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Instant Nympho

Well. Today was the day. I'd find out if it really worked. If the little old Asian man at the spice shop was right, my life was about to change forever. And he had better be right; I paid a ridiculous sum for this particular item. 'Put in food or see action quick, yes!' he had said. 'Watch out not too much!' Now the only question other than 'does it work' was 'when' to try it...

I planned the whole thing down to the last detail. Dad worked overnight every thursday and my s****r Wendy and I usually ate dinner alone together that night. Perfect. Dad worked the third shift and wouldn't be home until around dawn. Once again: perfect. I picked up the pizzas and sodas as usual and while still in the car, sprinkled the recommended dose of the tasteless, odorless stuff on to her pie. Once the stuff hit the top of the pizza, it virtually disappeared, just as the Asian dude had said it would. My heart rate increased as I closed the lid on her pizza box. We ate and chatted, the usual, half watching tv and half catching up on smalltalk. I tried to look discreetly for signs that the stuff was working. The Ancient One didn't tell me how long it might take...

About an hour passed since we finished eating; no sign of anything. Wendy was sitting at the dining room table doing some homework and glancing over at the tv. I grabbed the remote and started channel surfing. I passed something that Wendy wanted to see, apparently; she asked me to back up a few channels. 'There! Mark, leave it here. Let's watch this. What do you think?' It was one of those MTV spring break shows with tons of barely clothed college k**s dancing and blabbing on the beach. I told her it was fine with me. Didn't look like this stuff was going to work. I was ripped off. While I plotted my revenge against the little guy who sold me that useless crap, at least I'd get a rise out of the action on the tv screen.

I watched the hardbodies and babes strutting there stuff for a bit, fuming at how stupid and desperate I'd been. I had just thrown ALOT of money away. I turned to get up to take a leak and was a little surprised to see Wendy staring at the tv screen intently. She had closed her books, put her pencil down, and was watching the half naked bodies parading across the screen as if she were hypnotized. She didn't even notice me get up, she just stared, eyes focused like lasers. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were poking against the fabric of her bra and shirt. And it wasn't the least bit chilly in here. Hmmm...

I walked past her and said 'I'm gonna take a shower, so if anyone calls, tell them I'll call back, OK?' No response from my s****r. 'Wendy? OK?' I broke her concentration and she shook herself out of it like she was in a trance.

'Yeah, yes...OK...' she said and returned her gaze to the tv.

My cock was hardening as I entered the bathroom and closed the door. This could be it! The old man didn't tell me what to look for, but either I was crazy or my s****r was getting seriously turned on by a tv show...I took a quick shower and decided to up the ante a little. I emerged from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel, and my cock was still hard. I'm in pretty good shape; I work out regularly. That and the fact that my cock is about 9 and one half inches long when erect should get some reaction from her. As soon as I entered the living room, I saw Wendy, sitting on the couch in front of the tv, quickly removing her hand from under her shirt! My s****r Wendy had smallish, but very cute breasts that seemed to be all nipple at their tips. Though they weren't huge, they were my favorite part of her anatomy. She looked at me and blushed, obviously hoping I hadn't seen it. I played dumb. 'Hey. You still watching this?' I asked. She recovered from the shock of me almost catching her feeling herself up, and she looked back to answer and her eyes stopped at the bulge at my groin. 'Uh...oh...I...' she stammered, trying to pry her eyes of the shape of my hard-on throught the towel. 'You can watch what you want...I gotta go to bed now, ' she said as she quickly got up from the couch and walked past me to her room.

'Wha...? It's early! Wendy! Something wrong?' I tried to sound concerned, but I was psyched. Just how well did this stuff work? I had to know. I walked quietly down the hall to Wendy's bedroom. Pressing my ear up to the door, I could hear that she had the same MTV show on in her room...and I could hear something else, too. Yup. It was the high-pitched buzz of her shiny metallic vibrator, changing it's tone as it slid in and out of her young pussy. She was trying to muffle the sound of her sexual pleasure by oohing and ahhing into one of the pillows on her big bed. I had known about the vibrator for a year or so; I had searched through her room many times since I was a k**, looking through her undies, reading her diary, fantasizing; that kind of thing. Now I thought I may have finally found the means of making a life-long dream come true: I wanted to fuck my s****r bad. She came with an intense yell barely muffled by her pillow, but still clearly audible to me. I could even hear her panting in the afterglow of her orgasm. I snuck back toward the living room.

