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Fun with my mature bbw neighbour!

I have lived in my house for a few years now, and in doing so, have got to know my neighbours quite well. Two doors down from me lives Ellen, she is a 57yr old widower whose husband passed away last year. Since that time i have helped her out several times either by doing her garden or the odd decorating jobs for her, and like the other neighbours i have generally just kept one eye on her to make sure she is ok. If im honest for some time i had fancied her daughter who is in her late twenties and regularly visits and quite often i just popped round more in the hope of bumping into the daughter than anything.
Anyway, on one of my visits a couple of weeks ago, ellen asked me if i would get something down out of her attic for her and just put it in her bedroom for her to sort out later, i agreed and once i had retrieved it from the attic i then proceeded to take it to her room and lay it on her bed. It was then that i couldn't help but notice the see-through baby doll outfit hanging on the back of her bedroom door and the black stockings laid on her vanity unit. Now, i personally love stockings there is something about them that never fails to turn me on, but for some reason ellen never seemed to be the sort of person who you would expect to wear them, more often than not she could be seen wearing jeans and plain trousers and never seemed overly sexual or sexy in anyway. What really began to intrigue me was why she had these things out on show, they were obviously there to be used and maybe even had been, but since her husband had passed away nearly 12 months ago it seemed surprising. Even mor surprising was that for a couple of minutes i seemed to find myself imagining how ellen might actually look wearing them. Like i say she was not a particularly sexual woman, and was quite normal looking really, 5ft 6in, with a nice curvy bbw figure, about a size 16/18 and large heavy hanging breasts and looked and dressed just as any 57yr old woman tends to dress.
As i was about to turn and leave her room she walked in and thanked me for doing the job, and just as she turned to leave with me she realised what i must of been looking at as she came in the room, with that she just gave me a knowing smile, the sort of smile that made me think she was glad i had seen what i had and maybe that she had planned for me to see them in the first place. With that we arranged for me to pop round in a couple of days time for me to help her with another job that needed doing.
For the next couple of days i found myself wondering just what might happen when i go back, because now as i looked back at it, i begun to realise that in her own way ellen may just have been flirting with me but without me really paying much attention to it.
As monday arrived i popped round at 10am as agreed and as usual ellen greeted me and invited me in, almost to my disappointment she was dressed as normal (her usual jeans and tight fitting knitted top), i think that after the last few days of imagining her i had actually found myself hoping she would greet me in her negligee and that would be the start of things to come.

As i set about doing the job in the spare bedroom, i heard ellen come up the stairs and then she appeared in the doorway, leaning against it as she stood there chatting away, bizarrely the more i looked at her as she chatted the more i found myself wanting her, the last few days had set my mind racing about the hidden side to this woman and now i wanted to know more. After our chat she disappeared for several minutes and i knew from the fact that i didnt hear her go downstairs that she was still upstairs somewhere, as i looked out into the hallway i could see her bedroom door was pushed closed but not entirely shut, from where i was standing i could hear rustling and what sounded like wardrobe doors closing, part of me was screaming at myself to go and peek through the crack in her door and the other half was telling me that it was wrong and that if i got caught i would have some serious explaining to do.
Reluctantly i went back to what i was doing and for several more minutes i could hear ellen moving about but not yet see her. It was then to my surprise that she appeared in the doorway, but this time to my delight she was stood there wearing black stockings, her black see-through baby doll outfit and nothing else. Instantly my eyes feasted on the sight before me, as she stood there smiling coyly i couldn't help but notice the bushy thatch of pubic hair that bristled against the material and her large heavy hanging breasts resting gently on the top of her tummy, her legs though short and slight chubby looked amazing in her hold up stockings, her soft fleshy thighs being squeezed gently over the tops of the lace material, her nipples were large and dark, the areolas a good 4in wide and her hard erect nipples pressed invitingly against the material of her outfit.
Nervously she approached me and as i stood up to meet her, she asked if minded her doing this, she said she had seen me admiring her outfit the other day and she had been building up the courage to do what she was now doing. i told her that having noticed it the other day i had done nothing but imagine her in wearing it, i think it put her mind at ease because almost instantly she moved towards me and kissed me, gently at first, her lips gently pressed against mine, before long the desire had got the better of the both of us and we were kissing full on our tongues entwining as we kissed deeply.

