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Sucking off a straight, 18 year old footballer. TR

This follows on from my first time story...

Again, this all happened except for a name change.
Ive added nothing and have taken nothing away.

So now i'm 27. Its been nearly a year since my first time. Ive been with a girl since - but ive had fun exploring with about 5 lads. Ive met 2 from here; the rest from a gay dating site.
They were all hot. And ive been with a couple of asian twinkies! (still not sure how that happened.)
I've had good sex and great sex in that time. But I havnt felt the need to share anything else until now... The following happened in April 2011.

I havnt came out as bi to anyone I know. And I dont plan to anytime soon. But I wont deny being bi if someone asks the question. My friends dont have a clue. Its been hard living a double life. But I cant complain...

Anyway the story - I play 5 and 7 a side soccer twice a week with my friends and among them is a 18year old lad - Adam. He got released by a Premier league club not too long ago. So is super fit. Hes got a real cute face too.

After matches we'd go as a group into town and have a few drinks and shoot some pool. We are both quite good so over time we paired off and got to know each other quite well. And got to spending a lot of time together... Eventully, he started to come back to mine (i house share) for something to eat and play some Call of Duty online in my room. I had no plans for anything else to happen I promise! (I have some good looking friends but while I appreciate their looks - they are like b*****rs to me... So nothing can happen! )

Anyway this continued for a few months and we a few play fights along the way... Until one night, walking to mine the subject of blow jobs came up. He told me his girlfriend of 3 years dont do them for him. I said I was shocked, and said I couldnt be in a relationship without a bj! (Which is true.) I forget what we said exactly next but I said something in general - joking btw - about getting a bj from a guy. His response to this changed everything! He said 'it aint gay if you get a bj from a guy, it just makes the guy doing it gay...'. Now, im not sure I entirely believed that at the time. But with confidence of my recent experiences with lads behind me I said 'i'm bi, i'd suck you off if you got it out!' He asked if I was serious and I said I was. But we laughed it off and had a regular nite once we got back. I had never looked at him in a sexual way. He's 5'9. Tanned, smooth and toned. But from then on I certainly did...

The next few weeks we joked about this a bit more. Getting more obvious and serious in our conversations each time. In probably the 4th week of this he'd stayed at mine most the nite playin PS3. Adam said are you gonna suck it then? I said 'yeah, but you've gotta get it out; and you've gotta wash it!' He said he expected me to get it out and I said that isnt part of the deal. Within 5 mins he went to the bathroom and im sure he did wash it. But nothing else happened or was said that nite.

The next week was now or never. The way the night shaped up I think we both realised. We both had a few more drinks than usual and I had the house to myself for once. We got home later, and we got playing PS3 later. Again we were up all night and at about 4.30am it was just getting light. One of us brought it up again.

This was it. Adam told me to put some (straight) porn on thru the PS3 so I did. After a few mins I was wanking a little under the covers. He asked if I was and I confirmed. I said 'lets have a look then?' but he wanted to see me first. I showed him I was hard. Im only average sized and he commented on it, the bastard! This made me more intrigued to see him and I realised there was probably no going back from here. It was all a little surreal...

He unleashed it from the sheets. 'Oh my god!' I said. (Now I thought I only read about this it other peoples stories.) He was a full 8inches, evenly thick up its length, on a smallish body. Tidy pubes too. I was amazed. He got a little embarrassed and put it away. I cannot remember what I said at this point. I was in shock! He then reminded me that he'd got it out - and I DIDN'T suck it! I said - 'thats true...'
He got it out again. I moved down and grabbed it. I looked up at him and asked if he was sure. He said 'yes, but noone can know...'

I moved my head down onto his cock. It was lovely and smooth. I concentrated on the length. I was concious to try and use my limited experience to give the best bj of my life! He was switching from watching me to watching the porn on tv. Adam was rock hard and obviously enjoying it. I wanked and licked and sucked as if my life depended on it! It felt weird cos it was a mate of mine. And im sure he was thinking the same.
The silence was broken as I leant over to get a drink. He said 'i hope you know you are doing it til the end...' Altho there was never a doubt in my mind! I got a cold mouthful of water and dribbled it over his hard cock and chest. I remember thinking if this only happens once I was gonna make the most of it...
He asked if anyone else knew I was bi while I was at it. I said no.
I dragged him down the bed a little to get more access. I fondled his balls for a bit. I licked and sucked them but he said they were sensitive so I backed off a little. I grabbed his amazing ass and got my fingers close to his hole. But I didnt want to push my luck. Lol.
I rubbed his tight chest as I increased the tempo. And grabbed and felt up his shoulders and arms. For a little while he pumped his cock into my mouth. That was soooo hot. I was so hard in my boxers! But this was all about him.
The porn scene had finished but I carried on. I was getting tired! I never lasted like that when I was 18!
Wanking harder and sucking his helmet hard he said 'il tell you when im about to cum.'
I really had to work hard and with no warning he shot his load in my mouth!
'You lied you bastard' I said.
I didnt back away tho. I swallowed some and some fell on his body and legs.
It was amazing.

I backed up and he awkwardly got out of bed. I lay down but looked up in time to see his semi hard cock still nearly half way down his leg. He really is a big boy. He wiped up stray lumps of cum from his leg and headed for the shower.
I lay back in amazement. After 5 mins I went into the bathroom to get some water from the basin and to wash my face. He shouted something about privacy but I said 'we got no secrets now, forget it!'
It was very light now and with very little more said he got his stuff together and left.

That night was perfect. But I lost a friend to an extent that night also, for a while anyway. We had to have some awkward conversations over the next few weeks... Adam sternly said it was a one off. He was real scared i'd tell people or they'd find out. He said he is straight (which I now believe). I had to explain im bi, not gay (altho I doubt he believes or understands this). And Ive told him the truth about all ive done and havnt done.

Now, a few months later we are back to normal. Ish.
He knows everything about me. The only person I know, so thats cool. He has accepted it.
We joke about it when our friends arnt around. And in front of them actually. We can say little comments that have double meaning that only we get... I love having that connection cos he is a great lad.

He hasn't stayed around mine since to play PS3 since tho! Unsurprisingly, I know..! But I live in hope altho ive been peddling a universal saying for years which im now starting to dislike...

It goes -
If something happens once it is a one-off.
If something happens twice it is a coincidence.
And if something happens three times it is habit forming.

It dont look good does it?!

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And leave details of your own similar encounters cos I want to hear them!



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