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Dad, Son + Daughter

I have just turned 19, its my second week out of school. We live in the country with no nearby neighbors. My parents have recently divorced. My mother moved to a different state about 7 months ago so things around the house have changed. My s****r is 21 and sl**ps in the room next to mine. We have always been a close f****y except for the fact that my father was in prison until from the time I was born up until I was boy.

We were always such a close f****y that we hardly every wore very much clothing in the house. My father would usually wear sweats or boxers. My s****r would usually just wear panties and a small tee. I always wore boxer briefs, I found them most comfortable. My father is a very serious man, standing 6" and weighing in at 170 lbs. He had some hair on his chest and was fit. One thing that did stand out about him was "the bulge". Me and my s****r would always point to it and make fun of him when we were lounging around the house. We had a pool outside and would skinny dip together on hot days. Mother never approved of this and was usually too d***k to even make it out of her room. My father and I would shower together. My s****r would shower alone before us. Since mother left I had noticed some changes though. My father and my s****r had begun to shower together with the door shut.

I didn"t pay much attention to this until I walked in on them one Saturday morning. I opened the door to ask about breakfast and saw my s****r on her knees in front of my father in the shower, they did not see me so I shut the door. This was the beginning of my fantasies! I had have "thoughts" before but never fantasies like this. To make the matters worse, my fantasies not only involved my s****r but mainly my father and I. About 9 months passes, Things kept evolving; my s****r would not only shower with my father but was now sl**ping in the same room as him. I knew what they were doing, I could hear it through the walls, it was not very loud but I knew what they were doing. One night my s****r came into my room after I had fallen asl**p and told me that father wanted me to come to the room. I got up and went.

When in the room my father told me and my s****r to remove our clothes. My s****r responded immediately but I hesitated. He said it was ok and my s****r reassured me by rubbing my back. I removed my clothes and we stood there. My s****r kept rubbing my back and then moved her hands to my crotch. I have never felt so arroused and confused at the same time. My father told my s****r to help me out. She got on her knees and began to give me oral. I was hard. She did this for about 5 minutes when my dad got out of bed. He was hard as well and "the bulge" was big. I would say he was about 10" long. Father walked behind me and grabbed my butt-cheeks. I am about 5"11", 155 lbs, slim and very smooth. I could feel him stretching them apart with his hands. He kneeled down behind me and began to suck on my asshole. This felt great! I was still very confused and nervous so I just stood there letting them violate me. My father got up and told my s****r to go sit in the chair next to the bed and just watch. She did as she was told.

He then, standing behind me, walked me to the edge of the bed and told me to get on. I kneeled on all fours at the edge of the bed. He spanked me and massaged my ass cheeks until I could feel my ass wanting something. I could feel him rubbing spit on my asshole and without warning I felt him begin to push the head of his dick against my asshole. It burned and hurt, I grimaced with pain as he pushed harder. I felt my ass open up around the tip of his dick and swallow it inside me. I figured I had maybe 2" in. My s****r watched, I saw her rubbing herself and I figured she was getting off on this. Dad grabbed the back of my shoulders and pulled me back to him, he proceeded to push. I felt him, inch by inch. After he was about half way in I began to feel like I could not take anymore but he didn"t stop. He pushed the whole thing inside me and then began to pull it back out.

He told me to relax and not to feel bad. He pulled out and instantly I felt relaxed. He pushed it back in and I moaned, I couldn"t take it, but I knew I had no choice. He picked up the pace, pushing in and pulling out. He began to pound my ass and I could feel his balls slapping against my rear. I looked back at him, and he again reassured me that it was ok. He began to really fuck me, I thought maybe he was trying to hurt me which he was succeeding at doing. I was feeling every single pleasure imaginable along with pain, shame, guilt and ecstasy. I began to let out shrieks, moans and quite screams. He told my s****r to get up and lay a towel on the chair she had been sitting in.

She did. He then told her to get on the bed next to me and get into the same position as me. She did. He continued to punish my ass for another 30 minutes, it seems like an eternity. All of a sudden he stopped and pulled out. He told me not to wipe up and to go directly to the chair, sit and watch. I did. I could see what a mess I had made. It was all over his dick. I watched him get behind my s****r and without cleaning off his dick I watched him push into her. She began to moan as he pumped his cock inside her.
She took it really hard and her maons got louder and louder and dad fucked her pussy as hard as he could.
After a few minutes dad pulled his cock out of my s****rs pussy and started to f***e it into her ass, she gave out a loud yelp as dad pushed his cock all the way inside her tight virgin ass.
She started to cry abit but she soon stopped and started to enjoy what was happening to her.
It was not long before dad called out, Im cumming and he unloaded his cum inside her ass. He left his cock inside her ass until he had fully emptied his cock inside her.
He then called me over and told me to start licking my s****rs ass as his cum started to drip out of her, it tasted good and I wanted more.
After I had cleaned all of dads cum from my s****rs ass we all layed on the bed and soon fell asl**p.
I cant wait for more of our fun and games

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