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A classroom fucking

the school where im'e at is a really posh school and the parents are really stuck up and with me being black some of them look down there noses at me but deep down i know they all want a bit of black.

susan is a chubby mummy not fat but a girl with meat on the bones and her husband is a real tool,he works away a lot and she really likes to flirt but nearly all the mums flirt but susan likes to touch when she talks, i was sat in the parent evening and her hubby was away so she came alone and i was telling her that dan was a good k** and he needs to get involved in the sports a bit more, i know i keep telling him this, at this point she put her hand on my leg and it was very close to my cock and im'e not a small boy so it hangs to the left and it sits on my leg, she was about an inch away from toching the head of my cock, so i placed my hand on top of her's and i moved it on to my cock she looked straight in to my eyes and gasped a little as if to say is that your cock.

susan i said you always like to touch when you talk this is what could happen if your not carefull, sorry gavin i never knew, its ok but i thought id'e tell you, but she never moved her hand she sort of gripped my cock a little just to check that it was really that big, well susan thanks for coming give dan my regards and tell him to try harder, she just stood up and her eyes were glazed over.

it was a week later on a friday and the k**s had soccer practice after school so some of the parents turn up to watch and then take them home, susan was there to pick danny up and she was smileing at me and waving so to be polite i waved back, it was finally over and most of the parents had gone some stay back to help put things away susan was one.danny came over and said mam im'e going to garys for tea and he will drop me of at 9 is that ok, yes you go and enjoy i'll stop here and help put things away bye son see you at 9.

so i had cleared the field and put all the gear away and there was only me and susan left even the caretaker had gone home, cheers susan you don't have to stop i'll manage now, its ok hubby's away so iv'e got no one to go home to so i might aswell stop to help you. id'e gone back to the class room to get my keys and to lock the school up, susan was still with me and we were talking about nothing really then she said she was sorry for touching my leg at the meeting, dont worry it was nothing, but she came out with somthing i thought id'e never hear from a parent at this school, so is true do you all have big dicks,, well you could have knocked me over with a feather i didn't know what to say or do.

well susan its like this i said some do and some dont it like all things they come in diffrent sizes, without a single notice she kissed me, i could tell she wasn't getting it at home from day one but she was wild she kissed my face off nearlly,, slow down susan, sorry sorry i couldn;t help it iv'e always wanted to be fucked by a black man and your the only one i know, cheers susan, no i dont mean it like that but i want you.

i slowly took her top off and her tits were big and firm her body was so smooth as i strocked her skin she was trembeling with excitment and so was i, my cock was on a semi and cos i had shorts on it was popping out the bottom susan could see this and she stepped back and slowly took my shorts down it nearlly took her eye out i was pumping that much bl**d into it with excitment it was as big as it had been for years it was on a full hard on it must have been 11'inches,, susan was in shock she took it in her mouth and she tryed to take it all in,gagging wasn't the word but give her 10 out of 10 for trying.

i finally stripped her and put her on her sons desk and i told her it was his and when he's back in on monday he will smell the juicess of me and her,, she was now gagging for it fuck me gavin i want your black cock inside me and fuck me like nobody ever has. i parted her lips with my bell end and rubbed her clit a few times then i slowly slid it in her, susan was saying go on deep right in deeper i was finally in and thrusting my hard 11'inches right into her, susan was so wet the desk will be stained for ever with her juices,poor dan.

i flipper her on to her front so she was bending over his desk and i fucked her doggy, i was grabbing them big tits they were fantastic tits for a big girl they were so firm and hard and the nipples were long and fat, the more i rubbed them and twisted her nipps the wetter she was getting till fially she cum all over my cock and the floor it was like a river, straight away i put her on the desk and i sucked and licked her fanny dry it tasted so sweet, whilst i was munching away susan said gavin iv'e been married 15 years and iv'e never done anal would like to try it and we will see if i can take it.

you didn't have to ask me twice i turned her over again and parted her arse cheeks i wet it with her own juices and mine and very slowly put my head in, she was gasping a little slow slow, i was taking it slow i spat on my shaft and guided it in to her arse it was finally in but i never pulled it out i just left it there until she relaxed and i finally pulled it outwards then back in and now i started to go faster susan was shooting cum out off her pussy all over me it was unreal she was loving it, fuck me fuck me harder i luv it deeper i was pumping away like mad i was about to cum, where do you want it susan,, fill my arse with it i want to feel you fill me up. i put my full length right up to my balls in side her arse and pumped it full of cum, she was in heaven and so was i this was and still is the best fuck iv'e had...we still talk and wave but never have we fucked again or talked about it,, poor dan still sits with his mothers cum on his desk..........

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