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Locker room storie

A wistle blew.
“Alright, go shower and change,” a deep husky voice boomed out. A boy of about 18 swam to the edge of the pool following the rest of his class. He lifted himself out of the water, and headed for the changing room, picking up his towel on the way off of a metal banister.

“Dave!” the husky voice boomed out again.
“Yes Mr.Baily?” the boy responded.
“Can I see you in my office for a minute?” Dave growned, but turned around and headed back towards Mr.Baily’s office. “John, would you mind putting away the equipment?” he directed to another student.

Without a word, a boy of about 18 headed back towards the pool and started collecting all the equipment from their game of pool volley ball.
When Dave got to the office with Mr.Baily, a younger teacher (Dave wasn’t sure who he was exactly, but thought he was the football coach), ran up to Mr.Baily. “Ted, can I talk to you for a minute,” he asked using Mr.Baily’s first name.

“Sure thing,” the Husky voice rang out again. “Dave, wait out here for a minute,” he said as he motioned to a bench. Dave wrapped his towel around his waist and sat down, as the two teachers went into Mr.Baily’s office. As he waited Dave watched as John cleaned up the equipment.

‘He’s pretty cute,’ Dave thought to himself. He had known for a while now that he was gay, but for his own protection, decided to keep himself deep in the closet. But that didn’t stop him from checking out other boys. ‘Actually he’s REALLY cute,’ he thought to himself again. ‘Ok, just stop, or you’re going to get a boner in your speedo.’ Dave may have actually of popped a huge one, if the door to Mr.Baily’s office hadn’t suddenly opened.

“I hope you didn’t mind waiting,” the other teacher said to Dave as he passed out of the office.
“No problem at all,” Dave said. And it really wasn’t. It was last period, and he really had no where to go after high school. Plus he didn’t really enjoy showering with the other guys. Well, actually he enjoyed it quite a bit, and that was the problem.

He took one last look at John before he entered Mr.Baily’s office. He may have been wrong, but he could have sworn that John was looking at him to, but if he was, it was only for a second. Dave quietly entered the dark office and immedietly was overwhelmed by the smell of old sweat and the sight of about a hundred trophies on the wall.

“I will make this brief, as I need to leave soon” Mr.Baily started. “I think you would be perfect for the school’s swim team.”
“The swim team,” the teacher repeated. “Look, I’ve seen you out there. You’re pretty good. You just need a little work on your form, and that can be taught to you easily.”
“I don’t know…” Dave trailed off.
“David, just look at your body, it’s made for swimming.” Dave looked at himself in the mirror. Even he had to admit he had a pretty athletic body. Five foot nine, slightly muscular, six-pack, and his skin was smooth and hairless (not naturally of course). He stared at his own icey-blue eyes in the mirror before responding.

“Can I think about it, and get back to you?” Dave asked, although he already knew the answer.
“Of course. In case you decide you want to do it, here are the proper forms you need to fill out.” Mr.Baily said as he handed him a small stack of papers. Dave took them, and headed for the door, as they thanked each other.

Dave got into the locker room, just as most of the other boys were leaving. He immedietly ripped up the papers, and threw them in the nearest trash can. It’s not that he hated swimming, it was just that….ok he did hate swimming. He thought all sports were stupid, and wanted nothing to do with them. He was more of a thearter k**. Singing and acting was his life. The only reason why people were always trying to get him to do sports, was because he is constantly going to the gym to look nice. He sighed, and started taking off his speedo.

“Hey Kennedy,” a voice called out behind him, using Dave’s last name. Dave froze with his speedo halfway down his ass, and looked behind him. John was standing there, coming from the pool.
“Oh hey man,” Dave said, as his voice cracked, and he turned beat red.
“What did Baily want from you?”
“Ah nothing really.” John stared at him for a moment.
“You don’t like him do you,” Dave shook his head ‘no’, and John laughed. “Yeah neither do I, he’s an ass hole.” John suddenly, but casually pulled down his speedo, and Dave saw it all. It hung between his legs like a firehose. He didn’t have time to guess how long it was, because he quickly turned around and faced his locker.

“Hey I’m going to the showers, you coming?” Dave thought about it for a moment.
“Ah….no, I wanna get going soon, cause I have to walk home and it’s getting dark.”
“Shit man, It’s freezing out. I’ll give you ride once I’m done, as long as you promise to shower before getting into my car.”

Dave thought about it for a moment. He knew he had to conquer his fears. And hey, it would probably be best to start out with showering in front of one person, instead of a huge group. “You don’t mind?” he questioned.
“Nah it’s no big deal.”
“Ok, I’ll be right behind you.”
“Taking up the rear you mean?” Dave asked laughing.
“What!” Dave asked scared and defensively.
“Whoa man, calm down,” John laughed, “it was a joke.” Dave laughed it off, and then pulled off his own speedo. He followed John quietly, trying not to look at his perfect bubble butt, and his dick which was swinging so low, he could see it between his legs from behind.

