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Summer sex with Josh

It was a Friday night and I was home alone. My mom, ant, and cousin had all gone to disney world. They had been saving up for this trip for the last 7 months. They had all tried to persuade me to go, but I steadfastly refused. Disney world held no appeal for me. They had finally given up and they just told me to be good and not to burn the house down.

It was about 6:00 in the evening and I was floating around our pool in the back yard, with my friend josh. smoking a cigarette. Josh was a 18 year old boy that I had met at camp the year before. He was about 5 feet 4 inchs of really fuckable teenage ass. We’d been dating for about 3 months, but this was the first time he’d been at my house with my f****y away. With that in mind, we’d planned to make the best of that weekend. He had golden blond hair, a tanned body, and the best ass and 6 inch cut dick I’d ever seen.

I was 5 feet 7 inches tall, with tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and a very muscular build. I had a 7.5 inch cut dick, and a very round ass. We floated around the pool on the two person float and I looked lovingly at the boy that ment the world to me. I smiled as I saw the erection poking up from his swimming trunks. Reaching over, I ran my hand down his smooth hairless chest, down toward the waste band of his trunks. My hand rubbed his hard nipples. He smiled as my hand slid inside his trunks and took hold of his hard member and started stroking it.

My own dick was hard now, and he slid his own hand inside my trunks and began to return the favor. Still stroking him, I leaned over and kissed him. He responded by opening his mouth, and allowing my tung to enter. We continued to kiss and stroke for a while, until we broke apart and Josh said, “Lets go inside.” Pulling our hands out of each others pants, we slid off the float and made our way over to the latter. Climbing out we drided each other off. We went threw the double doors into the f****y room, and sat down on the couch.

He leaned over and started kissing me again, and I responded with an intensity that took us both by surprise. Our naked torsos pressed together and the sensation of our naked skin rubbing together drove me to further arousal. I pulled away and standing up, I crossed the room to the control panel on the wall and slapped two control pads. The shades slid down over the windows making it almost completely dark. Then a disco ball hanging in the middle of the rooms sealing started flashing and spinning. The many different colors of flashing lights, gave the room a slightly eerie but arousing look.

Walking back over to the couch I pulled Josh to his feet, and slid down his shorts. His hard dick sprang to full attention and waved cheerfully at me as he stept out of his shorts. His hand shot out and slid down my own shorts, so that my own dick was standing straight out. We stood naked in front of each other our eyes drinking in every inch of each others bodies. Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore, jumping forward, I knocked him backward on to the couch. Before I joined him there, I hit the button on the side that unfolded the couch into a bed. He was laying on his back with his legs spread wide and his dick pointing straight up at the sealing. It just stayed there waiting for me to do whatever I wanted.

Jumping onto the couch-bed I slid my mouth over the head of his dick, already slick with precum. He gasped as I started bobbing my head up and down on his dick taking more and more in each time. Finally I had him to the hilt in my mouth and was running my tongue over and around his dick. His hands gripped the back of my head, and began pushing my head harder up and down on his thick shafted manhood. He was moaning and gasping his hands pulling my hair as he pushed his hips up fucking my mouth ferociously. I was enjoying the feel and taste of his dick as it moved back and forth in my mouth and down my throat.

He was really moaning and gasping now and I new that he was only moments away from cumming. In no time I felt his body tense and a second later I felt his warm salty cum fill my waiting mouth. He screemed as he shot spert after spert of his man juice into my mouth. I slid my head off his dick a little so I could get more of his cum on my tongue. I wanted to taste it, saver it, remember it. He finished sperting, and I pulled my head off his dick and moved up to kiss him. He opened his mouth and we shared his cum in a passionate kiss. Then we broke apart and we both new it was my turn to be pleasured.

I jumped up and got the tube of K Y jelly off the side table and started to lube up my dick. Josh had gotten on his hands still on the couch-bed and I lubed up his ass crack. Then putting the tube back on the table, I got on my neas behind him and inserted my first two fingers into his tight asshole. He cried out as my fingers stretched his hole and slid their way deeper into his tight sexy ass. Once he got used to the feel of my fingers, I took them out and he made a little grown of disappointment. Moving forward I pressed my dick against his asshole. Then I slid my hands up his sides until they ran over his armpits feeling the swet and the little patch of underarm hair. I brought my hands to my nose and breathed deeply the sour stench sent of my lovers swet. Then I rapped my arms around his waste taking hold of his once again rock hard dick in one hand and with the other took hold of hissack. “Can you hurry up and fuck me already.” Josh demanded. I smiled widely, “Baby you just asked for the fucking of your life!. The tone of my voice made him shiver.

Slowly I started to push forward and my dick pressed harder against his tight hole. He shuddered as my dick pressed against his ass, and then let out a little screem as the head of my dick entered him. I stood still for a minute until he got used to having something in his ass. Then I began pushing the rest of my dick slowly into his ass. He was whimpering and I stopped afraid that I was hurting him. “Are you okay baby?” I asked, “Yeah,” he gasped “just give me a minute!” I stood still once again wating for his permission to continue. Finally he said, “Okay put it all the way in you fucking big stud!. The intensity in his voice assured me that he was serious.At last I slid the remaining 3 inches into his ass. He gasped and then pushed his ass back against me. Then I started thrusting in and out of his hot tight ass. I was moaning as his hot ass gripped my dick in a way that no pussy had ever done. I felt his ass opening to except my big thick man tool, and I was really going to give him the fuck of his life. He was moaning, screeming, and gasping as I turned his tight man pussy out. His ass was now constricting around my dick and he was bucking so hard into me that I fell backward on the bed. I was now on my back with his back on my front and my dick still in his ass.

He started bouncing his hips up and down on my dick our nuts slapping together. I rolled over and now I was on top and I started blowing and sucking his neck from behind. His sking tasted wonderful, with a slight after sent of aks body spray. “Ohhhh! Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Yeah! Faster! Yeah! Give it to me! Give it to me you fuckin faggot! He screemed as I fucked his ass harder and faster. “Ohhh yeah! Yeah! Ohhh! Ummmm! I yelled in turn as I approached my point of no return. I felt the surge of cum as my balls tightened up, and on my deepest thrust I blew my load deep in his ass! We both screemed as I filled his ass with spert after spert of my man juce. All this time I’d still been jerking him off, and suddenly I felt him tence again, and Josh blew his second load all over my hand.

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