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My bset friends little s****r( true story )

This happened on a weekend when a lot of my friend Chris's friends were over that weekend. i was there because i am always there because i live across the street. at the time i was 17, Chris was 17, and his little s****r was 15. Since the first time i saw her i wanted to cum all over her pretty little face.

So that weekend i got my chance. the only reason i did that is because everyone was over. So the first night i planned out how i was gonna do it. first i would lay there until everyone was asl**p, then i would sneak into her room, then pull out my 8" dick and jerk above her face until i came all over it.

So finally the second night came. i waited until 3:00am for everyone to go to sl**p. then i slowly got up and left his room, and went down the hall to her room. when i got there i looked in and she was asl**p on her back, which was perfect. i slowly crept in there and pulled out my rock hard dick. then quietly jerked above her face. about five minutes passed and she started to move and i thought i was caught but she never got up just pushed her covers off which was amazing because she was sl**ping topless. that made my dick harder than before.

After another five minutes i felt the cum coming up my dick so i positioned it above here face and shot my huge load all over her face. then backed up fast just in case she woke up.

till this day she never knew that i had blew my load all over her face...
that night made me really happy...

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