They arrived at the showers and found several of them already on. They wandered to their cubbies, and grabbed their bars of soap on rope. Dave walked over to a shower in the corner, and started wetting himself down. John took the one next to him.
“Hey Kennedy. You got a girl?” John asked as he washed off his shoulders with his soap.
“How come I never see you with a girl? I mean your pretty decent looking, I think.”

Dave blushed. “Well what about you,” Dave started “you look good, but I’ve never seen you with a girl.” Dave started to eye John. He was five foot eight, and much more muscular then Dave was. He also had kept all his armpit hair, and navel hair. Although it did look like he shaved his chest, and probably trimmed his pubes like Dave did. Dave didn’t dare look any lower then that.
Dave quickly, but as casually as possible turned as he felt himself start to harden a little. They finished up their showers while making small chit chat, making no mention of the conversation that had occurred only a few minutes before.

John plunged his head under the water once more, and then turned off the water and walked away. Dave followed. In front of him, John was taking the rope off of his writst, when it suddenly slipped from his hand. Dave watched in almost slow motion as John bent down to pick up the soap, giving him a perfect view of John’s pink asshole. Oh how he wanted to eat out that ass. OH how he wanted to FUCK that ass hole. He immedietly felt himself harden. He grabbed a towel from the towel rack, and held it out in front of him. He threw his soap into his cubby, and ran towards the changing room.
By the time he got there, his boner was subsiding. He quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs, before John got back. They both changed in silence, and then started out together.

“Thanks for the ride-“ Dave started, but then suddenly, the shoulder strap on his backback broke. His bag fell to the floor, and all his books s**ttered about. “Fuck!”
“Shit, let me help you with that man,” John said as they both squatted down and picked up the books and pencils.
‘Aww how sweet,’ Dave though silently as he blushed. Once everything was cleaned up, they headed out into the parking lot.

John headed towards a black sports car, with gleamy rims, and Dave followed him. “Don’t you have a car?” John asked as he took his keys out of his jean’s pocket.
“It’s in the shop,” Dave said dully as he flipped his blonde bangs off of his face.
“What’d you do? Crash it?” John asked laughing.
“Actually yes,” Dave smiled, and they laughed. They got into the car, and John started up the engine.
“Where do you live Kennedy?”
“East meadow court.” John nodded, turned on the radio, and took off fast. Dave flew back in his seat, and it took him a second to get his breath back. He looked over at John. His hands had a firm grip on the wheel making his muscles pop out, and his tight shite shirt only accentuated his muscles even more. His black hair was still wet, and hung lazily over his face.

‘John looks tough,’ Dave thought to himself. ‘Strong and tough.’ Dave’s mind started to wonder and he started thinking about more premisculous stuff. How he would love to have John take advantage of him. To get behind him, and **** his ass. Dave knew he would have no choice but to scream his name, in pain and pleasure.
“Earth to Dave!” Came a voice from far away.
“Which house is yours?” John repeated. Dave looked around and saw they were on his block already.
“Oh sorry. It’s the big blue one,” he said, and pointed. John nodded, and pulled into the driveway. “Well, thanks for the ride.”
“No problem,” John said smileing. “Anytime.”

Dave smiled, started into John’s emerald-green eyes, hesitated for a moment, and then got out of the car. He started down the driveway, turned around, and waved to John who still hadn’t backed out. He got to his door, and tried the door knob. Locked, as it should be. He didn’t have any siblings, and his parents were in Florida. He reached into his bag to fish out his key. It wasn’t there. He checked it several times, with no luck. He heard a honk behind him. John had stuck his head out of his car, and was motioning for Dave to come towards him.

Dave started back, still searching his bag. “Can’t find your key?” John asked. Dave nodded. “It probably fell out when your bag spilled out.
“Shit, your probably right.”
“Get in, I’ll take you back to the gym.”
“You don’t mind?”
“Not at all. Hop in.” Dave got in the other side, and the two took off.
“I’m really sorry about this,” Dave started.
“Nah don’t be. I really don’t mind.” They smiled at each other. “You’re a cool k** Kennedy.” Dave was beaming inside.

“Thanks.” They made more chit chat, until they arrived back at the high school. “Oh fuck, it looks locked,” Dave started as he got out of the car. He ran to the door, and found his fears to be true. All the doors were locked, which meant that the Janitors had left for the night. “FUCK!” Dave started.
“Don’t worry about it man,” John said calmly, “You can get your key tommorrow, and if you want you can sl**p at my house tonight.”
Dave felt himself blush. “Uh….I don’t know…”
“Ah come man, it’ll be fun. I live with just my dad, and hes on a business trip. We could get d***k or something.” They both laughed.
“Well as long as you don’t mind…”
“It would be my pleasure,” he said with a smile. They got back into John’s car, and took off for his house.

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