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The sexy lady

I have always loved big tits. I was blessed with DD tits and so any one with nice round tits catches my attention. I was at the mall the other day when a woman came over to me and said,"you have a great body." I laughed and thanked her, then noticed her nice huge tits without a bra and the nipples poking against her shirt. She had to be over 40 and was extremely sexy. She looked at my big tits as she talked to me. I knew she wanted to see and feel my tits and this excited me. We talked for a while and then she invited me to her house. I could not say no and wanted to see her naked.

As we entered her house she grabbed me and kissed me tonguing my mouth. I was so turned on as I sucked her tongue too. We kissed for several minutes as she then started to feel my body. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and unlatched my bra. "Yes, you have great sexy tits." she told me. I then pulled her shirt off to see her tits. They were firm and no sag with great round nipples. We spent several minutes playing with each others nipples. Then she sucked mine drawing them deep in her mouth. She would suck, lick and then lightly bite them. I was very turned on. I took my turn devouring her tits. I loved the plump nipples as I sucked them hard. Then I removed her shorts and took mine off.

We moved to the futon and layed down. She started sucking my tits again and this time she played with my pussy. Sucking as much tit as she could in her mouth she rubbed my clit between her fingers. This felt so good. I spread my legs wider so she could have easy acces to my pussy and she then found my hole. She circled it with her finger before she plunged her finger into me. I was loving this. She finger fucked my hole for a long time feeling me cum. Next she slid down to my pussy and began to kiss and lick my cunt. She put my leg up over her shoulder to spread me further apart. She sucked my clit and licked it and I can't remember cumming so many times. I screamed when she stuck her tongue deep into my cunt and tongue fucked me making cum again and again. She really knew how to fuck a woman hard.

She then rolled me over to my stomach as she rubbed my butt cheeks. This felt comforting. She started to kiss the ass cheeks then nibble them and she soon had left several hickeys on my cheeks which felt very erotic. She spread my ass cheeks and ran her finger down the crack. She found my round bud and fingered it. Soon she had her finger up my ass. I had never felt any thing like that before. She could tell I enjoyed this so she added one more finger making it feel even better. She did a fucking motion with the two fingers till she heard me moan and then used a third finger. I never wanted her to stop. She fucked my ass with all three fingers and then took her other hand and and inserted three fingers in my cunt. She now was fucking my ass and cunt hard and fast. She heard me scream as I came over and over but she kept finger fucking my holes. Both holes were getting quite the work out from her fingers and I was the receiver. Soon she stopped and bent over and bit my ass and even that felt so good. This lady could please a woman for sure.

She then told me, "lets rest and then we will fuck more. I have many ways to pleasure your young sexy body." I smiled and knew I wanted more and more. i wanted to eat her pussy and finger fuck her till she screams.

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