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Rocking a rowboat.

Eric and I were out fishing in his rowboat one day on a little lake that we know of.It was almost 11 or so in the morning and the fish were not biting at all when Eric looked at me and asked if was up for a bit of fun already knowing what my answer would be. I am a nymphomaniac to tell the truth. I said sure pull ashore by a some trees and we'll see what develops. He says to me no lets just do it right there in the boat. I take a quick look around and see we were still by ourselves and proceeded to strip. I knelt down in front of him and slowly stroked his hard cock. When I felt he was ready I slowly took him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his head as I sucked on him slowly sucking him deeper until I had as deep as I could and slowly sucked my way back up him. As I was letting him fuck my mouth I felt his hand on the back of my head and felt him push me down as he slowly ground his cock into my mouth and slowly increased the pace until he was fucking my face like it was a cunt. After several moments of this he thrusted into my mouth as hard and deep as he could and held me there as he shot a thick heavy load directly down my throat. After I felt him spasm 6 or 7 times he released my head and I slowly sucked his dick until I milked the last drop out of him. After he was done cumming in my mouth He had me sit back as he returned the favor.I was leaning back just feeling his lips massage the shaft of my cock and the heat and from his hot moist mouth. I was so heated up that I just had to have him in me. As he was blowing me I begged him to finger me which he did. I felt his finger work its way deep into me as his lips slid down my shaft and it drove me crazy to the point where I begged him to fuck me.He pulled off my cock long enough to tell me to be patient that he has plans for that and sunk back down to suck me. After several moments of him sucking and fingering me I felt my cum boil out of my cock and into his mouth. As soon as I was done coming he than turned me over doggystyle and spit my cum onto my asshole and that was when I realized what he meant by he had plans. We had no lube and he was using my cum and spit for it. I felt him rub his cock against my waiting hole as he smeared the slippery mess onto his cockhead. I then felt him surge forward into my inviting ass as he buried himself to the base in one quick thrust. He held me there as I got used to his thickness in me than he slowly pulled back and thrusted again into me causing me to whimper in pain and heat mixed. He took that as a signal to begin to really fuck me. He had me groaning and thrusting back at him as he slammed into me. I was fucking his cock as much as he was fucking my ass. At some point I became aware of the fact that he was slapping my ass as he fucked it treating me like a horny little slut. I was so turned on that I really began moaning and talking dirty to him as he fucked me like the slut he thought I was. After several minutes I heard him yell out and thrust deeply into my well fucked ass as he came. It felt like heaven feeling his hot jizz boil into me. After resting in me for a few seconds he said there was someone across the way so he pulled out of me and we quickly got dressed. and headed home.3 things I discovered during all this is we need to make sure we bring pillows to protect our knees, Sunscreen, and last but not least always have lube ready.

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