I trotted to my room and slipped on a pair of boxers. I went into the kitchen to grab a drink and when I returned, there was Wendy. Wearing a short nightshirt that I remembered her outgroing years ago, she stood next to the dining room table, glancing at the homework she had disregarded earlier. Her nipples poked out of her little boobs like spikes. 'Couldn't sl**p. Don't know what it is!' Then, eyeing me up and down as she approached, 'Hey, muscleman! Look at you! All that time at the gym is really paying off!' She walked over to me and reached up and put her hands right on my bare chest and started feeling around, big smile on her face. 'Bet the ladies at the gym are all after you.' I pulled back a bit; no matter how badly I had wanted my s****r, this was so out of character that it flustered me a bit. 'Hey! What's up with you? Loosen up! It's just me, your s****r!' She had sort of a wild look in her eye, as if she had alot of energy and didn't know how to use it. My dick was growing again. It would be tough to hide in these shorts. So I wouldn't.

I told her I was going to see what was on tv and walked away. I could feel her eyes on my butt as I moved toward the couch. I sat down and began surfing and she sat next to me. Closer than usual, for sure. 'Let me flick,' she asked, hand out reaching for the remote. It was inches away from my pecker; the thin meterial of my boxers perfectly accentuating the shape of my stiff dick. As Wendy took the remote, I caught her looking right at it. Then she re-focused on the tv. 'What's on pay per view?' She watched as the schedule scrolled down the screen; I think I know what she was looking for. She asked me about some action movie I had already seen; I said sure, whatever. I didn't care what was on, as long as I could sit next to my horny, inhitions-inhibited s****r. She picked up the phone and punched in the numbers for the movie we agreed on. Or so I thought... In a minute or two we were presented with an extreme close-up of a blonde girl sucking a huge cock!! The logo in the corner of the screen said 'Extreme Heat'. Oops! Apparently the cable company had made a mistake...Yeah right.

'Whoah!! Guess they screwed that up! Jesus...' Her voice quickly trailed off. She was staring at the larger than life blowjob taking place on the screen in that trance-like state again...This guy's cock was enormous; the blonde was having a difficult time getting her jaw around it... I acted upset and asked for the phone but she said, 'Oh, um, can't we watch a little of it? I've never really seen a real porno movie before...I'm curious! Hm? C'mon, Mark, it'll be fun!'

'Are you sure, Wendy? This is kind of strange, I mean--' she stopped me there.

'This makes you uncomfortable? Oh, man, you really do need to loosen up! Just sit back and enjoy it. Guys love this stuff anyway, right?' She slid even closer to me on the couch to where our hips were touching.

'Yeah, sure we do, but...well if you're ok with it, Wendy, then I'm up for it.' She looked down at my dick, its head almost popping up from under the waistband of my shorts.

'Yes, you are...' she said, smiling at the tv.

We watched the sex unfold silently for a while, though I did notice Wendy's breathing becoming more harsh, more urgent. Each of us tried to make jokes here and there, to kill the tension, but soon Wendy was concentrating on the action to an extreme degree. I think if the smoke alarm over our heads went off, she wouldn't have flinched. A scene began featuring a very well built guy and a small, petite girl who fucked doggy-style for what seemed like a half hour; Wendy was obviously unaware that she had been leaning into my side for a while, her tit pressing into my ribs. I could feel how and when the rate and intensity of her breathing increased as she scrunched herself up to me; we were practically 'cuddling'! After a bit longer, the couple had moved into the missionary position and Wendy reached across her stomach and grasped my arm. She pulled it over her head and put it behind her neck, my hand falling on her shoulder. 'I'm cold,' was all she said, rather curtly. She clasped a hand over the top of my thigh. She moved up even further against me, and my hand was now hanging just in front of her breast. She put one foot up on the couch, leg bent at the knee; her legs were generously spread. I could see the crotch of her panties with minimal effort. A few dark brown pussy hairs showed on either side of the crotch of her white cotton panties. She was lost in the movie and the intense sex action on the screen, oblivious to the fact that she was really 'letting it all hang out'. My cock was throbbing as my fantasy came to life slowly before me. God bless that wonderful Asian fellow! I knew, when the guy on tv blew his load onto the girl's stomach and Wendy was practically panting as she squeezed the top of my thigh, that the next move was mine. There would be no resistance. But I would move slowly.

