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Hardonis Academy Info File

Academy File

This is info about the set of stories I posted last year. People have asked me many times to continue and now Im going to do so. But first here is a review of the setting and the characters.
Anyone who did not read the stories should go have a look.


Hardonis is a privet school that specializes in teaching its students everything they may need to know in life. It is well loved by all its graduates for the sexual education it provides, and the countless assignments and opportunities students have to practice what they learn in class. In some ways the school is very conservative, in other ways it is modern. It is co ed, with a dorm for boys and one for girls. Students are allowed to mingle during the day but are expected to keep to their own rooms at night. There are uniforms for both genders, kilts for boys and short skirts for girls.

Rule number one; “You will always obey, to the best of your ability, any order a teacher or staff member gives you. Even if the order shocks you … While you are at this Academy you have no rights, only privileges which are given to you.”

The list of classes include normal ones like; History 204, English 208, Social Studies 205, and other very sexual, classes like; Exhibition 102, Cock sucking 103, Pussy licking 104, Basic intercourse 105, Basic positions 201, Same-sex partners 202, Multiple partners 203, Use of toys 204.

Staff Character File

Principle Lazlow (no first name to be given) – Head master of the school.
Usually serious, teaches a History class. He interviews all new students, explaining the philosophy and some of the rules of the school, before rapping the new k**. It is important that new students experience the helplessness of their situation. Of course many of the students are not virgins, coming from families that have already covered the basics about sex. Normally to enter Hardonis one of your parents must have been a student there.

Miss Violet – Assistant to the Principle. ( maybe his daughter ) A woman in her late 20s, with long red hair. Usually friendly, serves as guidance councillor for first year students. She often plays mommy, offering kind tender sex, and breast milk. She always tries to assigns new students an older roommate who will be good for them.

Garry O’Malley – Grounds Keeper. An older man, late 50s, he is very solid and muscular hard work keeps him fit. He may help students sneak around the school. He does not like students who get pushy and abuse their authority over the younger k**s. He takes them aside and ties them to a tree, gives them a spanking then a good hard ass fucking.

Exhibition 102
Teacher – Mr Peekerton, late 30s, very laid back and friendly. Does not usually f***e his students into anything. He encourages them. He also handles the theater arts department. He will touch students in this class but will not fuck them. He only has sex with students who have some skill. Although it’s against the rules to walk around naked at school, he can issue “out of uniform” hall passes.

Teaching Assistant – Kimberly, “Kimi”17yr old, blond hair in pony tail, very athletic body, perky tits on the small side for her age, pussy shaved to a racing stripe. She loves to show off, to get people to look at her, to tease them.

Tongue Use 103
Teacher - Miss Likensgud, late 50s, stern faced woman who some would have called beautiful in her younger days. She does not usually get naked with students but she will use her tongue on them to demonstrate how things are done. She runs a tough class and will hand out many punishments.

Teaching Assistants – Arnold & Anna, both age 15. they are submissive.

Basic Intercourse 102
Teacher - Mr. Abercum – mid 30s, very hansom and conservative, he has some odd ideas about the roles of girls and boys, a sort of deviant Puritanism. He is friendly if students do as they are told; he is harsh if they do not. He will fuck his female students, in the class room and also in his free time. He always tells the boys “Make sure the girl knows her place, underneath the man.” He has contempt for boys who are pussies.

Teaching Assistant - Miss Bethanny – “Bouncy Beth” 16yr old, a little plump and quite plain looking with glasses and big tits. She acts shy but she is really very dirty. She likes to baby sit little girls and m***** them, then to fuck their father and or mother as a way to apologize. She does not much like boys her own age, she prefers to be used hard by older men.

Student Body – Major Characters

Sandra – 13yr old, a virgin until she came to the school. She has light brown hair and nice perky tits. Her parents had been to Hardonis before her, but they never told her what it was all about. So things have been coming as quite a shock. She is not a total innocent, she knows about stuff, but has never done any of it.

