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First Foursome part 2

Chuck was taken aback. He started to make a remark to Sharon about my hands on his wife’s ass so he stuck his head around the corner of the door. There he saw Sharon, robe thrown open, totally exposed. With her hands on her hips, she spread her feet in an open invitation to sample her wares. Chuck forgot about any comment and buried his face in my wife’s tits. Sharon dropped her robe.
With a display of superior self discipline, I took one hand from Bev’s small, firm butt and closed the door. Bev broke the suction between our lips and pulled me by the pecker over to the bed. I lay down. Never letting go of my dick, she lay on top of me and resumed kissing. My hands went to work removing her clothes. Because of the firmness of her tits, she didn’t need a bra, but rather wore a silk camisole under her shirt. The silk felt wonderful against my bare chest. She moved, squirmed, and adjusted to accommodate being disrobed until she was stark naked. Finally, I could reach her pussy. As anyone would have guessed, she was already very hot and wet. I ran a finger up and down her slit, then in and out of her canal. Obviously, she was trying to wiggle into position so my fingers would have to massage her clit. I stroked her most sensitive tissues while she continued to pull and massage by dick and balls. Within about five minutes, she had cum for the first time.
Not to be outdone, Sharon and Chuck had taken up residence on the other side of the bed. I had not seen how Chuck had gotten naked, but he was. Of course, so was Sharon. They grappled and rubbed against each other, much more physically than were Bev and I. Chuck outweighed me by 50 pounds, and Sharon outweighed Bev by 40. Being cramped into half of a queen-size hide-a-bed while in the throes of passion is not easy. After Bev’s first orgasm, both Sharon and Chuck had wedged themselves into the top third of their half of the bed, causing it to start to fold. Bev and I quickly decided to give them all the room they needed, if for nothing else than the sake of the bed. We took the floor.
Bev weighed so little that I could pick her up and manipulate her without much effort. So, I flipped her over on her back on the carpet and dove into her crotch. She tasted different that Sharon: sweeter, less pungent. I gave her my best tongue action, sucking whole lips into my mouth, pumping a finger or a thumb deep inside her while massaging the shaft of her clit with the insides of my lips. Finally, my tongue went for the tip of her clit and she went over the top. Mercilessly, I kept eating. So as not to be cruel, I stayed away from direct contact with her clit while it was painfully sensitive, but I kept her up on the orgasmic plateau. Within minutes, she was begging for a good fuck. “Fuck me! Fuck me, now,” she begged.
After a few more laps around the track of her cunt, I obliged. I grabbed her ankles, one in each hand, and lifted her ass off the carpet in order to line up her opening with the tip of my dick. In one motion, I buried all 7” of length (and 2” of width) inside her well lubricated pussy. She convulsed. I hooked her knees over my shoulders. She locked her ankles behind my neck. I grabbed both of her girlish hips and stroked her to and fro on my cock. Her juices along with my saliva were dripping from my balls and also down her ass. Her head was rolling from side to side. We got into a rhythm. As she approached her fourth orgasm in 20 minutes, the insides of her canal began to pulse.
Sharon and I had, until this moment, never fucked anyone but each other. We had dated in high school and on into college, when we had gotten married. During high school, necking turned to petting, and petting to oral sex, but we had never put one wet member into the other. In the summer between high school and college, we finally decided to try real sex. The first few times were clumsy and not very satisfying. Anxiety reduced her natural lubrication, plus she was very tight. And, I was generally stupid. Finally, I figured out that, if I ate her to orgasm first, she would be abundantly lubricated. It worked and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. Until the moment when my cock first sank into Bev’s dripping cunt, I had not realized that there was a difference between pussies. Sharon instinctively gripped my cock with her cunt walls on each stroke. Bev’s canal, until this fourth orgasm, had not. With Sharon, the pulsing, gripping, rippling sensation made short work of my first come. Typically, we would 69 until she came, then I would rub the head of my dick up and down her slit until she came again, then drive it home. With that kind of start, I didn’t last but a few strokes. Of course, I could last longer on the second time around, but that first one was quick.
Expecting the same results with Bev, I had eaten her from below, keeping my pecker down by her feet, rather than up by her mouth. I thought that the addition of the excitement of the foursome might make me come embarrassingly quickly. But, Bev’s cunt was not the same as Sharon’s. Until that fourth orgasm, Bev had been a bit loose. Certainly, my cock was happy with the wet and warm environment and the friction of stroking in and out, but her vaginal muscles were no match for my wife’s. So, I could last quite a while, stroking in and out of a hot, wet, but essentially flaccid flesh tube. But, as Bev’s cunt went into spasms, she milked me to a powerful cum. I had learned years before that pulling out at this time made it easier to start back up. But Bev’s wetness had just become interesting, so I stayed and filled her up. The view of her fabulously tight and trim little body being impaled on my crotch contributed greatly to the experience.
As we panted to a stop and finally pulled out, I noticed an amazing thing. My cum didn’t follow me out. I watched. There were no drips. She kept it all. Sharon virtually expelled my juice when I withdrew, which was a bit messy and did not contribute a warm post-coital snuggle. With Bev, a long, full-body, naked hug was a natural. After a few more long kisses and rubbing of nipples and gripping of asses, we turned out attention to the show being put on by the rest of the foursome.
While we had been preoccupied with our own pleasure, Chuck and Sharon had adjourned to the floor as well. Chuck was fucking my wife doggy style, gripping her hips to coordinate their motion. Much to my relief, he was wearing a condom. I could see her large breasts swinging wildly. It struck me that Chuck, the breast man, was missing the part of the show he would enjoy most because he was on the wrong side of the action. Since Bev and I were momentarily at a standstill, we quickly folded up the bed and restored the cushions so we could sit comfortably. I grabbed the Polaroid camera and took a picture of the two of them copulating. With the little extra excitement of being on camera, Chuck came. Immediately, he went limp and fell out of her. It was obvious to me that she had not had an orgasm.
Strangely, the sight of another man fucking my wife was neither arousing nor displeasing. It was sensual and exciting, but no more so than sitting on the couch with a naked woman who looked like a junior high cheerleader. Even the developing photograph, which clearly showed Chuck’s dick and Sharon’s tits, was interesting but not stimulating. So, my penis drooped across my leg as Bev and I sat on the bed and watched. I had one arm around her shoulders, her head on my chest. The other arm was using its hand to trace her nipples. She was nestled in and comfortable, enjoying the moment. After Chuck was through, however, Bev caught Sharon’s eye and said, “I thought you said he could go more than once.”

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