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Chastity 1

i arose at 5:30, my normal wake-up time, thankful that Domina

Andrea had been so kind to me the night before. A few weeks

earlier i had been unable to refrain from playing with my naughty

member when i completed a task ahead of schedule and had a rare

moment of time to myself. To my mortification, the Domina’s

Handmaiden chose that moment to come in and check to see that i

was carrying out my task (cleaning the toilet with my tongue,

which i must do three times weekly). Of course She had no choice

but to report my infraction just as i had no choice but to accept

my punishment for the error of my ways. Actually my penance had

the potential of being scarcely noticeable; but note that i said

only “potential,” not that it would not be noticed. Far from it!

It also, to my great regret, had a high probability of being very

painful. And either way, i would learn to control my errant male

member far better than i had in the past. For what Domina Andrea

elected to do was to install a Goddess Teeth device on my male


Of course, you know what the Goddess Teeth device is. you say

you don’t? you must have failed to keep up with your lessons and

the reading you have been instructed to do on a regular basis,

else surely you would have known about something that might

affect you so severely at some point in your life. It’s a simple

little sleeve with a locking ring that can be fitted over your

penis. That wouldn’t be so bad, but the inside of the sleeve is

lined with a number of sharp, fortunately not razor sharp but

definitely pointed, protrusions. So long as your penis stays

soft, you don’t have any problem because the points aren’t that

sharp. But let it start to swell and grow and things change

fast! With the least bit of real pressure those points really

dig in and it hurts! So guess what? you tend to shrink again

real fast. During the day while you’re awake it’s not too bad.

you learn how to keep it down real fast; but at night it’s a

different story. you’ll find that getting a good night’s sl**p

is next to impossible. Every time you start to have a nocturnal

erection the points dig in you hurt, and suddenly your wide awake

and wanting the pain to go away. And, in spite of the lack of

sl**p, you have to get up and do your duties the next day,

shrugging off your problems and smilingly pleasing the Domina.

Anyway, last night Domina Andrea concluded that i had probably

learned my lesson, that one instance being the first ever like

it, and She removed the Goddess Teeth from my miserable member.

She didn’t have to remind me about what to expect should i

misbehave again. i knew that the next time i played with my

clitty without permission or without being instructed to, i might

never be able to play with it ever again - the Teeth might go on


To continue, i woke up this morning having gotten the first good

night’s sl**p in a long time, so i really felt good. my

adoration for Domina Andrea had increased as a result as well,

something i wouldn’t have believed possible, but Her kindness to

me to have taken the Teeth off when She might never had done so

touched me very deeply. Hence i went for my morning shower with

a song in my heart - a hymn of praise to Her - that morning. A

respectful servant would never approach the One Who owns it in an

unclean state and my first duties of the morning revolve around

Her as you might expect. (Although in truth, everything about my

life since She has owned me has revolved about Her

i was afraid that i could not trust my self-control completely,

in spite of the fact that if i misbehaved again so soon i would

displease the Domina terribly, so i put my decided that it would

be best to remove temptation, and at the same time improve my

appearance, by securing my over-sized clitty in my harness and

tucking it back away out of sight and reach. Otherwise my pent

up desire for orgasm might overcome my limited male ability to

control myself and get me into real trouble. Further, Mistress

usually finds me most pleasing in Her sight if i am at my most

feminine self in appearance. i then quickly completed dressing

by putting on my (short-skirted) maid’s uniform, stockings and

shoes and set out for the kitchen.

My morning duties begin with making coffee, setting up for

breakfast, and warming sweet rolls - if i’m lucky and/or

especially pleasing each morning i may even be treated to one

after She and Her Handmaiden have had what They want. Once the

coffee is ready i pour Her a cup, and prepare a tray with coffee

and a sweet roll for Her to have in bed to begin Her day.

At precisely 6:15 i awaken Her by gently rapping at Her door,

entering only upon Her command, upon which i set the tray beside

on the table beside Her bed and kneel beside the bed to await Her

next command. Usually this is something that is a great honor to

me, an act that permits me something few indeed are ever allowed,

contact with Her Nether Lips, Her Glorious Labia, as i perform my

normal toilet duty for Her. Thus i am doubly honored by being

given the privilege of such intimate contact and by being allowed

to drink Her golden nectar as the start of my food and drink for

the day. Then as She enjoys Her coffee and sweet roll i go to

draw Her morning bath. i always hope for privilege of washing

Her back (and perhaps even more) but i have to have been

exceedingly pleasing over the previous several days for Her to be

awarded such a prize honor. In honesty, i must admit that i am

normally dismissed after drawing Her bath and Her Handmaiden is

privileged to do that which i so enjoy on the rare times that i

am given the opportunity - but She does allow men to dream!

