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How to get better rates if your a woman.

It was a busy nite ,phones busy and people checking into the hotel . It was late at nite when this hot looking lady with Big perky tits almost popping out of her blouse ( which she had no bra on ), came in and asked how much rooms were. I told her the rate, and she said all i had was 30 bucks, can u give it to me for that ? I explained policy and i could loose my job too. So she stood there and looked me up and down and started to smile. She asked , how bout you get a room for me , and i will suck u off good like you have never been sucked before. I'll even toss in a quick fuck if your good. I told her well.... then she unbuttoned her blouse exposing her hot beautiful tits and started rubbing her nipples. My cock got instantly hard as a rock, and i told her ok but have to do this quick though. She smiled, and i said come in here we can go into the back office area.
She took off her blouse and started unzipping my slacks and pulled out my hot thick cock.First she used just her tongue and licked all up and down my shaft and around my head of my cock. Then she started to suck it fast and hard while stroking it and gently rubbing my balls too. Before long i told her i was gonna cummm, she said shoot that hot load all over these tits baby, and i shot the biggest load i have ever came with. She then took off her mini skirt, and g-string and bent over the desk and said Ok i've got to have that beautiful cock deep in me. Fuck me NOW dammit, so i moved in from behind and rubbed my cock against her pussy lips and clit. I then smacked her ass and said u rdy for this ?? She said yesssss give it to me baby, then with one hard thrust i pumped my cock deep inside her wet dripping pussy. She started to finger her clit while i was fuckin her sweet hot pussy,we fucked for what seemed an eternity but was prob half hour and i told her i was about to cummmmm she said me too... cumm with me , cummm deeeeeppp inside me , i want all of your sticky hot cummmmm oozing deep in me... and then i tugged on her hair and said here it cummmmmmsssssss and came again deep inside her. She kissed me a few times and said i hope my date is as good as u were , heres the 30 bucks, i told her dont worry bout it, its on me. So she got dressed and i got cleaned up and put slacks back on and let her out and she went on to her room. Man i will NEVER forget that nite. If your out there and reading this ,and u know who u are, stop by again for round two , and if you havent met me yet. What are u waiting for lol.

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