Magan – 13yr old, very shy girl. She has long black hair and often hides behind it. She is from a f****y with “deviant Puritan” views. Her father sounds like Mr Aberum, (maybe they know each other?) Her b*****r and cousin started r****g her and used her with no respect when she was 10. Sex for her was not a fun thing. She assumed that she was being sent to school to learn the right way of making a man enjoy himself with her. She has no experience with girls, never having even thought about it.

Billy – 13yr old boy he is horny as hell. Although he is not overconfident, he has more courage than some of the new boys at school. Basically he is a nice guy. He had fooled around with a few girls and gone all the way with his cousine, so his has some experience. Although he does not much like the idea of gay sex he is trying to axcept that its part of what he has to learn in this place.

Jenny – 15 yr, old roommate of Sandra. She has dirty blond hair that is often wild. She is about the same size as Sandra but much curvier with larger breasts. She keeps her pussy shaved smooth. She is a very big slut, but a nice person. She has 2 older b*****rs; they started fucking her when she was young. Her dad was mad when he found out, because he wanted to pop her cherry and was waiting till she was 11. She got to like sex quickly enough, but what she always wanted was a little s****r.

Mike – 17yr old, best boy friend of Jenny. He is athletic, yet intelligent, with short hair and glasses. (His f****y and previous sexual activity ?)

The story so far, in brief;

Sandra arrives at the Academy and undergoes an interview with the Principle. He gives a speech about how things work here at Hardonis, and then his assistant ties the young student to the chair. The Principle plays with Sandra making her feel very good, even though she protests. He then fucks her little pussy.

The Principle’s assistant, Miss Violet takes the new student to get cleaned up and settled into her dorm room. Sandra is given some good sl**ping d**gs so she will wake up the next morning very refreshed. She examines her room and the Academy rule book. Then she goes off to see the introductory sessions of some of her classes.

At her first class Exhibition 102, Sandra watches the TA, an older student, strip. She dint really think it would be hot and exciting to watch another girl take her clothes off, but this was great. Sandra looked forward to leaning how to be so sexy. In the class Sandra meets a shy girl named Magan. They talk and it’s the start of a friendship.

Sandra thought the first class was great fun, even though she was terrified when the teacher called her up to the front to show the class her goodies. Magan on the other hand thought it was all too weird. She had actually enjoyed seeing Sandra show off, but all her upbringing had told her that sex was between boys and girls only.

In the hallway they pass a group of older students surrounding a naked collared girl who was masturbating. The boys around her were jerking off and eventually squirted all over her. This was not actually a class activity but an initiation into one of the many clubs at the school.

At the next class, Tongue Use 103, the pair meets a boy named Billy, who had in fact seen them in the first class, but dint have the courage to say Hello until now. Sandra talks to Billy while teasing Magan with her fingers under the girl’s skirt. Although she hadn’t seriously though about girls in a sexual way before, Sandra was finding it fun to be dominating Magan. It excited her greatly to have Billy watching her play with the shy girl under the desk.

After class the three go to the main hall for lunch.

After lunch it was Basic Intercourse 102. The trio arrived early and so they got to hear the TA, a plump older student, explains one of her summer adventures. She was the sort of babysitter men dreamed about. She was happy to be fucked by a father who came home to find her in a 69 with his daughter. By the time class really starts, Sandra, Magan and Billy were very horny and so they try to quietly satisfy themselves as the teacher gives his lecture. This gets them into some trouble, but they are let off with a warning.

After a long day with lots of excitement, Sandra returns to her dorm room, to meet her roommate, Jenny an older student who was in the middle of fucking her friend Mike. Instead of the normal “pardon me, I will leave you two alone” reaction, Sandra sits down to watch the action. She soon gets involved.

Starting with some soft licking and caressing the older students soon have Sandra felling fine. Eventually she finds herself on her back with Mike’s cock up her young cunt and Jenny sitting her recently fucked pussy on her face.

Of course the full chapters have a lot more detail.

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