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The Neighbor: Photo Finish

Early morning I was wide awake with Cynthia still sl**ping in my bed. I decided to have a little fun with her while she remained quiet. I took out my camera and started snapping pictures of her. I removed the sheet covering her up and took a few more shots. She was wearing a pajama top but she wore no underwear making it easier for me to get shots of her pussy. That beautiful, sweet, and chocolate covered pussy. Just thinking about it made me hungry. I continued taking pictures. I took shots of her legs, her feet, her hands, and her pretty little face. I then got to the other side of the bed, lifting the pajama top a little and getting shots of her ass. Nice and smooth that ass was. "I hope you got my good side", said Cynthia, startling me. "Sorry, did I wake you?" "What in the hell are you doing?" "Doing a little art work." I continued with my camera getting shots of her bright smile. "This is art?", she asked. "Hey, you do it all the time with your drawings of me while I'm asl**p. This makes us even now." "All right. You want to play? I'll play too." Suddenly Cynthia became a model. She gave me plenty of sexy poses on the bed and I just kept snapping away until the film was done. She showed a little shoulder and I took it. She licked her left tittie and I took that. "That's it", I said, "show me skin. Like that. Beautiful." She was on her knees with her titties sticking out and I took that. She laid on her back and her legs planted on the wall and took that shot. Cynthia took off the pajama top and I took every photo of her nude, sexual, intoxicating body of hers. I was getting a hard on and she noticed. Quickly she took my camera and took shots of my swollen cock. "Oh,yeah", she said, "just like that baby. Show me that hard cock of yours. So nice and hard. Hmmmmmmm, I could feel it from here." I tried to get the camera back but she wouldn't allow it. I practically tackled her on the bed and I was right on top of her looking her in the eye. "You had enough?", I asked. "No", she giggled. I tickled her a bit and she laughed hysterically. I quiet things down with my mouth touching hers and my tongue about to go down her throat. I sucked both sides of her neck and straight down to those smooth titties of hers. I sucked on them nice and hard on those nipples. I could almost bite into them. On to the best part. Conquering that smooth and juicy pussy. I dug and licked that pink piece of flesh all the way to her G-spot. "Oooooooh", she moaned. "Ooooooooo. Oh, shit. Oh, shiiiiiiit. Yeeeeeessss. Oh, yes. Lick that pussy. Lick that pussy clean. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Aaaaaaaaah! Oooooooooooh!" She managed to take a few pictures of me eating her pussy but her hand collapsed on her due to her ever growing orgasm. I licked and I licked and sucked that shit up and as always Cynthia was loving every minute of it. "Fuck!", she said. "Hmmmmmmmm. Suck that pussy. Oh, you suck that pussy. Fucking suck it. Oh, yes. Make me cum. Fucking make me cum. Hmmmmmmmmmm." She cummed all over the sheets. We were both on our knees sucking each others lips and tongues. Cynthia went to work sucking on my hard cock. It was the one thing she was good at. To this day I still think she's going to bite it off every time I feel her teeth nearly gnawing my cock. She sucked and licked it as it were an ice cream cone. "Hard cock", she said, "put that hard cock in my pussy." "You want it?", I asked. "You want my dick inside you?" "Put it in. Fuck that shit up. Put that big fucking dick inside me. Give it to me now." I put it in and I fucked the living shit out of her. Back and forth that dick was hard and deep into her pussy. Cynthia wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her nails into my back. "Oh, yes", she said, "keep it in. Keep that big dick inside me. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh, yes. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck that pussy. Fuck that fucking pussy! Fuck it up! Shit! Aaaaaaaah! Yes! Yes! Yes! So hard. Fucking hard. Hmmmmmmmmm. Love that hard dick in my pussy. Oh, it's so hard. So fucking hard. Fuck!" Then the ass fucking led to more screaming and yelling. It's amazing hearing that girl hit that high note in a moment of passion. But hearing her scream meant I was doing a good job on her. Seeing her smile was pleasing enough. "Shove that big cock in my ass", she continued, "tear it up. Tear me a new asshole. Tear my ass up. Fuck! Shit! Oh, yes. Leave that dick in my fucking ass. Fuck! Oh, shit! Shit!" Then it was back to fucking her pussy because she enjoyed me ramming her twice during the moment. After that I cummed all over her pretty face and her licking some of it off. I collapsed on the bed feeling drained out. Cynthia grabbed my camera and took more pictures of me. Mostly she was taking shots of my cock. "Your cock poses nicely. I think it smiled at me." We both laughed at that one. "Well", I said, "your pussy just waved at me." We laughed again and continued joking. When it came to time for me to use the camera the film had run out. Guess we had a photo finish with Cynthia winning by a nose.

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