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MY paperboy Tip

I was walking around gathering the bills for the final time on my paper route, I had it since I was 14 but it wasn't making ends meet so after 4 years I put in my two weeks notice.

I am no where near being the tallest or the best built guy in my school, I stand around 5'4, have blonde hair and brown eyes and have no hair on my chest that I can boost about.

As I turned onto the street adjacent to the one I lived on I saw Mr. Anderson's house loom ahead of me. My parents often told me I shouldn't hang around his house but I never got why. He often had parties with a lot of guys but he was always nice to the neighborhood k**s, buying anything we were selling for school or clubs.

I walked up to his door and rang the doorbell. After a few minutes the door opened and I saw that he was only wearing a bath robe. Mr. Anderson stood well over 6 feet tall, had curly black hair, blue eyes, was well built and very hairy.
"Hey Jeff, what can I do for you?"
"Hi Mr. Anderson I'm here to collect your bill for the paper for the last time."

"Ah ok, come in and sit down. I'll run upstairs and grab my check book." He stepped aside allowing me to go inside. I walked in and sat down on the couch as he ran up the stairs. After a few minutes Mr. Anderson came back down the stairs with his checkbook and a pen in hand and sat down on the arm of the couch next to me. As he sat down his robe fell open revealing his uncut cock, it was so weird I had never seen another guy's piece before and for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Mr. Anderson was writing out a check for me when he asked me a question but I didn't hear it I was so entranced by his dick.

"Jeff?" Mr. Anderson asked before looking up and realizing his robe had opened and I was staring at his cock.
"Like what you see?" He asked me.
"Yeah... I don't know..." I stammered back.
"I see, do you want to suck my dick?" Mr. Anderson asked in a very calm voice.
"...Yes." I said.

He stood up, walked over to me as I slid off the couch onto my knees on the floor in front of him. I grabbed his shaft at the base with my left hand and started licking the end of his shaft. The taste of his cock just made me so hard I wanted more of it so I licked all the way down his shaft and back up as he grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands and pulled my head towards him. For a few minutes I licked his shaft before I finally pulled it into my mouth, he let go of my head and pushed his robe off of him as he started thrusting his shaft into my mouth. I reached under him and grabbed onto his ass with my right hand as I moved my left hand down and started stroking my shaft through my shorts.

When I was hard he pulled his shaft out of my mouth, lifted me to my feet, took off my short and kissed me on my lips. He then pushed my shorts down to my feet along with my underwear, reached behind me with both of his arms, grabbed me by both ass cheeks, picked me up and carried me to his dining room table and placing me on my back. He spat on his hand and used it to lube his shaft before spitting on his hand again and this time using it to lube my ass hole.
"This is going to hurt Sam." He said before leaning over me and slowly pressing his cock into my tight ass. I moaned as I felt my ass cherry be popped by his long uncut shaft. He began slowly thrusting his shaft in my ass until I got used to the pain and said
"Fuck me faster!"

He smiled and began increasing the pace of his thrusts until it felt like my ass was being hit with hundreds of bean ban guns all at once. After a few more thrusts he moaned and pulled his shaft out of my ass and shot his load on my lap, chest and the table beneath me.
"Let's go up to your room." I said as he finished shooting.
"Okay, follow me." He said as he walked towards the stairs. I followed him to his room and when we got in he shut the door behind him.
"What did you have in mind." He said as he gently caressed my shaft with his hand.

"I want you to blow my cock." I said passionately as I grabbed his hand on my shaft and pulled him in for the most intense I have ever given someone. I walked to his bed and sat with my back against his head board as I started to stroke my cock again. Mr. Anderson walked around the end of the bed and laid on his side with his head over my shaft. He playfully kissed my chest just above my shaft before kissing my cut shaft. He then opened his mouth and took my entire shaft in his mouth like a pro. I leaned back against his head board and moaned at the pleasure his sucking was causing. He began jacking his own cock off as he continued sucking my cock and after a few minutes he pulled my shaft out of his mouth and put his against my ribs as I jacked my cock up to the point I was going to shoot."I'm about to shoot!" I said as my cock throbbed and precummed. He got my shaft in his mouth just in time to catch and swallow my entire load. I saw that he was still hard so I stood up, pulled him onto the bed, walked over and sucked on his balls until he shot his load on my face and hair.

After that he would invite me over, we would hang out in the nude, watch some porn, fuck and suck each other's brains out or he would call up his buddies who would gang bang me.

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