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Blackmailed into slavery

Finally he put his mouth onto my pussy and licked it hard. I arched my back, his cock deep in my mouth I was ready to explode as he flicked my clit with his tongue.
He was fucking my mouth hard, moving his fingers from my pussy to my arse, his mouth from my clit to my pussy when the orgasm hit me. Straining hard I groaned and growled, stretching the bindings tightly on the bed.

He flicked the egg out of my pussy while he moved quickly to untie my legs and pull out the plug. Master moved in close as the man knelt between my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy. It was wet and hot in there and my orgasm took up again. Master had his cock out for me to suck on; he pushed my head over and plunged it in, fucking me hard like the guy from the club.
I was buzzing with orgasm, mouth full with Masters cock and a stranger pounding my pussy hard. My nipples were on fire; Master pinched them hard, pulling them up high, stretching the swollen buds out even further. They guy slowed his fucking; reaching under my arse he pushes my legs up higher, catching my ankles and bending them over my head.
Master pulled out of my mouth, clipping my ankles to the head of the bed while the stranger lubed up my arse.
Before I could think he was deep inside my arse. I screamed out as he plunged inside me hard. Masters hand found my mouth and muffled my screams as the stranger fucked my arse with all his might. He was sweating, panting hard as he pumped into me. His balls smacking against my body until he stiffened, shuddered and thrust his load into me hard.
The guy was leaning on me, exhausted. I was limp, restrained to the bed with my legs over my head, my pussy and arse now filled with the cum of 7 men.

The guy gathered himself up, moved away from me and gestured to Master to come over to the other side of the room. I couldn’t hear what they were saying; I lay there waiting for Master to release me. I could hear them talking, it was quite animated, but couldn’t make out the conversation at all. The guy who had just fucked me was getting dressed; Master was standing with him, both with their backs to me while they talked. Master turned and walked towards me, the Guy followed behind him.

'Sub, you have to listen to me.’
‘Yes Master.’
‘This Man is a Police Officer. He is working undercover and we have been caught by him soliciting for sex, this is an offence that carries prison time with it even though we didn’t ask for money.
? He is going to let us go without charging us but there are some conditions.
“Oh my god Master, what’s going to happen to us?’
I am straining to move in the restraints. I want to get out of there.
‘I have agreed to a couple of conditions that will mean that we won’t be charged, but it involves you as well.’
‘Yes Master.’
‘Will you go along with my agreement Sub?’
‘Yes Master. Of course I will.’
‘Good. I have agreed that this Man can fuck you at any time, anywhere and in any way that he wishes. Also, tonight you are going to entertain a few of his colleagues, so you will remain in bondage while they fuck you.’
‘Oh no Master. I don’t want to do that, I want to go home.’
I begin to sob loudly, pulling and struggling against the restraints holding me in place.?

The strap hit me without warning. My bum exploded with pain as the belt rained down on me. I looked between my legs to see the Man thrashing me with his belt over and over.
‘OK, OK I’ll do it, please stop, I’ll do it.’
“Good.’ He smiled at me, ‘I knew you would see sense soon enough, now tie her back spread out so the boys can have their fun.’
He moved over close to my head.
'You’re one fine fuck Lady, I’m going to enjoy seeing you again. I have your name, address, phone numbers, I know where you work and soon I'll know every move you make so it wont do you any good to try to get away from me, and report me Lady and you're in jail with all the other whores that I get off the streets.’?

Master quickly released my legs and tied them to the end of the bed.
He had just enough time to give me a drink of water and wipe my face with a cool cloth before there was a knock at the door.
The loud knock startled both of us. Master quickly stood and began to move away from the bed. I was tightly restrained, naked and vulnerable and going to fuck more strangers as we had planned.?

Three men came into the room followed by the Policeman who had just used me and was now blackmailing me.
‘Here she is guys, go your hardest. Straight fucks though, the kinky stuff is for me.’’