So as usually happens, She told me what She wished to wear that

morning and i set out to complete the task of laying out the

clothing She has selected for the day. Her Handmaiden

dries Domina after Her bath and helps Her dress. If favored am

allowed to stay to do such things as rolling on Her stockings and

such that require stooping and kneeling. But always, as She

begins to apply Her make-up i leave to go down and complete the

preparation of breakfast - Hers and Her Handmaiden’s, not mine. i

get the scraps to eat as i clean up the kitchen after They have


i then perform my morning’s second toilet service, washing down

by breakfast repast with more of Domina’s fantastic nectar. Oh,

you ask if such drink is not repugnant and thus must be an

acquired taste? Indeed not! That was simply not so - Her nectar

is truly divine and was from the first instance She graced me

with it. i admit that i had my reservations when She first told

me that She was going to allow me the joy of having the task of

doing toilet duty, being Her toilet slave from then on - no,

rather my momentary reservations came when She told me just what

was meant by toilet duty. However, those reservations were

quickly dispelled when i was immediately called upon to serve

Her in the fashion of being the repository for Her fantastic

effluent. i then discovered that not only was it not unpleasant

but was to be desired and was something to look forward to with

yearning. (Which was most fortunate, because i was to be my

regular duty regardless of my personal likes or dislikes. But it

was a definite plus that it was in fact so good.)

By now it was time for my daily house cleaning and maintenance

chores to begin, but first Domina Andrea decided to inspect my

person to be sure that i was dressed to suit Her wishes - not

just visibly but my in my choice of lingerie and accessories.

Naturally She took note of my clitty harness, but i thought She

would think it acceptable and say nothing about it. At other

times and in other circumstances She had made me wear it ( but

that’s another story). To my surprise She instructed me to

remove my panties and to put a clitty bell on the end of my

member, saying She wanted to be able to tell where i was and that

if i was slacking off at any time during the remainder to the

day. i personally thought that She just wanted to put a little

more pressure on my self-discipline and see if i had truly

learned my lesson about unapproved playing with myself. The fact

that the hem of my Maid’s dress was just about at the level of my

clitty and that it’s state was clearly visible to anyone who took

the trouble to look was not lost on me. i resolved to be very

careful to not touch it except to be sure that it was situated

correctly when i sat on the toilet to pee and then once more to

wipe myself each time i did. i was not going to fail Her again,

much less on this first day since She removed the Teeth.

Otherwise, she found my attire to Her liking and instructed me to

go on about my chores.

So i set out on my normal morning rounds of household chores

leading to lunch time. What were they you ask? First, going

about the house with a duster, making sure that no dust was

allowed to collect on any exposed surfaces. Including my little

thingy. No that’s just a joke; i was just pulling your leg.

Using the duster on that would have been to much like touching a

hair trigger after so long in the Teeth (which had begun to make

me feel long in the tooth). While dusting, i also straightened

up and made the beds in all the bedrooms. What with all the

moving about, the bell made for quite a musical morning; one

which left me feeling quite virtuous by having kept my mind off

that type of activity by which i had so disappointed Domina

Andrea a few weeks ago.

After completing the dusting, bed making, etc., it was time to

prepare lunch. That day the job was a little more involved than

usual because Domina Andrea was having Guests over to dine with

Her. Unknown to me at the time, She also had a little

entertainment in mind - to be provided by yours-truly. i was

instructed to stay in the kitchen and make sure that i had

everything ready to serve at 12:30 - that Her Handmaiden would

take care of greeting the Guests and seeing to Their needs until

it was time for lunch to be served. And that i was to wear the

outfit i had worn through the morning when it came time to do the

serving. It went without saying that i was to be at my best

behavior, with my clothing neat, and properly made up when it

came time to serve the meal.

i timed things just about right, so that when Domina Andrea rang

the bell, signalling that i should begin serving, i was ready to

take the first course to the table. Imagine my surprise when i

realized that the four Friends that Domina Andrea had invited to

eat with Her were the same four that She’d had over the night She

installed the Teeth on me as all of Them were interested in

learning more about the device. It’s something new and although

They had heard about it, They had not seen one on (not in) the

flesh, so to speak. Apparently They had expressed a desire to

see what its long term affects might be so She had invited Them

over so that They could see for Themselves soon after She removed


As i served each of Them, each in turn took the opportunity to

examine my over-sized clitty to see what wearing the Teeth for so

long had done to it. i knew from my own examination late the

night before after the Teeth had been removed that there was

actually little visible evidence of its having been there, They

all seemed greatly surprised at seeing my penis’s having

sustained so little damage; They had expected a lot of recent

cuts and scarring from older ones. And because of all the

handling it got as They examined it, i found that it was

impossible, try as i might, to keep it from expanding fully so

there was no part of its surface that wasn’t clearly exposed.