The next part of the movie developed into a girl-girl scene. A wide smile appeared on Wendy's face, 'This I've gotta see!' she said, seemingly to herself. As one girl went down on the other, I checked out Wendy's crotch again and saw a small dark, shiny wet spot. She was ready. As soon as I saw that ultra-focused trance-like state on her face again, I slowly reached a few inches down and ever-so-gently ran my index finger around the areola surrounding Wendy's bullet-hard nipple. I pinched the tip lightly through her nightshirt. 'Hhhhhhhh.......' Her eyes were still locked on the tv, where the two girls were working into the 69 position, but she made no effort to stop me. I couldn't beleive it: since I was 10 years old I had wanted to touch my s****r's tits...and thanks to that stuff, whatever it was, she was loving it. Wendy's hand moved up my thigh toward the leg opening of my shorts and slipped under. She moved her hand up as far as she could, almost touching my balls, but not quite. She slid her hand back down and moved it up to my groin, rubbing over the thin meterial. There. On the outside of my shorts, her hand was palming my balls and the bottom of the shaft. I was almost breathing as heavily as her now.

The scene on-screen had evelved into a threesome; another well built man had entered the picture and was getting blown by both chicks at once. Wendy giggled like a little girl and reached up with her other hand to pull up her undersized nightshirt, wich had already ridden up around her belly. She pulled it up and held it up under her chin to expose her boobs to my hand as it continued lightly pulling, pinching, squeezing. Her nips stuck out almost a full inch from her areolas. As if from a far off place, Wendy whispered 'Yeah...Mmmmmmmm, Marky...' She had finally found the hole in the front of my shorts and slipped her hand inside, grasping my 9 and 3/4" inch cock in her delicate fist. She pulled it out and began stroking its length. I threw my head back in ecstacy. When I lifted my head back up, I looked down to watch my lovely s****r Wendy giving me a hand job, alternating her gaze between the tv and my dick. I glanced back over at her crotch and saw that the small wet spot had grown into a large, rather messy puddle. I removed my arm from behind her head, releasing her tit, and brought it directly into her lap. Welcoming it, she spread her legs even more as I slid my fingers over the soaking wet center of her pussy. 'Ahhhhh, god, yes, yyyyyes....Ooooooh....' I pulled the crotch of her panties over to the side and started rubbing her warm wet cunt. 'Mmmmmm!' She was jerking me fairly hard now; and paying less and less attention to the tv. I fingered her hole and worked her clit until Wendy was almost in tears; suddenly she bent over and thrust her mouth over my cock. My god, she was blowing me! She devoured my cock ravenously, sucking and licking and jerking me off in her mouth. She had clearly lost control; thank god Dad was out because the noises she was making as she sucked my long cock would have been impossible to hide. I repositioned a little bit so I could continue fingering her dripping pussy. She was now basically an all fours on the couch sucking me so I reached across her back, and found her mound underneath her asshole. 2 fingers slid in and out effortlessly and she pushed back to meet my hand and increase penetration of my fingers. I stopped finger fucking to pay attention to her hard, swollen clit, at wich point her increasing noise level rose even more. Her head was bobbing up and down in a blur and I was going to come soon. As I wondered breifly if she would swallow my cum, Wendy pulled her head up off of my cock and looked me in the eye. 'Ohhhhh, Mark! OHHHH, MARKY!! OHHHOHHOOOHH!!!!' She came in an intense, quaking orgasm, spasming and shaking in ecstacy. As the tremors subsided, she started blowing me again, this time at a feverish pitch. She started moving back and forth on my fingers again, encouraging me to continue fingering. I felt it build and suddenly it was shooting into my s****r's mouth and throat. I groaned lowdly as I let go. She sucked and swallowed and licked my hot, thick cum off her lips. 'Oh, my God...' she said, a pained expression on her face.

I was terrified for a second that she was instantly regretting what we had just done...How did the stuff work afterwards, anyway? Was there a hangover or something? But then she made herself perfectly clear: 'My god, that was fucking intense!! Mark! I don't know what's come over us...but that was awesome...' She was still under the influence, no doubt. As she snuggled up against me and fell asl**p, I wondered how tomorrow would go...I carried her off to her room and put her to bed.

The next day I saw Wendy in the late afternoon when I returned from classes. She cornered me in the laundry room, out of Dad's earshot; she looked very concerned. 'About yesterday...I...I really don't know what came over mean, we...I apologize if I freaked you out, I guess I came on pretty strong...' She looked a little confused, like she was still trying to figure this out. 'Can we just forget it ever happened? I think we'd both be better off if we just...kind of...forgot about it. Y'know?'

