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Some more pussy licken ! xD

he laid me down and grabbed both my legs. roughly, he separated them. then he moved in close to my dripping wet pussy. the gooy fluid was just leaking, it was as though my pussy was begging for penetration.
he started licking my inner thigh. the fact that he was no where near my pussy jus made me more horny. I felt his muscular tounge moving in patterns along my thigh ohh how bad I wanted that tounge deep in my pink cunt. he moved closer to it and took a minute to admire how much he had turned me on. my pussy glistened with the cum that was oozing out. gently he began licking up and down my slit, making sure not to touch my clit. this made me go wild with anticipation. then he inserted two super thick fingers deep into my pussy.
he began moving them slowly, my hips moved automatically, telling him to move faster.
he did exactly that. as he moved faster, I began to moan faster.
MMMM ! THAT FEELS SOO FUCKEN GOODD BABYY I said as my hips moved his fingers deep into my warm cunt. just as I was climaxing, he started licking my glistening clit in a zig zag pattern omfg it was amazing ! my pussy twitched as I moaned sooo loud . he came up, kissed me, and rubbed my clit some more, making my pussy twitch with soo much f***e that I had to push him away. omgosh I'm soo wet right now

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