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A true story: me and a transvestite man - part 3

This is the last part of my true story. I had expected it only to need two parts, but it seems that I'm quite a wordy writer, so it now spans 3 parts.

Where did I leave off last time? Oh yes; Toni, the gorgeous Brazilian TV was leaning forwards, dressed in her black lingerie, her firm arse towards me, ready for me to enter her. Read on...

I wasn't expecting this to go well, as I'd only had a little anal sex before, with a woman, and this had been on a bed, where I could jockey around for best position. However, thanks to my extra height (6'3" against Toni's 5'10" or so) we seemed a pretty good match.

Nervously, I moved the tip of cock around in the right area, and Toni used a hand to guide me to exact spot. Then I eased forward, and suddenly I was in her arse! What a feeling, warm and tight. Having a condom on, I couldn't enjoy the skin-to-skin sensuality I'd enjoyed in anal sex with the woman, but I could still feel Toni's tightness around my cock. I knew I couldn't move too quickly, as nature has been reasonably kind and given me a good size cock, just touching 7" when I'm really horny and stiff.

And I was both of those now; so I gently moved my hips back and forth, with my hands holding Toni by her hips. I would like to have moved quicker, but I thought I'd go slow and let her be my guide. I opted to move slow, but go fairly deep.

It was very sexy, and of course most 'sex' happens in the brain: here I was, with a tall, gorgeous Brazilian TV, dressed in sexy lingerie, with a stiff cock out in front of her while I'm pushing my cock slowly and deeply into her tight arse... Even if I was wearing a condom, the mental sexiness was a match for the visual stimulation!

It didn't take long, perhaps a couple of minutes, before Toni said in a low, breathy voice "I'm getting close!". I was surprised, since I didn't think I'd been doing much, but then I don't know how it feels to have a cock inside me there, so I don't know what sensations Toni was feeling.

What do you think fellows? Was the thickness of my cock moving back and forth enough to get Toni stimulated enough for her to be building towards a climax? Or was I touching her prostate gland - the male G spot? - in just the right way? Do let me know what you think.

Anyway, I had imagined that I'd come quickly, with nerves, or not come at all, with nerves! It looked like the latter had prevailed, but I didn't mind. So, Toni was 'getting close' herself. I withdrew my cock from her and she turned back around, sitting on the sofa.

Then she took that lovely tool of hers in her hands and began to quickly work it up and down. You'd say 'jerk it', in America. We'd say the less pleasant 'wank it', here in Britain. Whatever, she was indeed getting close.

I had imagined that she'd just shoot, as I watched; however, I felt myself kneeling down, and moving my head close to her cock as she worked it.

Toni didn't need to do too much before she let out a gasp, and shot a good stream of thick white cum. Like a flash, I instinctively moved my head closer and opened my mouth, and caught some of her seed. It just seemed, well, right!

I swallowed what I'd caught of Toni's cum, and found it had no real taste. I'd expected salty, or even bitter. But no, not unpleasant at all. So,
seeing there was more seed on her lacy top, I licked it off and swallowed that too. I could've swallowed a whole mouthful of it, to be honest!

I knew there would be a little more left inside the shaft of her cock, so I used my thumb and finger, and gently squeezed my way her shaft, and sure enough, a little more lovely cum was ready for me to swallow.

Toni certainly looked happy, and moved her hand to my cock. She took the condom off me, which wasn't difficult, as I'd started to lose my stiffness.

I think the excitement had gotten the better of me, and although Toni tried to stroke me back to full vigour and gave me some verbal encouragement, I knew it wasn't going to happen.

I told her it was OK; I knew I'd enjoyed this sexual adventure enough that me not cumming didn't matter at all. I thanked Toni, and gave her a deep passionate kiss, and then we went our separate ways.

I guess we spent about an hour together, but it went by in a flash. Sadly, I've not met up with her since, and I've had no other get-togethers with TV's, but it's nice to look back on and think "I did that!"

I do fantasise about the things I'd do different now, and hope one day I may be able to have those fantasies come true, too.

I'd tasted cum, that wasn't my own, for the first time, (the only time, so far), been deep-throated, and had my cock inside a 'non-female' arse for the first time. So many firsts!

I'd found something new out about my own sexuality, and it's like opening a new book for the first time. What happens on the next page, I don't know.

Does anyone out there have similar true stories, or has mine given you any thoughts? Do comment or message me, and let me know!

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