'Sure, Wendy, I hear you. It was pretty wild, and...I don't know, it just sart of...happened. Consider it forgotten.'

'OK...we're cool.' It's forgotten.'

Bullshit. I guessed that she'd be trying to figure out what had happened for a lifetime and I'd be figuring out how to make it happen again! I got to work almost immediately.

The following Sunday, 3 days later, Dad was away on a golfing day-trip. I'm not sure what Wendy's plans were for the day, but I would sure try to change them. When I woke up that morning, I asked her what was up for the day and she said that she was going to lunch with a friend and then shopping. We bickered a bit (as usual) about who would get the bathroom first. she won. 'Fine,' I said, 'I'll make coffee'. Of course, Wendy's cup contained an additional ingredient; and a slightly higher doseage, at that. While I showered, Wendy drank her morning coffee on the sunporch in her robe. I emerged from the bath, dressed in a tshirt and sweats.

'What's your hurry?'she asked, holding up her hand to stop me. I told her I was going to the gym.

'Going to work on the bod some more, eh?' she asked.

'Every chance I get,' I replied.

'You know. I really should join a gym. I've thought about it for years, but never do it. What do you think?' Her robe had slipped open just a bit, revealing a fair amount of one breast. She sat cross-legged in the deck chair and the robe rode pretty high up her thigh, as well. Was it starting again? Already? Wow. My cock moved against my leg...I knew how to find out.

I quickly looked her over. 'No way, Wendy. You're a hottie! A perfect ten! You don't need a gym.'

She beamed at me. 'Really? You really think so?' She started bouncing her leg up and down excitedly.

'Yes I do.' I tried to look casual as I stirred the pot. 'But what about me?' I asked not so innocently. 'Scale of 1 to 10. Go ahead; I can take it....'

Wendy looked at me coyly as she stood up. 'You...You're a definate 10...inches, I mean!' She burst out in hysterical laughter; I laughed along but I knew what I needed to know. 'Oh, sorry!' She grabbed my arm and her robe opened up even further, revealing an entire boob, nipple and all. 'We're not supposed to talk about that! Oh, my...oops...' She looked down at her fully exposed tit, and then up at me. 'Shame on you, Mark. Peeking at you s****r! You're a bad should be spanked.' She closed her robe and reached over and patted my ass, smiling at me suggestively. 'Hey, I know...why don't you show me some workout routines on the weights that you have in your room? Then I could see if I'd like to go to a gym or not! Huh? Great idea!'

Playing along, I said, 'But I thought you were going to lunch with Judy! What about that?'

'Oh, fuck her! Judy doesn't need me to go shopping with her. I'll call her later. We can go some other time. Don't worry about her! I'd rather be here with you. Er, as my personal trainer,' she hastily added.

'Well, it's not really much of gym in my room, but I guess I could show you some stuff...' Playing along as my s****r 'seduced me' was half the fun...

Her robe was open again; this time all the way down the front. I could see the small flowered panties she was wearing, barely covering her pussy. 'Yeah. Maybe we can show each other some stuff...' She caught me looking at her barely covered bush and looked at me seductively. 'Let's do it.'

We walked into my room, me first. She shut the door behind her. 'OK--over here. Let me get this junk organized...It's been a while...' I cleared years worth of stuff off of the weight bench and started collecting the weights from the closet.

'Take your time, Marky. I'm in no hurry.' she made no attempt to keep covered. Both titties were fully exposed, pushing out from the opening in her robe. She was watching me, waiting for me to notice.

'Ok, I can go through the basic...Jeez, Wendy, cover yourself!' I held up a hand in front of my eyes as if embarassed for her. 'And you're gonna have to change into something more...comfortable if you want to work out.' I dropped my hand, pretending to expect her to have closed her robe hastily. She smiled when my eyes again fell on her beautiful exposed boobies. My little s****r was very proud of them.

