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Watching Mom Get Fucked - True Story

This is a true story of what I saw one night.

I was due back from university on the weekend, but ended up arriving on the Friday night instead. I'd been away for 6 months and my mom lived alone after divorcing a year ago.

My mom's curvy and petite and very attarctive. I know my mates talk amongst themselves about what they want to do to her...and I don't blame them.

When I was younger I used to sometimes hear her getting fucked and it would always turn me on.

That night when I got was really late, like one at night, and as soon as I opened the door I could see a dim light from my mom's room upstairs. The rest of the house was dark. Just as I was going to walk upstairs to my room...I heard some wierd noises, but couldn't make out what they were about. I suddenly hoped I'd get to see her playing with herself.

When I got upstairs and peeked from a distance through the door which was left almost half open..what I saw gave me the most aching cock I've ever had! She was on her knees and there was our neighbor sliding his cock in and out of my mom's mouth. Each time he put his cock in, it wasn't a little bit inside. He kept sliding almost the entire length of his cock all the way to the back of her throat. And each time the head of his cock was hitting the back of her throat she gagged on it.

I stood there transfixed watching her hungrily taking his cock inside her mouth. After a few minutes, she took his cock out of her mouth with spit and precum drool dripping down, looked up at him and said these exact words.."I really want you to fuck my mouth like it was my wet cunt honey! Fuck it and then shoot that big thick load on my face please!"

Upon hearing that he proceeded to really fuck her mouth,,,did that for about a minute before pulling out his big cock and shot a huge and thick load over her whole face. Her face was completely covered in cum.

After he came...he said, "keep sucking my cock and make it hard again right now". I need to fuck your wet cunt hard." My mom said nothing, and with her face covered in cum kept sucking his cock.

After a while, he picked her up and put her on the bed. She lay on her back while he put his hands underneath her knees and pulled them up to her tits. For the first time I got to see wet cunt and it was looking beautiful. She was shaved completely and she was clearly wet as hell. He slowly put in the head of his cock and and kept teasing her.

She started whimpering "please stop teasing know how badly I need that hard dick inside me." No matter how much she kept whimpering and begging him he kept teasing her. Till finally he plunged it all the way in one go right down to his balls. My mom screamed out really loud...while he fucked her for a few minutes. She kept saying things to him, but between her screaming I couldn't make out what she was saying then.

Then she got on all fours facing the door. I saw her face still drenched in his cum...her tits swaying with her ass up in the air towards him. Just as he slipped his cock in her she yelped...but turned her head towards him and this I heard her say clearly, " please pound my cunt just the way you like and don't stop fucking me till you cum"

He then went on for the next 5 minutes to fuck her furiously. The entire house was filled with the wet sounds of his balls slapping her cunt...only at times to be drowned by mom screaming while she came over and over again. Watching her cum dripping face with the horniest expression of pain and pleasure screaming like a slut was the most incredible sight I've seen. He unloaded after about ten minutes of fucking her furiously deep inside her cunt.

That was the horniest thing I've ever experienced. I wonder if any of you have ever really got to watch your mom getting fucked. What did you see and how fucking turned on were you?

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