and he barely moaned yessssssss!
After pre cumming on his asscheeks feeling his pink asshole I put a condom and lube, and opened his alreay wet asscheeks, and put all my super hard 6" uncut meat deep in his pink asshole.

Bobby moaned and as promissed, I only squeezed my cock deep in his asshole, and with my face close to his asked if his was ok, and he replied that it hurts a little bit bu he was ok.
Inmy mind, I wanted to pound that pink asshole but was ok with the deep slow fucking.
I grunted and came very hard in Bobby's already loose pink hole. He turnaround and his massive cock was small, and I asked what happened to his cock,a nd he replied that the fuck was a little sore in pain.
Bobby quickly laid sat in bad and struck his massive meat to life again. Bobby stroke hard and came so hard that he actually hit the bed's headboard with his massive cumshot!

In the next meeting, Bobby fucked my ass in the same way I fucked him. I learned that I was definetely a top! His massive cock gave me a very boring
fuck, and he came saying that was great, well at least for him! I did not feel any pain or pleasure just a guy mounting on my back with his massive cock fucking deep in my almost virgin thight asshole!

I decided that Bobby was to gay for me, and only if he accepted to be my bottom bitch I would see him again.

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