(Now i knew why Domina Andrea had wanted me to wear such a short

dress today. She wanted to make it easy for my penis to be

examined.) After remarking about this among themselves, They

asked me how i managed to keep the Teeth from more or less

chopping me up. Ah, and you want to know the secret as well, you


Well i hate to tell you, but as i told Them, there is no real

secret. i had erred that fateful day and briefly lost my self

discipline and indulged myself with a little pleasure by playing

with it a little. That was wrong of me and i was disciplined for

it by Domina Andrea in a fitting manner, as i would expect Her,

or any Goddess, to do under similar circumstances. But, She is

not an ineffective Instructress and had been developing a

discipline of control within me that, for the most part, was and

is very effective. As a mere male, i need the control and

correction provided by Feminine Authority, but i have made, i

must modestly admit, significant progress under Her tutelage and

discipline, so that Her control remains effective over long

periods, even when i’m left to my own devices. my misbehavior

was truly an untypical event that i had no doubt would not have

been repeated, even had She used such seemingly extreme measures.

Thus, most of the time, i had been able to keep myself from

growing dangerously large in the Teeth. i’m sure that control

came only as a result of the expert training i had received as

part of my FS schoolwork and exercises. Only at night when my

u*********s mind was free to work on its own did i have any

problem, and even then i was always awakened before any of my

nocturnal erections grew to the point of causing more than a

slight pain. i did not tell them, because it would have seemed

to be a boastful male thing to do so, that Domina Andrea had Her

Handmaiden deliberately try to excite me several times over the

weeks just to test how well i had learned to control myself. And

was i glad that i had applied myself diligently to my instruction

and done all assigned exercises thoroughly and completely.

Otherwise i fear that i might well have fared as Domina Andrea’s

Friends had expected me to and found myself in lot of pain.

Well, having said this, i hoped the subject was closed because i

knew how close my pent up needs had come to making me lose

control. And that would not have pleased Domina Andrea at all!

But my wish was not to be. One of Her Friends asked, “With Your

permission, I would like to test the limits of this control that

You’ve imposed on stacy. It is clearly better than that of most

slaves that i’ve encountered. If it really is as good as it

seems, I must have You tell me Your techniques because I know

that I haven’t had Your apparent success.”

To which Domina Andrea replied with a simple nod of assent,

making me sorely afraid - i knew how precarious that my control

had become.

Having been given the go-ahead, the Friend, Whose name i had not

been told, beckoned me over and signaled for me to kneel and play

with my male member. Knowing that was the position that i would

usually be in when rewarded with an orgasm, i’m sure She felt

that after being denied one for so long, i would not be able to

maintain control when i was having to play with myself in the

position that i was programmed to associate with such personal joy.

i reddened slightly, blushing all over, for this was a new

experience for me. i had served at meals and parties before for

Domina Andrea after having completed the required SFS training

for such activities, but had never had to exhibit myself in this

way. i wanted to steal a glance at Domina Andrea, hoping for

encouragement or some sign of help, but knew better than to

depart from my “eyes down” position. So i began manipulating my

oversized clitty, trying my best to employ the techniques and

training that Domina Andrea had imparted so as to not let Her

(and myself) down. To my own surprise, i found that the training

must have taken even better than i had realized, for i was able

to continue to suppress even the slightest rise of my member.

Continuing to manipulate it, i just hoped that my relief did not

show and thus give away the fact that i had been at least a

little unsure of my control. That appearance would have

reflected badly on the results of Domina Andrea’s training

because failure is not permitted. After several more minutes i

finally received the signal to cease and assume the “wait”

position. i didn’t have to be told twice and immediately ceased

my actions, put my hands behind my back and relaxed, quite sure

now that the exhibition was over, and feeling quite proud that i

had been able to showcase Domina Andrea’s expertise as an


Then to my chagrin and frustration, the Domina Who had first

asked to test my control said, “Now I would like to really but

stacy to the test. I see that his control is excellent when he

is the one stimulating his achilles penis, but so You honestly

think that he could control his miserable male thing if one of Us

provides the stimulation?”

