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Hot Wax

My fantasies are something I've always wanted to tell him about. I know he'd love them. But somehow, they remained mine. My secret for us. Hoping that perhaps he too fantasized like this, about me. It's not impossible and certainly seems feasible. My favorite fantasy occurs when I'm home. For a break maybe or the summer. He too is not away at college. It's very late at night and no one is at my house. My room is filled with sweet smelling candles burning and emitting the only light in the house. He comes over (But I don't know it) and he comes through the back door (I gave him a duplicate key years ago). I am sl**ping, and he loves to watch me sl**p. He stands there a few moments watching, very proud that at last he has come into my home without waking me.

Softly he whispers my name. I blink a few times to convince myself this is real. He bends to kiss me lightly and then deeper. We play this lovely game where he licks the corner of my lips, and I suck in his tongue. we both do this until we laugh, and he falls onto the bed with me. He cups my face, stroking my cheek. Remarking how soft he finds them. Slowly he strokes my cheek, my neck and softly cups my left breast. Braless, under my satin night- shirt, my nipples become firm under his touch. slowly he unbuttons the satin covered buttons of my thigh length nighty. firmly he grabs my nipple and kneads it between his thumb and forefinger. He lifts my nightshirt up and over my head, frustrated with all the buttons. I begin to trace his lips with my fingers until he can't stand it and he stick out his tongue and sucks in my finger. While he sucks on my fingers I bend over and suck, and lightly bite his earlobe. this, I know, droves him nuts. Now he wants to kiss my entire body and he starts with my neck. He makes me place my hands over my head and pretend they are handcuffed. Now he sucks my left nipple into his mouth and the soft biting feels is so wonderful that uncontrollably my hips begin to thrust. But he tell my to try not to move.

I can't help the need in my hips. "You are a very bad girl" he tells me "We are going to have to take care of you. You must learn that you are to obey my commands. When I tell you not to move, you mustn't move."

I bit on my own lip, and looked down, playing along with his need for dominance. That too excites me very much. "Okay," I quietly say, "as long as you don't handcuff, or tie me up" Knowing that this will spark a real interest in him.

"I call the shots around here. If I say you will be tied you will be tied" At that, he reached under my bed for the silk scarves he we keep under there. "I will give you another chance, first your arms get tied. If you are really bad, next I will tie your legs and if you can't learn after that, I will have to blindfold you too" I nod slowly to show I Understand. He carefully ties one hand to each of the bedposts. "Now this time DO NOT MOVE until I say it is okay." Again I nod.

He begins again by kissing my neck. Slowly he traces the curve of my neck, down my throat until he get to the space between my breasts. He gently cups one, and then squeezes it so he can just put my nipple in his mouth. The sensation he is giving me is causing a great warmth between my thighs, and a severe yearning for him. I want so badly to touch him. His wavy hair, his chest and now hard nipples, and more than anything I long to see and feel his rock hard mass of maleness, which is still covered by his Levi's. The urge is too great, so I slowly glide my right leg up between both of his. I allow my foot to slowly knead and I can only slightly feel his bulge. For a second he allows me to continue, and then he remembers his promise.

"You are being a VERY bad girl today. What am I going to do with you?" He smiles, and I know that he was extremely pleased that I was being a deviant. "Now remember you only have only one more chance, and then out comes the blindfold." he says as he ties each foot to the remaining bedposts. As he finishes the knot on my left ankle, he begins to kiss first my ankle then slowly up my calf, and on to my inner thigh. But he stops there to torture me. Instead of a tongue I feel the pressure of his fingers directly on my clitoris. Softly he is rubbing in a circular motion, then down he goes to part through my wet folds. up and down and around. Finally he plunges two fingers deep within me, and I scream with delight. As those two fingers probe so deeply, his tongue finds my clit. Deeper and deeper and deeper I feel him within me. And just when I can't control my passion any longer, my hips are bucking up to his fingers, and mouth, he stops. I am soaking wet and throbbing and begging him for more.

"No, he says you have once again disobeyed me. Now You can't move, and you can't see." He ties the blindfold over my eyes. First I can't see or feel anything. Then I hear his zipper as he pull off his Levi's. Next I feel his finger tracing my lips. soon I can't stand it, and I pull his finger into my mouth with my tongue. I begin to suck. but he pulls his finger out of my mouth, and replaces is with a much longer, harder part of his anatomy. His penis is very hard as I can tell, as my tongue roams around the head and then down one side and back up another. I know how much he loves when I lick his balls so I lick back down his large shaft until I come to his balls. Carefully I suck one into my mouth. Sucking and switching one for the other. Then I go back up the large shaft to the head a place his entire manliness inside my mouth. He begins to thrust so that his large penis is going slowly in and out of my mouth. For awhile he is thrusting, and I feel the warm rush down my throat. I swallow it all greedily. Again it is quite a while that I can not hear or feel anything.

"This I want you to watch," he says as he pulls off the blindfold. Next to the bed is one of the larger candles. He holds the candle just above my breasts, and allows a few drops to fall between my breasts. Slowly he waits until the wax hardens, before moving over the nipple of my right breast and pouring six drops in a circle around the red and hardened nipple. As those six dry he moves to the left nipple and does the same. The sensation is warm, not really painful. Then he moves back to the right nipple.

One large wax drop falls directly on my nipple. A sharp wonderful feeling starts at my breast and moves directly to my groin. Then he moves to the left nipple again, and another large drop produces the same effect. Then he puts a drop between my breasts and begins to move slowly down my torso leaving a line of HOT wax dots. When he gets to my belly button he lingers for awhile, making a pool of hot wax in my navel.

The sensations are driving me mad, but he does not stop.

Now he parts the fold of my labia, so that he can get a perfect view of my clit. "no," I tell him "This will be too much to bear."

"Quiet" he says "otherwise I will have to gag you too" So I swallow, hoping that he will soon be deep inside me.

Now he tilts the candle once more to allow an extremely large glob of wax, fall onto my clitoris. the pain is mild, but the sensations it is causing are unreal. Deep inside me an explosion is going off, and I no longer care if this never ends. But then of course is when he stops, and places the blindfold back on. The candle is now put away, though wax is still hard on my body. Slowly he first goes to each breast a peels of the large hard wax. Each piece he peels off produces another sharp urge to have him finally inside of me. When he gets down to my hot dripping cunt, he takes the wax of with hardly any effort since it is so wet. And then almost unexpectedly he enters me. I am unable to move with his weight on top of me. So he unties my hands and feet, but leaves on my blindfold. I could easily take it off myself, but why ruin all the fun?

Now I sit astride him, bucking with madness. I am so incredibly turned on and from the sounds of his voice so is he. Finally after a few more minutes we both explode together. And I collapse on top of him. We are both exhausted.

He carefully removes my blindfold and kisses each of my closed eyes. I blink a few times to realize this is real, and he tells me, "I love you honey, you are the best." And we fall asl**p entwined.

The End

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