They moved close to me looked me up and down. One by they stripped and climbed between my legs to fuck me. My legs and arms strained as I was tightly tied to the bed, bending unnaturally back in the cuffs as they pulled my arse up and rammed their cocks into my pussy. All of them were hard and ready to go so the fuck was reasonably quick from the three of them. Each emptied his load into me and moved away, chatting and laughing to each other, comparing notes about my pussy and tits as their mate rammed into me. From my side it was pure fucking, no noise, no emotion, just do the act and finish. I lay on the bed with my head turned to the side, looking at Master the whole time. He watched with a sly grin on his face, enjoying the show.
This had gone too far for me, this was **** and I hated it. Earlier when we were doing our own thing it felt different to me, I trusted Master and felt safe, now I do not trust the Cop, and do not feel safe at all.
The Cop moved close to my head, reaching over he grabbed my left nipple and crushed it between his thumb and finger. I screamed and arched my back high to relieve the pain but he pulled it higher and higher.

The pain was excruciating, my whole body weight was being held up in the hands of this monster. I gritted my teeth and look into his eyes. He twisted the nipple and pinched it hard, staring back at me with hateful dark eyes.
My body hit the mattress with a thud when he released my nipple and let me go.
I was shaking with terror and pain, watching his every move as he walked away from the bed. He ushered the 2 men outside of the room, they spoke for a few minutes and he returned.
‘Ok, you two can continue your activities for tonight without fear of arrest, but I will make contact with you whore, so be prepared.’
‘Master..’ I sobbed.
‘Hush Sub, it is over for now, just you and I again so remember your place.’
‘Yes Master.’
He released the shackles from my arms and legs.
‘Stand and present.’
I can’t believe what I am hearing, but stand, naked, and face Master. He reaches and tweaks both nipples hard. I wince and gasp as they are both tender and the left one is very painful.
‘Turn around, bend over.’
I obeyed him again, turning and placing my hands on the bed. Master inserts the butt plug again as the tears stream down my face. I am praying that the night is over and there will be no more.
‘Ok Sub, enough for tonight, we will stay here and return home in the morning.’
‘Yes Master.’ I smile. Its over and I am safe again.

He cuffs my right wrist and moves me to the bed. Laying me on my right side, I am cuffed to the pole at the foot of the bed by my arm and the head of the bed by my right ankle. My left wrist and ankle are then cuffed together behind my back.
Master moves around and climbs on the bed. He runs his hands up and down my body, caressing my pussy and stomach up to my breasts where he gently massages them and tenderly twirls my nipples. I am aroused again; the smell of sex oozes from me as he works his fingers back down to my pussy and opens the lips with his fingers.
My head lolls back with anticipation, my clit is stiffening to the cool air and my pussy is ready to explode. His massaging touch enters my hole gently, 2 fingers slowly slide deep inside then out, in again, curling upwards and sliding out again, in again, deeper still and out. Another finger stretches the opening, sliding inside with ease along my well-fucked passage, in and out, in deeper and out, harder and deeper in and slowly out before crushingly deep and out again.
My eyes are closed tight; the sensation is glorious, releasing all the humiliation of the evening from my body. His other arm is stroking my belly, reaching to pull my pussy lips upwards and stretch them open for the four fingers to enter me. My clit is there and as he brushes it I gasp. It is hard and wanting to electrify me, he begins the slow massage with his finger as the four fingers stretch me wide and plunge hard inside me. His finger dampens and the pace quickens on my clit as I struggle to stay still and composed. Four fingers deep inside, pressing against the wall of my bowel, filled with the black rubber plug. My clit is huge and the massage has become a rub, the speed has become faster and my breathing is frantic.
I don’t want it to stop, I want this to go on forever, I want to cum so badly and it is almost there.
He pulls his finger away from my clit and removes his other fingers from my pussy. I whimper with despair only to see him moving into position to fuck me.
Reaching under my back he unclips the cuff on my arm and pushes my leg out wide, sliding in and plunging his cock deep inside me. The butt plug bangs against him as he fucks me hard and passionately. Deep inside he rams his cock, grunting and panting on me, my right arm and leg trapped in the restraints, at his mercy.
His back arches and he growls loudly as his jizz shoots into me. He is sweating, out of breath and shuddering as he finishes his orgasm, denying me again and becoming my 11th fuck for the night.
We lay there motionless. Both exhausted, I am restrained and unsatisfied, Master is relieved and fully satisfied.
He clips my left arm and leg together behind my back again, rolling me onto my side as he lies down beside me.
I now realize the reason for the positioning.
Master moves close to me, pulling my head forward and placing his cock inside my mouth. I begin to lick it clean but he stops me.