Outwardly i tried to show no reaction, but inside i cringed.

Could i possibly control myself if a Domina, a Goddess, set out

to induce me to fail; and i was sure that if She was allowed to

put me to Her test, it would be a real trial for me and my

training. Although i was still “eyes down,” Domina Andrea turned

slightly to give Her answer and i saw a small smile play upon Her

face as She replied, “Go ahead and do Your best. We’ll all see

how well-trained he is. This is a stiffer test than i had

planned to give stacy at this time, but it will be interesting to

see how she does. So You have my authorization to proceed. Do

what You will and We’ll see what happens. stacy, rise and stand

before the Domina so that your naughty thing is convenient for

Her to work on.”

So with mixed emotions and trying not to show my uncertainty and

fear, i rose and stood facing Her, again putting my arms behind

my back.

Just to make things as difficult as possible for me, i thought,

She reached out slowly and sensuously and began to lightly stroke

my member. As i had been taught, i thought of swimming in cold

mountain streams and of the faults i had yet to admit at my next

confession and of my fear that if i failed to control member, i

might once again find myself wearing the TEETH once more -

anything but what was happening between my legs. For a short

while i thought my training was working really well, but then,

unmistakably, i felt a stiffening down there - the beginning of

an erection! i was in trouble now! i knew that i was in for it.

i could feel myself beginning to tremble - not the prelude to an

un-authorized orgasm, but from fear of the consequences should

one occur. Then i began to mentally review the ten rules of

servitude to try to keep myself in some semblance of control -

“1- thy shall put thy own pleasures last

2- thy shall not dictate to The Domina

3- thy shalt not demand attention

4- thy shall work for The Domina in any way She desires

5- never estimate thy degree of servitude - it is total

6- thy shall forget thyself & allow power of The Domina to

take thee to new heights

7- thy shalt not assume or take anything for granted,

just obey…”

And i found that my efforts were paying off. Although my

erection did not diminish, Her efforts were not causing any

feeling of imminent orgasm either. Not even when She also began

to gently squeeze and fondle my testicles. This “standoff”

continued for several minutes; my erection not subsiding, but no

orgasm taking place either. After some time, i could feel my

clitty beginning to become somewhat numb and insensitive and

realized that i had made it! i had held out, even after so long

without an orgasm! i was so happy to be able to obey Domina

Andrea so well, to truly forget myself and allow Her power to

direct and guide me. And, in spite of Her efforts, my clitty

began to sag and shrivel; at which point She conceded that i had

indeed been very well trained and was a credit to Domina Andrea.

At that Domina Andrea awarded me a rare, “Well done, stacy.

Dismissed!” And i retired to the kitchen to begin my after

dinner cleaning chores. At the same time, i was thinking to

myself that perhaps Domina Andrea might now give me another award

that evening. Maybe she would grant me a slave orgasm at long

last! The very thought made my clitty begin to ooze slightly, so

i quickly turned my thoughts to other things, meditating on my

latest lesson: one on Goddess Spirituality.

About the time i had finished washing and drying the dishes and

cleaning up the stove and cooking area i was again summoned by

Mistress. This time i was told that because i had done so well

during Domina Andrea’s demonstration of how successful Her

methods were, i was being awarded the honor of providing toilet

service for each of the guests. Although i might be just a

little prejudiced, afterward i thought none of the Other’s nectar

was a sweet or delicious as that of Mistress, but all were tasty

and They left me with ny thirst completely sated for remainder of

the afternoon. After carefully using my tongue to clean and dry

each of Them in turn, i was again dismissed to return to my

normal chores.

Oh, you ask what these were? Well, the rest of the afternoon was

spent vacuuming the house (except for the room They were in and

the one adjacent - i didn’t want to disturb them and had cleaned

them thoroughly the day before. After finishing the vacuuming

and emptying the vacuum cleaner, i made my afternoon walk to the

store to fetch fresh vegetables for supper.

Oh yes! your quite right, i did change to go to the store.

Mistress has no desire to see me picked up for “indecent

exposure,” though of course i still had to wear my collar. And

as usual, i drew a certain number of stares from some passers-by

to whom someone wearing a heavy, locked steel collar evidently

seemed an oddity.

After getting back to the house at 5:30 pm, i began cooking a

light supper. Handmaiden sharon had given me word from Domina

Andrea that She was not having any guests in for supper, and

having had a hearty luncheon (at which i had been the prime

entertainment), She wanted something light and simple for supper.

