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I was at home once looking at a photo my girlfriend had sent me during that day while she was at work. It was just after seven and Sarah would not be back for several hours yet and that was exactly why she did it. Sarah always was a tease sending me all sorts of photos that never left anything to the imagination.

Sarah loved to look after herself and at just under six feet tall all I could see was the perfect woman. With the body of a model and legs that no sculptor could match I was quite frequently hard twenty-four hours a day and she loved knowing it.

On this particular day it was worse for some reason and I could not figure out why. Over the next few hours it just grew to be unbearable and having lost track of time I decided to relieve myself. This turned out to be a bad idea of course, and not that long after dropping my shorts Sarah walked in the door to see me sitting on the couch hand on dick and phone in hand.

All I could say was “Hi”.

I can’t remember clearly what I was thinking however it did mostly consist of fuck I’m busted being repeated over and over. Then she smiled and walked straight past me into the kitchen, after she was out of the room I put my shorts on again and with my hart pounding followed her to the kitchen.

For the remainder of the day she acted as if she hadn’t seen a thing, even though I could tell by her smirk that she was loving it I was sort of disturbed by her lack of reaction. On a normal day she would have joined in or given me some help, but not today and I found out why the next day.

After Sarah had left I received a message from her telling me to look under the middle couch cushion. At this point I was getting a bit twitchy because of her smirk from last night.

Under the cushion I found a usb jump drive, so naturally I grabbed the laptop and plugged it in. the only things on it were a file that said second and a word document that said “read this first”. When I opened the document all she had written was “enjoy but don’t do anything until I get home or tomorrow it will be worse” and then I realized what she was doing.

It was all one massive tease because in the file I found all the photos she had taken plus some new ones and a video she must have made in the shower the night before. This I thought was going to be one long day and I have never been so right about anything.

Sarah’s job as a nurse often had her working on the weekend like this but now instead of finding it just boring I absolutely hated it. I went over the photos again and again until I almost had them memorized and then did the same with the video. All this seemed to do was make the rest of my day worse to the point that I almost put my fist through the screen sitting on the table in front of me.

As the day wore on and on I often went back to watch the video again until every second seemed like an hour and later I found myself almost counting down the minutes till she returned. I have no doubt that she deliberately took her time getting home that day because when Sarah finally pulled into the drive way I not only found her smiling like she had just heard the worlds funniest joke, but she had also stopped at the video store to rent some dvds.

Those little distractions were forgotten as soon as the door was closed and she had seen the bulge in my pants. As it turns out she had been almost as horny as me that day and she just could not wait any more. Sarah practically dragged me to the bedroom and hurled me onto the bed, it was obvious she wanted to be in control and I had no complaints. Faster than I could count to five she was naked and sitting on my face almost screaming for me to lick her cunt. The scent of her highly aroused pussy being so close and the moist feeling on my chin was evidence that she had really enjoyed her little tease.

As I licked her sweet shaved pussy she was moaning with pleasure and she started to pinch her nipples. Sarah didn’t last long and soon enough she shook with ecstasy and flooded my mouth with her juice then rolled over onto her side, this released me and while she lay there feeling the last pleasure of her orgasm I started to suck her nipples and finger her juicy cunt. She has beautiful breasts nice and firm with dark brown and hard nipples.

We both had a thing for those soft mounds of flesh and seeing her lay there with her breasts juggling with every beat of her hart just got me going more. When she had finally calmed down enough she turned and asked how my day was, I responded with the hand that I still had resting on her thigh by driving two fingers into her still soaking wet pussy.

After Sarah had finished laughing she started ripping my clothes off and soon found what she wanted. She immediately wrapped her soft hands and lips around my hard shaft and started sucking my cock like her life depended on it, this was too much for me after all that had happened and I told her to stop. I shouldn’t have bothered and all it got me was a little nibble on the head of my dick but that sent me rocketing over the edge and I blew a massive load straight down her throat.

I was stunned because despite being very horny and open minded Sarah had always refused to swallow my cum. She had been pushed over the edge during the day and told me half an hour later that she had decided that she wanted to try everything she had been holding back. So after that break for food, drink and a very interesting discussion we decided to continue.

We were taking our glasses and plates back into the kitchen and when Sarah bent slightly to rinse off her plate I just couldn’t resist. I walked up behind her and put my plate and glass on the bench then reached round her to feel those perfect tits while grinding my again hard cock against her arse. Sarah pushed back and let out a little sigh which bent her forward a bit more. Still grinding into her nice firm rear end I decided to grab a double handful of cold water from the still running tap and splash it all over her breasts. Any other day she probably would have slapped me but today she just squealed, a squeal that turned into a throaty moan as I began to massage her tits and she just pushed against me harder.

Soon I had her sitting on the bench with my cock buried deep inside her while I also sucked and nibbled her nipples, applying just enough pressure to get a grip then I pulled back. After two minutes she was shaking with a powerful orgasm and screaming so loud I think half of Australia might have heard but we didn’t care. When she was done she pushed me back and pointed at the floor, so I dropped and she practically jumped off the bench and landed on my lap.

It took no effort to slide my pounding dick into her arse because both my dick and half the bench were covered in her sweet juices. This was also something she would not do previously but she was so turned on that the first inch and a half went in without protest and Sarah loved it. After going slow for a little while she picked up the pace and within tree or four minutes she was riding my full length. All of my cock was now being pounded in and out of her tight little arse and she was just about to cum again when I beat her to it exploding inside her and firing what felt like tons up her arse.

Over the next few weeks or it may have been months we did almost anything you could imagine and then some more. Sarah kept the pace up and I don’t think that there is a square millimeter on her that hasn’t had my sperm splattered on it.

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