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Evening with s****r In Law Part 3

It had been a few weeks since our evening together and the days apart had helped the longing subside. It would be normal for us to go weeks without seeing each other, both of us going on with our busy lives. An occasional time I would answer the phone when she was making her daily phone call to speak with her s****r and I would do the casual “ Hey Nor, what’s up ? Hold on, Ill get her….” conversation that I had done so many times before. I did that pang of desire when I heard her voice or thought of her, but it was best for the both of us to keep those feelings at bay.

One afternoon, my wife asked me if I can stop by Noreen’s house on the way home from work to pick up the k**s, as she had to go to a PTA meeting. I made no excuses or problems and said I would. She reminded me to make sure I take home all the k**s belongings, as she dropped them off in their swimsuits. This would be the first time in 3 weeks since that evening that I would see Nor in person and a nervousness set upon me. As I approached the house that late afternoon, my heart was skipping a beat but trying to be prepared for a cold welcome. I was pleasantly surprised to have the door opened by Nor wearing a fitted jean shorts, a bippy top and flip flops. We exchanged hellos, but refrained from the usual friendly kiss on the cheek, and she e****ted me into the den. “The k**s are still in the pool,” she says “so I’ll give them the five minute warning. I wasn’t sure what time you were coming.” “No problem”, I say, “I’m not in a rush.” She goes outside and I hear her explain to the k**s its time to go soon and the c***dren make that “awwwwww!” sound, as they do no matter how much time they have.

She comes in and I am standing awkwardly by the kitchen counter looking out the window into the yard. “ So…how you been ? “ she says. “ Ohhhhhh! So busy at work….., you know…” “Yeah…” she replies. An awkward pause and then she says, “ Jim, I just want to say….ummm…you know, you shouldn’t feel funny or anything about coming over or talking to me, I don’t want us to be uncomfortable around each other.” “Ohh no…I agree” I reply. “ And I was more unsure of exactly how you felt about it, so I wasn’t going to push it by being OVERLY friendly.” I chuckle at the way that sounded and quickly replied “you know what I mean !” We both kinda laughed and agreed that we can move on. Now both at ease, I say “You know I love you and your f****y and we like hanging out together, I don’t want that to change.” “Ohh totally…” she agreed. Another long pause and she speaks first again. “ I have to tell you….it was a fun night and aside from, uhh, our “contact” (she laughs), which was good, but, ummm..i kinda enjoyed modeling for you and actually surprised myself. I guess I was just, uh, comfortable around you.” My inner conscious that was trying to lay low now felt as if it were poked with a sharp stick and I begin to let Nor know what I have been thinking about for the past several weeks. “ Nor, let me tell you something that I have always thought about. You know I like photography and it’s no surprise I like women as a subject……”. She smiles. “ I’ve always fantasized about photographing a model wearing lingerie….and of course, I’m realizing now…you would be that perfect model!” She just stares at me, not knowing what to say. Part of her loves the idea, as she just admitted that she liked modeling and the other part is uncertain going down that road again. “ Wouldn’t it be cool to see yourself in photos looking all sexy and professional ? “ “I don’t know…..(sighs)… I mean, sounds like fun, but….”. “ But you are nervous about the whole scene….i know…I know….but hey! We wouldn’t be drinking so our judgement would not be impaired ??” I know it was a long shot but she is sitting there with a grimace, which in my book is better than a no. “ I’d have to think about it.” she says.
“ No problem.”. Just then the k**s run into the house and I realize it’s time to go.

It’s an hour later and the k**s are in their beds, Stacy is still out at the meeting and my cell phone rings. I mute the ball game and answer “ Hello ?” thinking it is work related. “ ok, let’s do it.” She says. “But when and how ?” I am in utter amazement and suddenly nervous that my wife is going to walk in the door any minute. “Let me think this through and I’ll call you tomorrow from work ?” “ok,” she says, “just don’t take too long, I don’t want to change my mind.” “You know what ?”, trying to strike while the iron is hot, “you are right…I’ve got an idea…my wife is working tomorrow and wont be near by, your k**s are going to that camp, right ? and you will be home tomorrow ?”. “Yeahhhhh….and ?” she says. “ What if I slip outta work and come by about 11 a.m., this way no one will be at your house and all your stuff will be there, Ill bring my photography gear and we can set up in your room and use your bed as the backdrop ?” She thinks for a minute and says ok but to call her first to make sure all is good. I agree and hang up the phone, only to sit in front of the television and hardly pay attention to the game as my thoughts run wild.