She took a few steps over to the weight bench and said, 'But what could be more comfortable than...' Her robe fell to the floor. 'This?' She stood before me in just her panties with a devilish gleam in her eye. 'You don't mind, do you Marky?' God she was hot. Her hair was still a little damp and she looked incredibly sexy standing in my room wearing only her tiny panties. She sat down on the bench next to where I knelt and said, 'I want you to show me some 'special' excercises. I'd like to show you some, too. For instance, how about this one...' She took both my hands and brought them to her chest. She squeezed my hands, in turn squeezing her own titties. Her voice became darker, more breathy. 'You like that one?' She leaned over close to my ear and whispered as I kneaded her tits, 'I know we talked about this a few days ago, Mark, but I can't help it...I need to be with you. I feel like I'll die if I don't see it again...touch it again...right now...Do you feel it, too?' Her breath in my ear was finishing the job of stiffening my dick. It shone through my sweatpants like a beacon.

I felt like saying that I'd felt it way ever since I was 10, but I didn't. I feigned confusion. I stood up, letting go of her tits and looking down at her beautiful upturned face. 'But Wendy...I think maybe you were right the other day...I'm not sure we should be doing this sort of thing. Are you...' I stopped in mid-sentence; Wendy had pulled my sweats down to expose my huge erection. She immediately had her hands all over it.

'You do feel it, Mark. Look how big and hard your cock is...Mmmmm.' She stroked it slowly and sensually. 'Don't deny it; you want it just as much as me. Oooooh....' Then once again she popped it into her mouth and started giving me a slow, luxurious blowjob. Man, my s****r could suck dick. She kept looking up at me; she wanted to watch her suck my cock. After a minute or two of sucking, she let go and stood up. Her breathing was heavy and her look intense. 'It's too late to stop now, Marky. Let's do it again. Just once more...please?' She looked down at my pecker, standing at full attention and slick with her saliva. 'Please help me. I need it so bad!' She pulled me over to my bed and slipped off her undies. 'Lay down.' I anxiously complied, trying to appear reticent, wich was tough with my hard on raging like it was. I decided to remain completely passive and watch the show. I lay flat on my back in the middle of my bed. Wendy leaned over and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth and wrestling with my own. She ran her hands over almost the entire surface of my muscular body, lingering at my cock and balls. 'God, you're so beautiful...' Then she climbed onto the bed, maneuvered herself up over hy head, and said, 'Eat my pussy...I know it's wrong, Marky but I need you to lick me...lick my cunt....Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah, just like that.' She tasted and smelled delicious. She was so wet and hot and she looked down into my eyes as she directed me. 'Put you tongue inside...Ohhh, baby. Yeah. Haahhh...Lick it; lick the top...OH, YEAH RIGHT THERE!!' I pulled her knob between my lips and sucked on it gently. 'OH GOD! OOOHHHH GOD!! She couldn't wait for my cock anymore. She slid down and positioned herself with one foot on either side of my waist, and squatted down until her dripping pussy was directly above my hard dick. 'I'm gonna fuck you Mark. Let me show you. You'll love it. It's gonna be soooooo good...' She was babbling as she concentrated intently, grabbing my cock and pointing it at the opening of her hole. This is it, I thought. I'm going to fuck my s****r. Dreams do come true.

She sat down onto the tip. Her vagina actually felt hot. She was so wet it only took a couple of tries to get my 9"-plus as far in as it would go. She groaned in ecstacy as I met her downward motion with a slow upward thrust. Wendy left her feet where they were; squatting over me she put her hands on my chest and started to fuck me. She was immediately going at it like a real pro, sliding up and down on my pole faster than I would have imagined that she could. 'Aghhhhh...Ahhhhh...MMM!' It was almost as if I wasn't there; just a dildo she could get off on. That was fine with me, because I WAS there and was I getting off, too...Her cunt was like heaven. I watched her bob up and down on my cock like a machine, her little titties bouncing, their tips diamond hard. I reached up and grabbed them and began pinching them. Not gently; not harshly. 'Ohhhhhhh fuck fffuck ffffuck fffffuck....' She was babbling again; lost in the powerful feelings of her artificially-created arousal. My s****r raised one hand off of my chest and brought it over to her messy puss; while she fucked me like a maniac she massaged her clit with her fingertips. My balls, completely slick with her juices, were actually starting to hurt a little as she slammed the hell out of them. Her machine-like bobbing soon became erratic, spastic bucking as she brought herself off to a record breaking climax. She came while the entire weight of her body was resting on my groin; the entire length of my cock was pushed up inside her. But she wasn't finished with me yet. Oh no.

Wendy climbed off, knelt beside me on the bed and looked at my still-hard dick, throbbing for release. She slid it between her luscious lips and started blowing me again. I had been close to climax for a while; with my cock in her warm, moist mouth again, I was ready to shoot. I came in a little less than a minute. Once again my s****r swallowed it all. After milking the last drops of cum from my receeding dick, she lay down with her head on my chest and fell asl**p.

