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Daddy Brings Daughter to the Beach

I peek in on your room, hearing you moan something but unable to make it out as I watch your fingers working your pussy. I felt my cock stiffening in my shorts, as you work that wet little shaven cunt. I pulled out my hard cock and began to stroke just outside your bedroom door. I watch through the crack in the door as you begin to settle down, orgasm after orgasm taking over you. My cock began to settle down. I walked downstairs and shut the door.

"Honey I'm home" I call up to you.

You come racing down the stairs and hug me tight.

"How was your day sweetie?" I ask you.

"It was good daddy" you say smiling up at me.

"My god sweetie it was so hot today, you're all sweaty too, you must have just gotten home too."

You blush and say "Yah daddy" knowing its a lie since you've been home for hours master bating.

"Hey daddy! wanna go swimming?" you ask. "We can go to the beach and play in the water like when I was little. "

"I would love to sweetie. I don't think we've been there since mom passed away."

"Go get your stuff and I'll go put on my swim trunks."

I watched as her little butt bounced up the stairs in her little shorts. I was sitting on the end of my bed looking at a picture of my Shannon. When you come into the room all smiles without your bikini top on.

"Daddy can you help me tie my top, I can't get it" you say looking so beautiful and innocent. Your breasts big and perky, just craving to be sucked. I stood there staring at your firm tits unable to say anything then just blurting out "sure". You walk over to me and hand me your top.

"Your growing up so fast Princess." I tell you.

"I know daddy but I'll always be yours."

I kiss the back of your head as I tie your top around your front.

"Thank you sweetie."

"Your welcome daddy."

"There you go sweetie. I just need to put my shorts on and I'll be ready to go."

"Get the black ones they make you look good."

"Can you get them for me? They're in the bottom drawer" I tell you.

I watch as you bend over, your bikini bottom tightens itself over your sweet shaved pussy.

I undo my belt and start to strip down, as you get up to hand me the swimsuit.

"daddy your gonna b so good with the ladies at the beach, your cock is huge" you say smiling and walking out of my bedroom.

I look down, not realizing that I was hard, and smile a little as you leave the room

"You all set princess?" I call to you from the bottom of the stairs.

I grab my keys and head out to the convertible as you sit in the passenger seat. I set my hand on your knee and head off to the beach, looking at the sparkle that's in your eye, thinking about what I saw while you were in your bedroom.

We pull up to the beach and I find a place to park. I watch as you jump out and ask me for a piggy back ride. I sigh and kneel down letting you climb on my back, your pussy rubbing against me as I trot down to the water.

"Do you want to go off on your own sweetie. I'm sure the other boys don't want to see your old man hanging out with you."

"Are you sure daddy?" you ask.

"It's up to you sweetie. This is for you today."

"And you tomorrow because I know tomorrow will be sad for the both of us" you say wrapping your arms around my arm.

"Yes it is I didn't know if you'd remember or not"

"How could I forget daddy?" you ask

"I know, you were just so much younger then, and I didn't want to bring it up to you."

I feel your warm embrace and I can't help but smile.

"I love you princess"

"I love you too daddy"

"So do you want to go off on your own or stay with me?" I ask

"I'm going to go find some k**s my age daddy, call me if you want me."

"ok sweetie"

I walk back to the umbrella I had set up and the beach chairs. I pull out the book I started reading, and watch you swim away happily. I put on my sunglasses, scanning around the beach looking at all the tight young bodies in their bikinis, thinking that known of them measure up to you.

Something catches my eye in the water. It's you making out with one of your dreadful ex boyfriends. I don't like it but I need to let you grow up.

An hour passes slowly and I watch you surface from the water and come to sit by my side.

"Hi Princess are you having a good time?"


"How come?" I ask you

"Because your supposed to be with me, not some book" you take my book and close it.

"I know but you wanted your space so I gave it to you."

"I want to hang out with you daddy"

You grab my hand and pull me into the water. I splash you once e get in up to my waist. I watch as you swim between my legs, your bottom brushing my cock.

I look behind me as you get up out of the water, putting your arms around my waist, you smile at me and I pick you up tossing you into the water. You call me out to you so I swim over.

"Daddy help my bikini bottoms came off and I can't find them" you say with a worried look on your face.

I go down and grab your bottoms and slide them onto your body. You kiss my lips lightly like you usually do.

"Are you hungry?" I ask you

"I'm starving daddy"

"Lets go order pizza" you say

I tell you to order the pizza and I hand you my cell phone with the number for Pizza Makers listed in speed dial. You order a Large Cheese Pizza I bin gin the pizza 40 minutes later. I set the pizza on the coffee table.
"Dig in" I say

Some of the sauce drips onto your breast.

"Hey sweetie come here" I tell you "You got a little something on you"

I lick your breast

"You spilt some" I say smiling

You moan and laugh

"I think you got something too" you tell me licking my stomach.

I run my fingers through your hair as your mouth works on my stomach, my cock swelling to the feel of your breath and tongue. I feel you pulling off my swim trunks. I pull off your bikini top releasing your hard nipples. You wrap your small and soft hands around my big hard cock. I moaned, watching you stand up and pull off your bikini for me. Exposing your perfect body for me. You take my cock and put it between your big beautiful breasts. You squeeze your tits around my cock letting me ride them.

"You like this don't you daddy?" you ask me

"mmmmmmm yes I do princess" I moan.

I reach down and squeeze your perfect ass cheeks. Listening to you moan. I hold your ass at arms length looking at your shaven little cunt.

"What do you think daddy?"

"It's beautiful princess, it always has been."

You spread your legs and stick 3 fingers in. I pull out your hand, covered in your juices and lick them from your fingers.

"You taste so sweet princess"

You climb onto my lap, your legs on my shoulders. My pussy is in my face. I breath in your sweet scent, then dive in for a snack. I start licking your little slit as you grind your pussy in ym face.

"Mmmm daddy!! that's so goood"

"Mmmmmmmm It tastes so good Princess"

"Daddy I want you to fuck me"

"Do you want to ride daddy's cock?"

"No, I want you to ride my ass daddy."

"mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I would love to take that ass of yours sweetie"

You get up off of me and I stand up, my thick hard cock in my hand as you bend over and I spread your ass cheeks apart.

"Do you want me to get some oil to lube it up sweetie?"

I go into the bathroom and get the babyoil out and a towel, putting it underneath you

"mmmm dadddy i cant wait for this"

I put some oil on my cock and drip a little onto your ass bud, rubbing it in with my finger

"show daddy that ass princess"

I bend over speading my cheeks

I spread your cheeks and put my cock at the edge of your asshole I slowly start to push my cock in, feeling your ass try to push it out

"mmmmmmmmmmm. Good"

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Daddy wants that ass"

I push your hips into me as I push my cock deeper into your tight virgin ass

"Are you ok sweetie? "

"im ok daddy , don't stop"

I start pushing my cock in and out of your ass, careful not to let it slip all the way out. WIth each thrust I feel it goign a little deeper into you tight hole, my balls slapping against your wet little cunt. I cum so hard it explodes out of your ass, and onto the floor.

"Amazing Ass" I say.

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