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The Night Shift - a surprise visit

It had been a busy start to the night shift - two arrests and one
major RTA.  If the evening continued like this then you were going
to be physically spent long before handover at 7am.  Fortunately,
after an initial flurry of majors, things started to quieten down
and by 2am the workload had trickled into a gentle stream of minors
all of which could be handled by your junior staff.  You deserved a
break and decided to sneak out to grab a coffee.  Suddenly your
mobile vibrated, alerting you to a text message.  It was me. 
‘Hiya, lovely.  How r things going? xx’, you read.  You were
surprised to get a text from me at this hour, what was I doing up? 
‘Hello U :)’, you replied, ‘what you doing up at this hour?’. 
‘Couldn’t sl**p’, came my reply, ‘too frisky thinking about you! ;-
)’.  Although you were alone, you blushed slighted at the
directness of my text.  You enjoyed the teasing and flirting which
went on between us and I could always be relied upon to find a way
to surprise you.  ‘You’re a very naughty Doctor ;)’, you texted,
‘seducing a poor A&E s****r whilst on duty!’.  ‘Well, this is only
cyber seducing!’, came the reply.  ‘True!’, you tapped in, entering
‘shame ;)’, as an add on.  That much was true.  Although you liked
cyber flirting you longed for the real, physical, version and being
at work only frustrated that desire further.  ‘Where are you?’,
pinged a new text on your phone.  ‘At work, spaz!’, you jested. 
‘No. Where in the hospital are you?’, came a new message.  Why did
I want to know?  What difference did it make?  ‘In the concourse,
getting something from the vending machine’, you answered, adding,
‘why?’.  ‘Meet me near the toilets at the end of the corridor!’,
came the surprise response.  Suddenly your mind started racing.  I
was in the hospital!  At 2am!!  The shock temporarily stunned you
but you quickly recovered replacing stunned confusion with the
instant heat of desire.  I was in the hospital!  I had come to
visit you in the middle of the night!  In a millisecond the boring
tedium of the night evaporated as your heart started beating with
the adrenaline of this revelation.  Half running, half walking you
sped down the corridor, around the corner and suddenly you saw me. 
The memories of our previous encounters charged through your mind
as you started to anticipate what we might do.  ‘We’ll have to be
quick!’, I whispered, nodding towards the toilet door, ‘not much
time!’.  You nodded quickly and moved urgently towards me.  I
caught you in my hands, holding you tightly, our lips passionately
seeking each other as I directed us through the door and into the
toilet.  Reaching behind me I swiftly locked the door and turned
back to you.  There was a whirl of activity as we embraced, kissed,
held and fumbled with clothing releasing enough to free up access
to my extremely hard cock and your wet, throbbing, aching, pussy. 
Without saying a word I turned you around to face the mirror over
the sink, bent you forward, took hold of your hips and in one
smooth movement sought out your wetness and entered you deeply. 
You moaned with the sensation of fulness, a filling of the void you
felt inside you, and instinctively pushed back against me to
increase the depth of penetration.  I started thrusting urgently
but gently, one hand moving down towards your clit to start
massaging it and another moving up towards your free breast to
caress the nipple.  You trembled with the electricity coming from
these areas and it took all of your strength to stay standing, your
knees felt like they were going to turn to jelly at any moment. 
You looked up in the mirror to see me thrusting behind you and our
eyes locked.  The scene was so erotic it only added to rush of
passion between us.  I could sense that you were struggling to
stand with the waves of ecstasy flowing from your pussy down your
legs, so I turned you around and lifted you up pushing you back
against the wall.  Supporting your weight I searched out your pussy
again and entered you, this time thrusting with more and more
f***e.  You were now entirely within my power, I was inside you and
all around you, holding you and exciting you.  You felt my strong
arms and shoulders holding you firm and was able to totally
surrender all control, allowing me to ravish you.  I used my cock
to fill you and my lips to kiss and suck your breasts, your neck
and your mouth.  Every inch of you was on fire as you struggled to
focus and concentrate.  You were only aware of the surge of power
through your body which made you feel like you were going to fall
u*********s.  The surge became more and more frequent and matched
my vigorous thrusting.  At that moment I made one deep thrust
inside you and started moaning, ‘Yes....precious....oh
baby....yes....I’m cumming!’, as I ejaculated my hot sticky load
deeply.  You felt the warmth spreading and my cock spasming which
tipped you into your own orgasm.  You shook violently as you
contracted your pussy tightly on my cock, unable to breathe or
think or speak, just one, long, breathless, groan.  After a few
minutes your legs stopped shaking and your pussy stopped
contracting as you collapsed against me gasping for air.  I gently
held you as you recovered, tenderly kissing your face, whispering
words of affection into your ear.  Once you had regained the power
of your body we tidied ourselves up and sneaked out of the toilet,
no one was around at this hour.  I e****ted you back to A&E,
exchanging one brief kiss before I disappeared out the door. 
Things were still plodding on in minors just as before you had left
and no-one had missed you.  You could still feel the throbbing in
your pussy and the warmth of my cum dribbling out from inside you
as you sat back down at the desk.  What a pleasant way to brighten
a tedious night shift, you thought, starting to plan how you could
return the favour...

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