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Part 02

By: V.I.Profferi

Saturday morning arrived and Alice came in to wake us up for breakfast. She looked exhausted, with rings under her eyes. She had put Corky’s sleeveless work shirt on and nothing else. We could both see portions of bare breasts coming out the sides and when she stumbled at the end of the bed, her entire left breast with its large and still erect pink nipple showed itself clearly. While still lolling on the bed atop our legs, Alice asked with a d***ken slur, “What were you doing in bed together?” May, who has always had a sharp tongue replied, “We often sl**p in the same bed on cold nights to keep warm.” Alice did not seem to notice what she was doing for a few seconds as she had felt the bump of my crotch against her chin when she fell. She rubbed her chin back and forth for a few seconds as her hand strayed u*********sly up to feel my semi erect phallus, still sticky under the covers. “Oh, how nice,” said Alice. Then suddenly she changed. It was as if she had suddenly woken up from a trance. She got up quickly supporting her weight on the desk opposite the end of the bed. She tried to make an accusing face at us to say that she did not approve, but her face was suddenly overcome with a glow that made her wanton envy plain. Alice sensed this and rushed out of the room telling us to get dressed and come to the kitchen.

Corky was still sl**ping off his drink and a very late night when we came to the kitchen table. Alice definitely looked as if she would rather have been in bed also, but did not want our parents to hear of her neglect caused by the satisfied fatigue Corky had inflicted on her over the course of the night. The scrambled eggs were under cooked, the toast was burnt, and the sausages had dried out into a sort of sausage jerky. Even the tea was off. Alice had apparently forgotten she had been making instant coffee to begin with and had added tea to the pot before pouring the hot water in. We both giggled through breakfast, but we never made a single complaint. Alice seemed to not notice anything. When we were almost done she got up, laid out a tray with two cups of her steaming brew, some bread on a plate, knife, butter, and a pot of marmalade. Without saying anything to us, she disappeared down the corridor to lavish her attentions upon Corky, her fiancée. May and I cleaned up the kitchen amidst teasing touches and lewd bodily gestures suggesting what Alice was likely doing in Mum’s bed with Corky.

Of course, this only served to fuel May’s imagination. Soon, the earlier mockery of Alice and Corky that morning transformed itself into an unspoken promise between us. As soon as the dishwasher was running, May took my hand and led me to the bath, “‘cause we got to keep clean,” insisted May. I brushed my teeth while I watched her have a pee for the first time in my recollection. I could not believe myself. Everything about May was suddenly making my briefs stretch. May was not shy either, which probably helped. While I was rinsing in the sink beside her she casually reached up with one deft hand, moved the briefs below my testicles and began to frig me. “I bet Mum does that to Dad all the time she said sheepishly grinning.” Then she engulfed my swelling head in her warm lips. “Uhg, I’ve got to pee May, NOW.” She had seen something in the film that I had missed. May simply shifted back on the toilet seat and aimed my prick at her belly and crock. She moved her hand to the base holding me firmly and ordered me to pee and let her take control everything. I was in no position to argue, so I relaxed and let out a long stream of golden fluid. The relief was intense and so was the sensation of my s****r’s delicate little hands griping me tightly in her left hand while she giggled and smiled broadly with pleasure. I had barely finished and there were still trickles of urine coming out from my gleaming head when May crammed me into her mouth licking my rod as if it were the best ice pop she had ever tasted.

Her mouth was fantastic and I quickly forgot what she had just done. When May pulled my penis out of her mouth her eyes shone and her cheeks glowed with a naughty light that came from inside her. “Now we have to shower, and since it was you who got me dirty Geoffrey, you will have to wash me and make me all clean again.” We had showered together when we had been much smaller but I had never paid so much attention to May’s body as I did that morning. When we stepped out of the shower I was still hard and May was walking ahead of me with the erection in her hand as if it had been a leash. Alice was sitting on the counter with one leg atop the surface and three fingers shoved inside her gleaming snatch while rubbing her clit with her thumb. I was incredibly embarrassed and blushed a deep purple. However, I got even harder. To my total surprise May was not at all phased and responded to Alice’s starring eyes with her unremitting wit. “Geoffrey is taking good care of me. He didn’t want me to slip in the bath.” The farce was unbelievable to me. Then she had to compound the embarrassment just to tease me and Alice too, it seemed. “You gave him a stiff one Alice. I hope you take care of Geoffrey better from now on.” They both laughed heartily and all I could do was cower in my shame as my cock got harder and redder. Alice slipped of the counter like a leopard gliding of a tree in pursuit of easy prey. Even though it had been a cold morning I broke into a sweat as I watched my babysitter take those few and eternal steps toward me that I had fantasised about so many times. May simply glided away giving me a reassuring peck on the cheek as she stepped out of the W.C.

That was the beginning. Some years had passed and Alice had stayed behind as she was married to Corky and pregnant with their second c***d when May and I had moved to the South West where Aunt Hed lived by the sea. May had been sharing a bed with me and taking her pleasure whenever she wanted it ever since then. Corky had had some friends that worked with computers who managed to clear the parental filters that Dad had put on our laptop. By then May and I each had our own laptops for school, but we still used the same old one together for watching films and managing the endless nude pictures I took of May. I had got addicted to her. There were always other girls at school that wanted to date, and I had managed more than just a snog with more than one or two over the years. But there was just something magical and captivating about my beautiful s****r. May was starting to develop hips and her chest was just starting to show the slightest bumps as her breast started to come out. She now wore a training brassiere, but only when she was not at home. When we walked through the kitchen and stepped into the passage we heard groaning sounds coming from the bar and leisure room. We scuttled quietly upstairs to the upper corridor from where we could spy the room unseen in the shadows.

Aunt Head was perched atop the postman, who was lying upon his back on the green velvet of the snooker table. His cock was clearly not inside her fanny because his hand was inside it up to his wrist. Aunt Hed was happily bouncing upon his penetrating penis whilst gorging her oral appetite upon the very thick rod of what looked very much like P.C. Lewis standing atop the table still wearing his bobby helmet, but nothing else. May whispered in my ear. “I wonder if Uncle Cooper knows aunt Hed has this much fun at home when he is away at the rig?” Fun! That was just a typical and subtle understatement that I had learned to expect from May. As usual, her sharp mind was far ahead of mine. I was only just starting to comprehend what I was looking at. May had already gone way beyond knowing that the postman was pounding aunt Hed up the arse whilst she was blowing the copper to keep his surreptitious discovery quiet. May was already scheming about what she could get for her discovery from her wealthy but tight fisted aunt by the gift of this discovery. I never ceased to be astonished by my s****r’s acute mind. Later in the evening, when she talked about what we had seen I could only stand in shock with my mouth gaping in combined horror and awe at her mind.

Before we even got to having dinner though, May wanted me, ME, to bugger her. “We have to baby.”My s****r had started to call me baby a year before when uncle Cooper had come home for the holidays and had continually addressed aunt Hed as baby, no matter how much she ignored him and walked away from him. Clearly, aunt Hed hated being called baby. I had not objected and as I was her baby b*****r, despite also being a fucking b*****r, the endearment made sense to me in some odd way. It was almost comforting. May was going to turn into an inveterate Madam and slave driver, but I could not have foreseen this. Even if I had tried to nip her at the bud, I have my doubts May would have been much different. Having hind sight now, I suspect that if I had objected and opposed her on calling me baby she would have accelerated her transition into a Dominating Mistress and I might not have been spared, nor been awarded the sacred place of being the only lover she would never abuse, beat, humiliate, and torture.

Part 03 coming soon.

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