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How i masturbate (true)

i slipped my hand down the front of my panties and fondled my clit. i was already a little wet. further i probed, inserting two fingers, up as far as i could go. i pulled out my fingers and sucked my juices from them. i stood and pulled my short skirt off entirely. i looked in my mirror, even i had to admit i looked pretty hot in my bra, panties and high heels. i slipped my hand back down there and was greeted by moisture. fuck it i thought. i removed my panties entirely - easier access. i sat on my little stool and leant back againtst the wall. i spread my pussy wide look at in my mirror - its glistening with my cum. i reach up and unclasp my bra. i let it fall to the floor before squeezing my breasts, softly at first, then harder. i can feel my nipples getting harder. i twirl one of them, squeeze it, rub it, pull it. i return my other hand to my soaking pussy and rub it too. i remove my heels and walk into my shower. i take the cold metal shower head and place it between the lips of my vagina. the cold feels good and i get excited goosebumps. i turn on the water, the coldest setting and using two fingers open my labia. i spray the cold water up my pussy. i enjoy the cold sensation. i move the cold water up to my nipples and heaving breasts, playing with them as before. i turn the shower off and lie in my bath. i lie on my front with my hand under my pussy, rubbing and insert a finger or two. the cold porcelaine of my bath feels amazing on my hard nipples and my firm breasts. i stand and i straddle the side of the tub. i spread the lips wide and start humping the cold edge. i reach up to my breasts again. when i am done i clean the side of the tub by licking it. i stand again and i reach around to my anus, inserting two of my fingers. i am really wet by this point and i start scooping some of the fluid and lick it hungrily from my fingers. i go over to my bedside table and get my dildo.

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