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Fun with my mature bbw neighbour! (part 2)

As we continued kissing, ellen started reaching down between our bodies until she was able to wrap her hand around my hard thick shaft, as she held it she again started rubbing it up and down her slit. Every time my cock head brushed over her pussy i was able to feel it "flick" its way over her swollen clitoris as it stood there protruding invitingly between her lips. Turning ellen onto her side and positioning her so that i was straddling her bottom thigh and her other one was bent at 90 degrees supporting her, i started to ease my cock back inside of her. Inch by inch i entered her wet pussy until finally my balls were nestled tightly against her thigh and crack of her plump ass, slowly i started fucking her again. I my hard length slid in and out of her warm hole, i watched as ellen started rubbing and caressing her own breast, occasionally pulling it up to her mouth and licking and sucking her own nipple, leaning forward over her, i too then started to lick and suck on her soft 40e breast, as with any woman of her age, the skin of her breast was stretched and slightly wrinkled but in its own way beautiful to look at and felt incredible to the touch, cupping her plump breast with my right hand i then held her ass with my left as i started to f***e my cock in and out of her that bit faster and harder. Ellens moans of pleasure gave me all the encouragement i needed to keep going and for several minutes i continued to feed my hard cock into her moist pussy.
After a while i asked ellen if she wanted to sit astride me and ride me, eagerly she accepted and before long i was laid on my back and ellen was carefully climbing astride my lap, with her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft she slowly began to lower herself down my length. Nervously she started to ride me, her body language made me wonder whether she wasn't comfortable in this position as she seemed so tentative, so giving her the opportunity to stop if she wanted i asked her if she was ok and that we could swap if she wanted, but it was then that she told me that this was the first time in nearly 15yrs that she had had sex in any other position other than missionary and was a little nervous about getting it right, reassuring her i told her to take it slow and to just relax and do what feels good for her. Very soon ellen had relaxed and had soon let her inhibitions drop and was now riding my cock with long slow strokes, my hands caressing her plump thighs as she savoured the feel of my length penetrating her. Within twenty minutes ellen was riding my cock like a pro, her new found confidence evident, as she leant over and allowed her sagging breasts to hang enticingly close to my face, occasionally dipping them low enough for me to lick and suck. Every so often ellen allowed herself to lean right over allowing our lips to meet, as we kissed her breasts pressed tightly against my chest.

Before long i had begun to feel my cum rising and not wanting this encounter to be over too soon i and not wanting to disappoint ellen, i encouraged her to kiss her way down my body and take my cock in her willing mouth. With that she lifted herself off my cock and immediately i could feel the wetness of her pussy still glistening on my cock, my pubic hair itself saturated in her pussy juice.
Slowly she kissed her way down my chest and stomach and before long i was able to feel her breast brush over my cock head, suddenly without being asked or prompted ellen then pressed my cock between her soft fleshy breasts and with her hands cupping them either side, she proceeded to give me one of the best tit wanks i had EVER had, my cock slipped back and forth nicely with ease as her juices lubricated the crease of her breasts as i fucked them, with ellen wanking them roughly and with me forcing my crotch up to meet them i again soon found myself on the verge of wanting to cum, totally the opposite of what i was trying to achieve! After a couple of minutes, ellen then moved lower and without hesitation took me into her mouth. Her warm lips surrounded my cock, sliding their way down the length of my shaft, she took all but a couple of inches into her mouth and with an almost expert technique she began to lick and suck my cock with such enthusiasm that she was actually muffling her own groans of pleasure as she did it. As she sucked my cock, she wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and with a slight twist of her hand and with the slightest of strokes as she wanked me, she was soon giving a mind blowing blowjob! The pleasure she was giving me was immense, far more so than i had been anticipating. As she knelt there pleasuring me i found myself pulling her around by the thigh so that she was able to suck me but also so that as i reached under her and between her thighs i was able to ease a couple of fingers inside of her pussy, my thumb rubbed her clit as two finger probed deep inside of her hole.

Before long i told ellen that i couldn't hold back much longer and that i wanted to cum, unsure of whether she wanted me to cum inside of her i left her the choice of how she wanted to finish me off, with that she said she wanted me to cum inside of her as it had been so long since had last felt that happen.

As she then went to sit back astride of me i asked her if she would ride me again but this time the other way around, facing away from me. As she lowered herself down on me i had the pleasure of watching her incredibly rounded plump ass slide its way down my length and as she began to grind on me i watched as her soft chubby ass and thighs jiggled gently as she rode me, her ass dimpled as she slipped back and forth on my erect cock and with having the added bonus of being able to watch ellen riding me in the full length mirrored wardrobe i soon felt my orgasm approach, for a few minutes i laid there just enjoying watching her her large heavy hanging breasts swaying in the mirror and watching her plump ass rubbing against my crotch as my cock probed deeply into her pussy. As my cum started rising i propped myself up just enough so that i was almost sat up behind ellen, and reaching round her soft waist i let my fingers probe their way down between her wet thighs and allowed them to rub her clit as my cock firstly stiffened and then finally pulsed as it emptied load after load of my warm thick cum deep inside of her. As i finished flooding her moist pussy with cum i was continuing to frantically rub her clit and coupling that with having felt me filling her pussy, ellen herself then reached her orgasm, her pussy tightening around my now softening cock, forcing it to ease out of her hole and trickling some of my still warm cum with it.

After a while we cleaned ourselves, and as i left we agreed that maybe when we have the opportunity again we will have some more fun.

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