My hands slowly worked their way around ellens waist and were soon resting on her ass, reaching down under the hemline of her baby doll i lifted it partially up over one cheek and gently cupped her soft fleshy ass cheek, the fullness of it resting nicely in the palm of my hand. Ellens hand were running down my chest and were lifting my t-shirt as she prepared herself to remove it. As she took my t-shirt off, she leant over and began to kiss my chest and neck, this once shy unassuming lady was now showing her true self and to my delight she was the sexually charged woman i had secretly hoped for! Within minutes she had stripped me down to my tight fitting boxer shorts and taking me by the hand she led me to her bedroom. Once there i laid her back on the bed and as i positioned myself on top of her, i started to undo the ribbon ties on the front of her babydoll, starting at the top ribbons i undid them just enough so that as they d****d open i was able to get to her breasts, with her soft 40E breasts now exposed i started to lick and gently suck on her nipple, gently biting it as i grew harder between my lips, all the time i was licking and sucking her breasts i could feel ellen pushing her crotch towards my cock, which was now beginning to grow harder too. after a few minutes i could feel ellens dampness now beginning to make to make my shorts wet too, and now knowing that she was so clearly excited and anticipating feeling me inside of her i duly obliged, kneeling up i lowered the front of my shorts until my erect 7ins sprung out to attention, seizing the opportunity ellen reached down and wrapped her hand around it. Slowly she started wanking me but as she was doing it she was letting out the faintest of gasps, i asked her if she really wanted to do this, to which she replied that it was the first cock she had seen or touched since her husband had passed away and that she was enjoying the moment that much hence her gasps. I asked her why her negligee was out on display the way it was if it had been so long and she just said she kept it that way in the faint hope that she may get to wear it again sometime and to keep her in touch with her sexual side, i was now that opportunity!
With her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, ellen began to push my cock head at her wet pussy, running it around her clit and up and down her slit, as she prepared herself to be penetrated at last. slowly my cock eased inside of her, her hand still wrapped around me feeding it into her moist hole, before long i was fully inside of ellen, and as i pushed my cock as deep as it could go , i felt her thick thatch of pubic hair meeting mine. The musty aroma of her wet pussy mixed with my pre-cum seemed to fill the air and as my cock started sliding in and out her pussy ellen grabbed my waist and met my every thrust by pulling herself further down onto me. Soon my hand was holding her thigh as i penetrated her deeply, the feely of her chubby thighs being squeezed by the tight stocking tops turned me on so much that i soon found myself just running my hand over the tops of it just so that i could feel it as i fucked her. the feel of her stocking clad legs wrapped around me just made my cock even harder, even deep inside of her i could feel my cock head flaring as the bl**d rushed to fill it.
After several minutes i pulled away from ellen and after giving her a gentle kiss, i smiled at her and immediately began kissing my way down her stomach, undoing the remaining ribbons along the way. Soon i was kissing her just above her hair line and with one final look up at ellen, i started to work my mouth between her thighs until finally my lips connected with her pussy. Immediately she gasped with unexpected pleasure, and instantly her hands grasped the back of my head, pulling me harder onto her pussy lips. Her thick greying bush of hair covered my mouth as my tongue probed her pussy in its quest to find her clit, within seconds my tongue had found her clit and was soon licking and teasing it relentlessly, ellen was pulling me ever harder onto her as she writhed on the bed, my hands underneath and around her thighs also trying to pull her deeper to my mouth, my tongue alternated between probing her wet hole and flicking and licking her clit and after a few minutes her body began to go rigid and then finally shook convulsively as she hit her orgasm, as she came, i felt her pussy lips puff up and swell under my lips and her wetness increased ten fold. making my way back up her body i kissed her on the lips again and as we kissed she seemed to savour the taste of her pussy on my mouth.

Part two follows shortly!

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