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Frist time gay sex

Unbelievable I was 18 years and me and my best friend Steve were out cruising for cunt.With not much luck we went back to my parents house, who were away for the weakened. We had a couple of beer's while lying in sperate twine beds in my room, witch me and my b*****r had sheared before he left for collage. The room was dark and we were talking about pussy and how some girls suck cock and eat your cum. Steve said he had always wanted a girl who could deep thought him! I told him I had it done to me and it was great! he was very envious and said his cock was so big it made them gage. I told him I hade never had that happen to me, and said my dick was 5". He said look at this and puled out the bigest cock i han every seen. it was unreal, how big is it? I don't know! I asked if he would like me to measure It? he said ok. So i got a ruler out leaned over Steve grabbed his cock with my hand and it was 10' long. WOW this is realy nice, I said still holding and stroking his cock.I had always wanted a cock that big, I had dreamed about it. So I leaned over and started to suck his cock and I loved it! I mean I could not get enough, I sucked it like I had been doing it all my life I was during and sucking and licking his balls. Steve was moaning and with all my might I f***ed his 10" cock all the way down my through and it was great better then any pussy I had eaten, I sucked him for a good half hour. I was having the time of my life,the bed was wet in that spot from all my spit. But then Steve yelled out he was going to cum so you better get back! no way was I going to miss this and started sucking harder and faster, well when he came it seamed like buckets full, Hot cremey thick cum and I proudly sucked every drop up and wanted more.

Steve relaxed for a wile and I asked him if he would blow me and he said no. I was so horny! so after a wile, I asked him if he would fuck me? He said ok! I leaned over and stared sucking his cock again and it got hard again. I wanted to keep sucking but i wanted his cock in my ass so bad. I reached under my bed for hand cream I kept there for jerking off. I put some on his cock and I started to clime on top, but Steve pushed me off, HE had a different idea, he wanted to mount me. That was fine with me, I bent over the bed with my ass in the air, much to my surprise he started to lick and tong my ass hole! it was great! he was jusing it up, then he put some cream on his finger and my ass hole and slowly fingered my ass and then started what turned out to be the best sexual experience of my life. He slowly put his cock in my ass inch by inch. And it was very tight! It was unreal ! then he started to fuck me and fuck me, harder and harder! I was in love I felt so good I can not describe it I turned my head back to Steve and asked him to kiss me and he did except he stuck his tong in my mouth witch was a change for me and at that point I knew he was a man and I felt so much like a woman. But i loved it every second. It was like a dream. He fucked me for a good half hour and then he was ready to cum. I told Steve I wanted him to cum in my ass and to fuck my hard and deep and i would try to cum with him and he did. He hammered my ass hard and we were cuming at the same time, It was like no other orgasm I have ever had, I stared to cum, even with a limp dick, it was unreal I felt like I a woman must feal I just keep cuming and cuming, and Steve was cuming and we were moaning it was so good Steve leaned over me and started to kiss me, he left his cock in my ass it felt so good then we fell asl**p I had sex with Steve many more times after that, and each time was better.

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