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This is a true story..........

Three years ago I met two women at a local function, they were both in their 50's but looked to me younger. We were at a 200 club drawing with all the free drinks, food,etc. As the evening went on we became friendlier towards each sharing various thing in our lives including sex happenings. Some were funny and you laughed your ass off, others were so so. After the drawings(which none of us won the big prize) we decided to go to the local watering hole just a couple miles away. Coincidentally there is a motel next door, but more on that later. At 2 AM we were pretty much too d***k to drive anywhere so the women suggested we get a room if any were available and there were. Laughing across the parking lot to our room one of them said what are the sl**ping arrangements and I said whatever you ladies want. Since we had to double beds they decided they would sl**p in one and me in the other. I always shower before going to bed so I said does anyone mind if I shower first and the ladies said we would like to first, I said ok and turned on the tv while they did whatever they were doing in there. About 15 minutes later they came out all refreshed and had nothing but towels around them so I jumped up and went to shower. To my amazement when I came into the room they were on their bed in a 69 position and I was stunned and for a moment just stood there watching and getting the most enormous hard on I have ever experienced. Terri looked up at me and said do you want to join? Again never having experienced a 3-some I said ok and jumped on their bed and just did what came naturally. They both untangled themselves and rolled me on my back and started sucking my cock which was just about to explode. After 3 or 4 minutes Terri jumped up and said I need you to stick your tongue in my pussy and lick it dry. By this time I was so excited from Marie sucking my cock I just exploded in her mouth but that didn't stop them for a minute. Terri just lowered her pussy on my face and I licked and sucked till she came all over me, and not knowing she was a squirter took me by complete surprise. She apologized and of course i said I didn't mind that at all. The one thing that surprised more than anything was that my cock stayed hard even after coming so hard. So I jumped up and had Terri get on her knees and I fucked her doggy style while she then started eating Marie's pussy and that turned me on even more as I had never experienced that either. Then Marie says its my turn to be fucked so I pulled out of Terri and stuck it in her and fucked her till she came again......finally I couldn't hold it any longer and pulled out and shot my cum all over her back. All this happened in just 2 hours and we then just rolled over and fell asl**p. In the morning the ladies apologized for what had happened as they thought I was maybe thinking less of them. Both were married, but not happily married and I said don't feel bad or cheap about the whole ordeal as it was just a natural thing. So we decided to go have breakfast at the local Denny's and talked somemore and decided we should make this a weekly affair. Its now been almost 2 years and we still get so excited seeing each other and the sex has never been better as we experiment different positions, watch porn(which really turns Terri on) and just try to make every meeting a little different. I could go on and on and on about this but just want to say if you ever get the chance to experience this jump at the chance I know you won't regret.....and I must add again this is a TRUE story

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