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House sitting

I like to help my mates out, so when Louise was house sitting for her girlfriend I agreed to watch shitty films with her to keep her company. When I arrived, she looked ready for bed! A black satin shirt, and a pair of shorts. She greeted me with a kiss, and passed me a beer.
We went into the living room, and spread ourselves on the sofa. Soon enough, she kissed me again and I felt my cock harden.
She told me to relax, and began stroking my cock through my jeans. Her tongue was wrapped around mine, and I swiftly got her shorts off.
She had shaved just for me, she said, As I fingered her sopping wet hole. She moaned, and moaned, and pretty soon we were in the bedroom, on her mates black sheets.
She took my cock right to the back of her throat As I lapped at her pussy. She came again and again, her breath ragged and hot.
She begged me to stop, it was just too much, and got to work sucking hungrily on my cock.
With a grunt, I came, spurting my load into her mouth. Some spilled, there was too much, but like a good girl, she licked off my stomach.
I hope we get another chance to meet up soon, she really is a very special girl.

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