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Make my fantasy cum true

After proper warmup and foreplay, I would sit on a chair.
You would suck on me, making sure that I achieve the proper
hardness for us to continue. This would also lubricate
my sword so as to enhance penetration into you. You would
straddle me and control my entrance into you. I would gently
spread the lips of your vagina and guide my penis into you.
You would feel the warmth of my pulsing penis and I would
experience the warmth of your enveloping vagina. I would
suck on your breast, teasing your nipple with my tongue
and teeth as you push yourself up and down on my penis. First
one breast, then the other. As you are holding onto me so
that you don't fall off, this allows my hands to be free.
With one hand, I find and carress your clitoris, adding
to the stimulation that my penis is providing. With my other
hand, I reach around to your ass. I use the juices that are
ooozing out of you as lubrication and gently tickle your
anus. As things progress, so my finger presses and enters
your anus. As my penis enters your vagina, so my finger your
anus, so my other hand on your clitoris. I want you to come,
to have at least one giant orgasm. As you do, so do I. My anal
finger presses on my penis sending my sperm shooting into
you. As I feel the contractions of your orgasm, you feel
the pulsations of mine.

So, what do you say? Can we try this sometime?

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