The next day, I get to work early, unable to sl**p the night before with anticipation for the day’s main event. I have my old cannon AE-1 with all sorts of lenses that I inherited from my father as well as the reliable digital camera I use for work. I can not keep focused on my work as I keep looking at the clock. “fuck it!” I think to myself as the clock shows 10:15 a.m.. I dial the phone with sweaty palms and wait to hear her voice. “Hey” she answers. “ So what do you think ?” I say. “ Looks good, I’m ready when you are.” “ I’m on my way.” I hang up the phone, coordinate the last few work issues, and head anxiously for the door. I make record time and park down the street from her house, just in case someone passes by and sees my car and begins to wonder. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, we should do this elsewhere. I pick up my pace and walk around the back as she had suggested and go in through the sliding glass door she left open. “Nor ?”, I shout. “ I’m upstairs.” I hear her say. I take the steps practically two at a time and walk down the narrow short hall, push open her bedroom door. Her room has the shades drawn and there is music playing, I think it is Sting, and I’m already aroused. As I turn to the right, the bedroom opens up to a view of her queen sized bed, at least 6 candles lit on either side of the bed on end tables.

Nor is laying on the bed on her side with her legs slightly bent, her head propped up on her hand in a “come hither” look. She is enticing in this barely-there pink babydoll, detailed with sequins and pearls on lace triangle cups. The tie halter neck, open back and delicate handkerchief hem with matching see thru panties give me a sensation I haven’t felt in years. “Don’t….Move…a Muscle !” I whisper as I take out my camera gear and begin to set up my tripod while I adjust the tripod that is still within my jeans. Nor listened to direction perfectly and remained still and quiet as I prepared for the photo shoot. I look up once in a while to see her watching me and we exchange little smirks, each of us wondering how this is going to progress. I am about ready and before I say another word, I snap off a few shots and my temperature begins to rise. “Good….good…” I say as I continue snapping. She moves her head in different positions, some looking into the camera and others off to the distance. “ Ok, now….lay flat on your stomach and turn your head and kinda look back at me…..perfect, yes, just like that”. We continue this banter and I move the tripod around the room and I have her move in various poses. I bring the camera closer to where I am about 4 feet from the bed and I ask her to get up onto her knees and and hands and look back towards me, as I am on an angle closer to her feet. She rises to show me her ass and the curve of her bottom is almost too much to take. Suddenly, she instinctively arches her back, picks her feet up off the bed and crosses them at the ankles and looks up and to the right towards me and says, “How’s this ?” I almost lost it right then and there. I stutter “nnn…nnnice…yes, very nice….too good….” as I remove the camera off the tripod and move up to the bed. The detail seen through my high clarity lens has me speechless as I can see the fine thin hair under her lacey see thru panties by her crotch, her painted white toenails with soles facing skyward. I kneel on the bed all while clicking and zooming and dreaming when I realize I am practically on top of her. I lower the camera and say “This is amazing!” She whispers, “I know….its so….exhilarating! I’m getting a little, uhh, charged up.”