After serving supper at 7 pm and cleaning up about thirty minutes

later, i was allowed to eat my meal for the day. Domina Andrea’s

Friends had eaten lightly at lunch, leaving me with a veritable

feast for my meal that evening. But it was a feast that had to

be eaten quickly; so i rapidly got undressed - you know slave’s

eat nude, on all fours, from their bowls on the floor - and (like

a typical male) pigged out. Even stirred all together in my

doggy bowl, i could tell that i had outdone myself when i fixed

lunch. It was scrumptious!

Having licked my bowl clean in the allotted quarter hour, i set

out to clean the kitchen completely: washing all the dishes,

cleaning the stove and sinks, wiping down the counters, and

scrubbing the floor with a brush, followed by a good waxing.

(Speaking of waxing, i was very thankful that today wasn’t my

weekly hot wax day. Mistress Andrea doesn’t like body hair on

Her slaves - She finds it most unattractive - so once a week i

get the treatment. Let me just tell you that the only pleasure

it gives me is that it pleases Mistress. She seems to find it

most amusing to see me flinch and squirm, making me feel good

that i can provide Her with such a seemingly pleasing diversion.)

By this time it was about 9 pm and time for me to do a load of

laundry. After starting the heavier items in the washing

machine, i was able to do one of most enjoyable tasks: hand

washing Domina Andrea’s and Handmaiden sharon’s delicate

lingerie. The soft, smooth feel of it always leaves me with a

sense of awe that one such as i could be so honored and

privileged to be allowed to touch such finery. Doing this is one

of my greatest joys. Being able to savor the aroma of Her

panties and other underthings before washing them - the intimacy

of it all. It brings back fond memories of the time when i was

enrolled in the FS postal training courses and learning the

basics of proper servitude as prerequisites to being allowed to

serve in person. At that time the possibility of being allowed

to perform panty worship or pantyhose worship seemed to be the

most marvelous acts imaginable. Little could i know, must less

have any expectation of how much more might be in my future at

the time. In-person service was too great an honor for any mere

male such as myself, never mind live-in servitude. To have been

granted the ultimate joy of live-in slave status still seems

unreal and is surely more than one such as me ever deserves.

By 10 pm i had completed my laundry work for the night and i went

on to the last regular item on my daily list of chores - turning

down Domina Andrea’s and Handmaiden sharon’s beds. After

completing that task i retired to my room to work on my FS CMS

studies until 11 pm, when my lights-out time arrived. Until 11

pm i was still on call and had to be alert in case one of them

needed me for something - fetching a drink, performing toilet

duty, relaxing stiff muscles with a soothing massage…

When needed for any such late evening services, i was always

summoned by being called. So when Domina Andrea entered my room

that night my first thought was, “Maybe She’s going to reward Her

servant for doing so well at Her luncheon this afternoon.”

Then when She said, “stacy, I have a little surprise for You

tonight,” i just knew that She was going to allow me my first

orgasm in weeks.

you can imagine how much of a surprise it was when She pulled out

the Goddess’ Teeth and, putting them back on my clitty, informed

me, “You did very well today, but i expected it of you. you know

that failure isn’t permitted and i knew how well-trained you

were. Today was the first of five days of such demonstration

sessions so show how well this new technique of developing

control in a slave works. In order for the demonstration to be

as effective and as impressive as I wish and know it can be, you

can’t have an orgasm until after the entire series of

demonstrations is completed. It just wouldn’t be the same if you

had relieved all that tension that’s been built over the past few

weeks a day or two before a demonstration. I’m sure you wouldn’t

deliberately let me down, but we have no way to control your

dreams with any certainty and you just might mess up with a

nocturnal emission and invalidate the severity of your upcoming

luncheon tests. The results would be considered flawed of void

if you had an orgasm before all were complete, because that would

make you less needful of the release that the first one after the

long period of abstinence would provide. So for the next few

nights, until these exhibitions are over, you’re to wear the

Teeth from immediately after each demonstration until the next

morning. Who knows? We may even find it worthwhile to visit each

of the Matricenters and demonstrate My methods and its results.

That shouldn’t take more than maybe six more months. Now sl**p

well. I want you to be well rested and alert tomorrow - and

please awaken Me 30 minutes early in the morning as I need time

to make a few phone calls tomorrow morning.”

The She awarded me with a brief smile, turned and left me to

offer my evening Devotionals before going to bed.

- The End -

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