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The Seduction

Imagine you're standing, dressed in a silky slip with stockings and
suspenders.  The silk clings to your body highlighting your breasts
and curves.  You close your eyes.  Slowly you feel my breath inches
away from your face.  I start to kiss your cheek, your forehead,
your closed eyes then... gently... your lips.  Then I move on to
your neck, nibbling at your skin.  Simple, sensual kisses.  I
slowly lift my hand to your waist and caress your body lightly.  My
hand moves under your slip and in small strokes I search out your
breasts.  Gently I touch your nipples, just enough to send an
electric wave through your body.  We start kissing more
passionately, your tongue seeking out mine, your whole body alert
and sensitised.  Your heart is beating like a dream, your breathing
rapid and light.  Then, gently, I take you by the hand, leading
you to the bed.

I lay you gently on your back.  'You are a fantasy come true' I
whisper in your ear, 'I want to give you such pleasure, to make you
moan with ecstasy.  I am going to explore your body inch by inch
and then take you for my own'.  You quiver with anticipation over
what this will mean, your body is alive and aching for
satisfaction.  You desire release of the tension but also enjoy the
increasing pressure.  I slowly start kissing your neck working my
way down to your breasts, I slip you out of your top and softly
suck the area around your nipples but avoid them directly leaving
them hard and erect, begging for attention.  You groan with the
tension and the growing throbbing in your pussy, you notice how wet
you are and how much you long for that ache to be filled with my
hard cock, but for now you're focused on the electricity flowing
from your breasts to your toes.  I see how much you want me, how
you want to be taken and possessed by me.  'I will satisfy you soon
my darling, I will fuck you, but first I want to see you come and
take you to the place where you beg me to enter you'.  You can't
speak, only moan'...please...'.  I move down from your breasts to
your tummy and then to your stocking clad legs to start kissing the
inside of your thighs.  You part your legs so I can kiss the very
top of your thigh where it meets your groin.  I can smell your
arousal, feel your wetness.  I slip your knickers off to reveal
your sensual femininity and gently start kissing and licking your
clit, massaging it with my tongue -small, regular, licks to set up
a steady rhythm.  You squeal with delight and squirm on the bed,
not knowing where to put yourself.  You reach down and grab my hair
holding my head firmly against your pussy.  I continue to kiss and
lick whilst stroking your thighs...on, and on, and feel
the pleasure rise in you in slow waves, like the sea lapping on the
shore, ever increasing in intensity.  You sense the point of no
return and start to moan and groan in-comprehensively, 'Oh
!' The orgasm hits you like a tidal wave, over and over setting
fire to every inch of your body, making you feel like you will
explode.  I ease off and come up to kiss your mouth.  You can taste
yourself on my tongue as I hold you in a tight embrace.  'You are
the most sensual woman I have ever known.  What can I do for you
now?'.  'Please James, take me, fuck me, make me all yours.  I need
you inside me!'.  I gently kiss your cheek and whisper, 'of course
my darling'....

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