Even with the promises we made and the past few weeks of awkwardness, I can not pass up another opportunity to let Nor know what she does to me inside. I put the camera on the bed as I place my hand on her ankles and push her feet gently to the bed. Then I sit beside her and place a hand on her scantily covered bottom and look her in the eyes. She looks intently back at me as I begin my decent around her curving ass down along her thighs to the back of her knees. She doesn’t flinch at my touch and she doesn’t lose eye contact. I move back up towards her ass and lean over and kiss right above the panty line. She places her head down onto the bed burying her face as if she knows what is next. I take that as a sign to move a little further and my fingers find the waistband of these delicate frilly panties and I tug on them to see if I get any reaction. She is still except for a little wavering on the soft bed so I tug them down almost half way and again kiss her uncovered ass. With still no resistance, I pull them all the way down as she spreads her legs to allow them to fall and with a slow and steady movement, my finger found their way to an already moist and plush area, where I continued to glide softly over the surface. Her back arched even further as if to push her rear towards me, giving me full exposure of her pussy and now puckering pink hole. My breath is warm on her buttocks as I slide my tongue between her cheeks to her starfish and my fingers inch their way into her inviting pleasure palace. Sliding in and out while kissing her ass has been forever in my thoughts and now I am actually making it happen. She moans as I kiss, lick and play with her and I am so pumped knowing that this is only the beginning. I hear something muffled and I realize it is Nor saying something to me. “Noreen?”…..”I want it” is what I thought I heard in a low hoarse tone…”what ?” I ask again…” I WANT IT!” She says louder and more roughly spoken. I remove my hand from under her and I push on her hip to push her over onto her side. I slide next to her so we are eye to eye and I smile as I kiss her with energetic lust that felt like a million volts coursing through me. “I can do that for you.” I say. “ I saw you that night, I felt so terrible like I was teasing you and I was going to come back down and tell you how I felt it was my fault. Then I saw you, you know, pleasing yourself, and I couldn’t help but watch. I have been thinking about that the past few weeks and wondering what it would be like.”

We look at each other no longer like s****r in law and b*****r in law. We are like lovers torn apart and we begin to kiss passionately, rolling around on the bed. She kicks off her panties that have fallen below her knees and I fumble at my belt and pull down my jeans and then off with my shirt. Only her soft pink nightie is between her and I and I can feel her wet pussy grinding on my knee as we entwine our bodies on this warm summer day. She kisses my neck and moves to my chest and says “lay back” as she make her way south. Her hand starts from under my balls, caressing slowly and then up to my shaft with only the tips of her fingers and then encircling my cock with her grasp, she pulls on it like she’s churning butter. Her kisses on my belly tell me she is near as I watch her head descend, and with one last glance, she engulfs the tip of my penis and I watch her pouty lips cover me and she makes her slow trip down my shaft with her wet hot mouth. My hips shift up and down with her movements as she sucks me so tenderly, her ass in the air for my viewing pleasure. I reach out to touch her tits still covered with her negligee and I feel her nipple between my fingers, her soft mound against my hand. Noreen literally has me by the balls and her touch is too much I am afraid to end this sooner than planned. I motion to her to come up to me and kiss me and she reluctantly lets go of my cock and lays her body on mine. We kiss deeply probing each others mouths. She slides up and sits just below my cock and softly strokes me and says “ Ready?” I nod and she scoots up, holds the tip of my cock in position to enter the place that I’ve only dreamed of and slowly puts her weight down and with a firm grip glides to the base of my manhood. She kisses me and my hands slip under the nighty and I make a bid to untie the halter and pull it over her head, exposing the pert breast for my enjoyment. I lean forward enough to tease her nipples as she begins her ride, grinding her hips as to rub her clit on my pubic region, this slow bucking motion as much a turn on as penetration itself.

Fondling, kissing and licking her tits, her breathing becomes more intensified and her thrust onto my cock becomes harder and harder. “oooooohhhmmmmmm…..yes…yessss” she moans as we make pleasurable contact with each bang, my shaft so deep in her love nest I’m once again close to blowing my load. “I’m gonna cum!” she screams and I suck her nipples all the hander, my hands on each ass cheek as she bounces vehemently. “AHHHhhhhhhggg….ooohhhh” she expels as she grips the hair on my chest and digs her fingernails into me. Her legs are now squeezing me and her body rigid until she collapses on top of me. I brush her hair and kiss her cheek as she lays on my chest, catching her breath. “Ohhhh that was soooo nice…mmmm.” she purrs. Nor and I lay there for a moment, my cock still hard inside her, pulsing and waiting it’s turn.

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