I slept for a while myself. When I awoke, Wendy was gone...I guess the Asian guy knew what he was talking bout when he said not to use too much; she was really on another planet for a bit...Facing her after this time was surely going to be difficult.

Wendy was avoiding me like the plague. She was probably beating herself up over what 'she' had done over the last few days, of course never realizing it was all engineered by me and the secret stuff I'd been using on her. One time could maybe be explained as a fluke; but after the second time...I think I may have used too much of it the second time, though. If I was going to continue, I'd have to be more careful. I decided to lay off and size her up before making any more plans.

We bumped into each other a couple of times around the house during the week but she was clearly uncomfortable. I tried my best to show her that I was still there for her, still her b*****r, her pal; it didn't' work. If she was this upset, I guess I'd have to stop. I didn't want to hurt her. I decided to ask her directly if she wanted to talk. Thankfully, she did.

'Well...I can't really explain it,' she said. 'I think I might be a nymphomaniac.' She said it like she really didn't beleive it.

'Can I ask you a personal question?' I gently asked.

'Sure..why the hell not?' The implication in her tone was, 'why not; we've been 'round the world, why not get personal?'

'Have you felt like this with any one else? Have you 'lost control' with other guys?' I knew darn well she hadn't.

'No! damn it! That's what is making this so hard for me to understand! It's just you! And you're my b*****r! We can't do this! I can't do this to you!' She was clearly conflicted.

'Look, Wendy. So you've had these 'urges' around me lately; I must admit I was a little weirded-out by this whole thing, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't enjoy it. You know that. So if it's hurting me you're worried about, don't! I can handle what happened! If you needed something that bad from me, I'm glad I was there for you. No matter what it was!And I'm happy it was your b*****r that you 'lost it' with instead of some pick-up or something.' I lifted her chin to look into her eyes; she smiled weakly at me. 'So if I'm OK with it, then what's really bothering you about it?'

'I don't know...You make alot of sense, Mark. I guess, after thinking about it some more, that I only felt like it was wrong because society says it is. But if I didn't hurt you or myself, and these things happened between us willingly, I guess there's nothing to be upset over. I'll be OK.'

'Good.' I felt a little guilty about how confused she was, so I was glad I had made her feel better about it. I would lay off the stuff for a while, hoping that next time, she'd feel ok about it afterwards.

Well, 'next time' came the very next Saturday. I'm bad, I know. But I couldn't help myself...Wendy is just too hot to ignore for long, if you've got the secret to getting into her pants. And I did. It was in the afternoon; Dad was away on a long weekend opening up our vacation home for the season, out of state. The opportunity presented itself and I succumbed to temptation. The night before would have worked, too, but Wendy went out with friends. Today she was out with Judy, making up the lunch date she had blown off the weekend before. I gambled, not knowing if she had plans for the evening or not, and stayed in to see. I scoped out the fridge, seeing that, as usual, Wendy had a half-empty bottle of diet pepsi to finish...would this be a good place to put it? Or should I wait to see what happens if and when she comes home? If I put it in now, she definately wouldn't make plans for the night with anyone but me...I was just sprinkling some into the top of the bottle when I heard her car pull up. She was here. She entered the house wearing a flowered hat, a yellow half shirt, cut off shorts and open-toed shoes. Her bare legs were breathtaking. 'Big plans for tonight?'

'Nope; no'

I lied and said, 'I might go out with the guys, I'm just waiting for a call. If not, maybe the gym.' I couldn't make it sound like I had conspired to be home tonight with her. I had to make it sound like staying home was the last thing on my mind. Then I noticed: she had walked in with a cup of fast-food lemonade in her hand! Damn! Now I had to try to get to that before she killed it. We small-talked about the mall, Judy, Judy's boyfriend; then Wendy headed to the bathroom. Bingo! I sprinted over to her cup and added the stuff; a little less than last time. I replaced the lid just in time...She came back into the kitchen and drank the remaining lemonade. Score. She asked me if I wanted dinner and I said I didn't. I told her I was going to take a quick ride to the store for some beers and a scratch ticket; I figured that when I returned the action would be about ready to start. What I didn't figure was, while I was gone, Wendy would also finish off her diet pepsi...with the initial dose in it. She had almost doubled the previous session's dose. Mercy.

