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The Cabin

My friend Gracie and I had had enough. k**s, husbands...f****y obligations so we decided that we would go and spend a long weekend at her parents cabin in upper Pa. We had been fucking for months and the thought of waking up to her juicy pussy was all I needed to conjole and talk my husband into keeping the k**s and letting me enjoy a weekend away.
We were in her car headed to a weekend of sexual hedonism. The ride was a little long and we made it fun with me fondling her stiff nipples and slipping my hand under her short skirt grazing her sensitive clit. She did the same to me while I drove. We were coming up on the last stretch of our ride and the snow was beginning to fall hard. We both called our husbands and let them know we were fine and almost there. On the side of the road we noticed a small figure. Instantly we knew it was a woman and she was alone.
Against better judgement we pulled over and asked if she was ok...or in need of help and she told us that her boyfriend and she had gotten in an argument and he'd just left her on the side of the road. In the snow! We let her use the phone to call her mother and to tell her that she was ok and we offered to let her stay in the cabin with us until she was able to make arrangements to get home.
She was 22 and we could tell she was afraid but grateful to be picked up by two women. Our weekend would go on as planned but helping her was something we just did. We arrived at the cabin and started to settle in. The three of us making and having a good dinner and drinking a great red wine late into the night. When Theresa headed off to bed Gracie and I began kissing and pretty soon we were sucking each others snatches and fucking up a storm. I was pounding her hard like she loves it with the 12 inch strap on when I looked up and noticed we had a spy.
Theresa was watching from the dark hallway. Her hands on her generous tits, pinching and pulling the nipples through the borrowed tee we gave her. I shrugged a little and kept fucking my girl. Turning her over and making her moan and scream. We sucked and fucked for hours, finally falling asl**p around dawn.
The next day was great we all just hung out and drank a little and enjoyed a peace and quiet we didn't usually get. Sitting at the table having dinner, Theresa mentioned hearing us getting it on and coming out of her room to watch.
Both Gracie and I didn't say a word as she explained that her boyfriend never ate her pussy and she always wondered what it was like. She told us she loved to fuck and would love to know what pussy tasted like since it was such a fantasy of hers. That got our night started.
Together Gracie and I undressed Theresa and sucked on the perky tits with the rock hard nipples. Running our hands all over her body dipping into her slit and her ass. Theresa was moaning loudly while we touched her and heated her up.
finally we spread a heavy quilt out on the floor in front of the stone fire place which was lit and blazing. We both continued to suck her tits but Gracie broke loose and kissed her way down the young girls body. Licking and leaving little wet streaks as she finally reached the girls center. I pulled open her legs and Gracie stroked the slightly hairy pussy with her hand. Then her finger causing the covered slit to open. I came down and parted her pussy lips with my fingers and lightly grazed her clit. She shrieked and I slipped my finger inside, then another and then another. Her pussy was tight around my fingers but I really wanted to taste her beautiful cunt. But Gracie got to it first.
I watched for a moment as my friend started to eat Theresa's pink pussy. Gracie's tongue darting around and laving the puffy lips and hidden flesh inside making the girl whimper and cry out. I saw Gracie suck the now swollen clit into her mouth and suck hard causing a torrent of juice to ooze out of Theresa's cunt. She was so hot with her tight body and her hands fisted in Gracie's long black hair holding her in place.
Gracie made her cum over and over again and my own pussy, neglected was throbbing and soaking wet. Gracie's ass was in the air and I couldn't resist going behind her and shoving two fingers in her sopping snatch. I heard her moan into Theresa's pussy as I fucked her hard, opening up her ass cheeks to lave her tight asshole. I couldn't stand it anymore. I needed to eat her pussy so I lay down under her and pulled her thick thighs on either side of my head and fastened her cunt to my mouth.
Her juices were flowing into my mouth and my fingers were delving deep into her ass and my bitch was cumming hard. I heard Theresa cry out as she came and then a beat later Gracie screamed her release also.
We each rolled over panting hard. When Gracie says she thinks Theresa needs a good fucking. Pulling out the stap on, she helps me into it and pulls the girl over to the couch and rest her upper body on it and a pillow under her knees on the floor.
I can see the pink cunt, slimy and slick with cum and pussy juice making me hotter. I stroke the big cock and move to rub her opening with the head. She's moaning softly waiting for me to stick it in but I spread her cunt a little and shove the whole 12 inches in with one thrust and start fucking her hard. Holding her hips I bang her until she's begging, cumming.
Gracie sits on the couch in front of Theresa and opens her legs, pulling the young girls head down to her pussy and forcing her to eat her dripping snatch. I'm fucking her and she screams into Gracies cunt that she's cumming and collapses on the floor. tired and spent.
WE leave her for a moment since my pussy needs attention and Gracie latches onto my hot wet cunt, her tongue teasing and sucking, fingering my cunthole and making me scream her name. We pull out the double headed cock and fuck until both of us cum hard and are tired.
Theresa falls asl**p and Gracie and I go to shower. We decided that she would make a perfect slave for the weekend. Telling each other all the things we want to do to her. Together we plot to make this weekend even more unforgettable then we thought it was going to be.

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