When I returned, I didn't see Wendy anywhere. But I did see her big shiny vibrator sitting right on top of the couch, next to one of my porn magazines...let the games begin! I opened the fridge door to stash the beers and OH MY GOD!! That's when I noticed the diet pepsi was empty. Before I could consider the implications, I heard Wendy calling me from the bathroom. 'Marky? Mark, can you come here and help me with something?' I had no idea what to expect. I walked to the bathroom, opened the door...

There was Wendy, completely nude except for the flowered hat, sitting on the edge of the sink, facing me with her legs spread wide open. There was thick white shaving cream spread over her entire pubic area, a disposeable razor in one hand, and the water in the sink was running. She smiled sensually at me. She spoke very slowly. 'Hi, Mark. Could you give me a hand with this? I've never shaved myself before and I think maybe you should do it for me.' Oh, boy...She held out the razor to me and I walked zombie-like towards her.

'Uh, Wendy...Do you feel OK?' I took the razor from her. She had gotten a good bit of work done; about half of her crotch was shaven, still smeared with shave cream.

'Why do you ask, Mark? I feel fine! I feel fucking great. I'll feel even better if you'll help me shave my cunt...I'm shaving it for you, you know...'

Satisfied for the moment that she was OK, just super-sexed-up, I sat down on the toilet seat and started shaving my s****r's cunt. She brought both feet up to the countertop, giving me full access to her crotch, all the way down past her asshole. Wendy reached down occaisionally and wiped the shaving cream and pussy hair away with a towel. I had never seen her pussy this close-up before, and it was a beauty. Big, meaty, pinkish-brown lips hung down from the sides; her clit was bigger than average and already swollen, no doubt from the dildo session on the couch. While I shaved, she talked. 'Do think my cunt is pretty, Mark? Now you can see my pussy-hole better than ever. And it's gonna feel soooo goood when we fuck...That's it, get asshole too...mmmmmm.....' She reached down now and again to give her protruding clit a little rub. 'See that, Mark? That's my clitoris. That's what makes me come.' She pulled it's pink cover back and exposed the whole thing; it was easily as big as a pencil eraser. I was sweating. I maneuvered the razor around her delicate areas as carefully as I could. In a couple of minutes I had her completely clean-shaven. She stroked the newly-shaved skin surrounding her pussy lips. 'Ooooooh, yeah, this feels so good...How does it look, Mark? Look good to you?' She rinsed herself off and showed me the entire package, opening it for me, pulling on the lips, rubbing it. I nodded, intimidated totally by the sheer sexual power that was coming off her in waves. I was her helpless slave. She looked me up and down. 'Why do you still have all your clothes on? You need to be naked like me. Let me see that big sweet cock. Take them off.' I stripped naked. My hard cock pressed up against my belly. 'Ahhhh...There it beautiful big cock...Oh, Mark...Do you know how badly I need it in my mouth..?' I felt like a little boy in front of this lusty, powerful woman. And she was my s****r...She was in complete control of me.

She hopped of the sink. 'Let's go into my room and make each other come.' She led me by the hand into her room and turned on the light. 'Do you want me to suck it?' I stood there like a doofus. 'What do you want to do, baby? Tell your little s****r and she'll make it happen.' It was like being in a surreal porno movie. While she awaited my answer, she pulled on the hard tips of her nipples. Her hips were very slowly gyrating as she stood before me, her bald mound incredibly inviting.

'Uh...I don't know...' My mind just wasn't working. Truth is, I did know. It was always a fantasy of mine. I took a deep breath, gathered my thoughts, and said it. 'Uh, I'd like to watch with youself.' I sounded like a complete idiot!

She laughed with that cute little girl giggle. 'You wanna watch your s****r play with her pussy? Ok, baby, watch this...' Wendy lay down on her bed and spread her legs, revealing her clean-shaven cunt. She started rubbing her clit in a wide circular motion, closing her eyes and breathing loudly. I reached down and held my cock and squeezed it. She caressed her slick, hairless mound and inserted 2 fingers. I could hear them sliding in and out of her super-wet hole. I watched her titties moving around on her chest as her whole body gently rocked. Before I knew it, I was standing at the edge of the bed, between her open legs, stroking the length of my hard dick, my eyes focused on her cunt. Wendy's crotch was quickly becoming a wet, slippery mess and her breathing became moaning. 'Stick it in me, honey, stick that big hot cock in my cunt...fuck me....oooooh, fuck me Mark...' She held her big, wet pussy lips apart inviting me in. I bent down at the edge of the bed, grabbed her ass and pulled her hips slightly over the edge. I threw her legs up over my shoulders and entered her, fucking her bald pussy. The lack of hair felt great on my balls. 'Uhhhhhhh...You were so right, Mark, how could there be anything wrong with's so good...I would die without your cock in me...ohhhh...' Soon, I wasn't going fast enough for Wendy...'Faster! Do it Faster! Fuck me harder...hhhhhhoooohhh....' over the next 5 minutes I did my very best. I fucked her harder than I ever fucked before. Wendy reached around and grabbed my ass and guided me in and out, trying to get me to go even faster; I couldn't! Could I keep up? She reached around and tried to find my asshole, feeling around with her finger; that gave me an idea. As she started to massage her cunt some more, I pulled my dick out. I was going for broke. Wendy looked up at me as if she were in pain. 'No! Don't stop! Put it back!' She looked up at me, pouting like a small c***d.

'Turn over. Show me your asshole.'

Her face lit up like a christmas tree. 'Oh, Yes! Marky! Do it! Fuck my ass! Ohhh yeah...' She quickly turned over onto all fours. Her brown puckering butthole was already slick with her own natural lubricant. I positioned myself behind her and put the head inside her tight little hole. She really freaked out, then. 'OHHHH! MARKY..PUSH IT IN! PUSH IT! YEAHHHH!' I slipped my big cock in further, and further...I had never buttfucked anyone before and now I was fuckung my sexy s****r's beautiful round ass. Her asshole felt great; hot and tight; its grip around the length of my dick was tighter than any pussy I'd ever had. I looked down, watching my enormous cock disappearing into Wendy's impossibly tight butthole and she was loving every inch of it. 'FUCK MY ASS! YES! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! MMMMMM! HHHM! OHHMM! HHMMM! FUCK YOUR BABY s****r'S ASS!' I could feel her pussy mound moving around; then I felt someting moving inside her, near my cock. She was fingering herself as I rode her ass. She was screaming; I was afraid the neighbors might hear! 'FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK, MARK! SHOVE IT IN ME! SHOVE IT IN MY ASSHOLE, BABY!' After a few more minutes of frantic thrusts, she came again, the muscles inside her pelvic region squeezing and spasming like crazy. 'Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh...' It sounded as if she were weeping. But an angelic smile showed clearly on her face.

I couldn't take much more. I was thrusting into her ass almost as hard and fast as I had fucked her pussy. I started moaning, louder and louder with each thrust, and Wendy knew I would be coming soon. 'Cum for me baby! Give me that cum, Marky! Cum on my ass! Yeah, cum on my asshole!' I did just that. I pulled out of her tight hole and in 3 quick eruptions, I spurted thick white goo all over Wendy's beautiful butt. She felt it hit her and drip down the crack of her ass. She wheeled around, grabbed my dick and slipped it into her mouth, sucking out whatever was left and swallowing loudly. 'Mmmmmm, that's good...' Now she was looking at my dick adoringly, running her fingers over every bump, every vein reverently, almost worshiping it; she began showering it with kisses. 'I love you, sweety..mmmmm...I love you so much...' A second later I realized that she was talking to my dick!! She was slipping it in and out of her mouth, licking it like a lolipop, kissing and smooching it lovingly. 'You're so good, big and long; I love the way you fuck me...Ooooooh, my big fat cock...' I stared down, fascinated, and not a little worried. Now she was rubbing the head and shaft over her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, kissing and licking my balls. 'I need you in me all the time! I want you in my pussy forever...fucking me...fucking me in the ass...making me wet...making me come...I want you in my mouth, squirting your hot cum down my throat...' She had been babbling before, but now she sounded...deranged. She continued fondling and sucking my now flaccid meat until she lay her head in my lap...and fell asl**p with my dick in her mouth!

We woke up together the next morning in her bed, arms around each other. We smiled at each other an kissed good morning. I had the usual morning stiffy; Wendy felt it against her thigh and reached down and grabbed it. Surely that stuff had worn off by now... 'I'm not going to fight it anymore, Mark; I can't win. This is a beautiful thing. I won't try to stop it ever again.' Wendy moved her hips over to mine. She lifted a leg up and over my side, pulling my hard dick towards her cunt. She was doing this of her own free will! 'This was just meant to be...' I had broken her, with the help of the stuff. We fucked slowly and lovingly, and not for the last time.

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