‘Leave this in there for the night Sub. I want you sucking on it when I wake up. I don’t care if you don’t get any sl**p and if I wish to finger you again I will, but you will not gain an orgasm until morning.’
I cant believe it, I have to lay there all night with his cock in my mouth, my head against his crotch, arm and leg twisted up my back and still my clit is swollen and in need of orgasm.
I try to get comfortable, Master is quickly asl**p, his head against my pubic bone, his breath blowing between my legs.
The night is long and uncomfortable, Master rolled away from me on two occasions allowing me some sl**p until he rolled back, bumping into my body, waking and returning his cock to my mouth. He brushed his hand over my vagina a couple of times but there was no serious fingering for the night.

The morning sun streamed in the window as the cock in my mouth began to stir. I massaged it with my tongue, teasing the head and shaft, as it grew stiffer and stiffer. Soon it was hard and I began to gently suckle on it. Moving my head gently and slowly so that my mouth slid along his sex, tenderly caressing the shaft, sucking on the head and pushing it deep into my throat again.
Master began to stir, his breathing changed and his hips began to move gently.
Suddenly there was a hand on my head, pushing it hard against his crotch as he moaned and arched his back. His cock was deep in my throat before he released me, pumping it deep again and exploding his cum into my mouth. As this happened, I felt many fingers plunged inito my pussy and my clit was crushed. My legs pushed wide open for his hands as I sucked and drank from his cock. My pussy responded and orgasm flowed through my body like a huge explosion. I bucked my hips and squealed around his cock as the sensations cursed through me.
‘Ohhhh godddddd……’
It felt like the orgasm lasted minutes when it was only seconds and we both lay panting in our positions. His limp cock was hanging in my mouth and my wet pussy against his face.?

Master moved first, pulling out of my mouth and sitting up on the bed, releasing my arm and leg and massaging them while I moved onto my back. He leaned down and kissed me, smiling into my eyes with pleasure as he unclipped my arm and leg from the bed frame.
The recovery time was fairly quick for us, I showered and dressed, leaving the plug in place as instructed by Master, then he showered while I prepared his coffee. It was at this time when the phone rang.?

‘Can you get that please Sub.’
‘Yes Master……..Hello.’
“Hello whore, who said you could answer the phone.’
‘Ummm, errrr.’ I was stunned, it was the Cop.
‘Don’t speak whore, be ready in five minutes.
‘Errrr…’ I couldn’t speak; fear took over my body, as I stood rigid with the phone in my hand.
‘Yes Sir…. You answer me with Yes Sir you filthy whore.’
‘Urrr, yyyess, Ssiirrr…’ I sobbed in the phone.
He hung up in my ear and I collapsed to the floor.
Master ran from the bathroom to me.
‘Master… Heee’s cccoming to get me… please…’
‘Pull yourself together Sub; he just wants to fuck you to prove himself that’s all. He’ll probably do it a few times and then forget about you.’
'But Master.’ I sobbed…
'Come on, get yourself ready, fuck him and it will be over. I’ll be here.’
I stood up and arranged my clothes. Looking in the mirror I fixed my hair and touched my make up in silence. I was terrified of this Cop and he knew it.
The loud knock on the door startled me. Master answered it.
‘Hi, where is she?’
‘She’s here, you want to do her here?’
‘No, We’re going back to her place, I want to get to know my way around there.’
My knees almost gave way again as Master took my arm and pushed me forwards to the Cop.
He grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his.
‘Hello whore, pleased to see me again huh.?’
‘Yes Sir.’ I replied through gritted teeth.
‘Good.’ He was again pressing on my nipple, this time he was crushing it against my chest, rubbing it hard with the palm of his hand. I kept my teeth clenched hard and tried to think about the orgasm earlier with Master and how great it felt.

He took his handcuffs and cuffed my arms tightly behind my back; this pushed my breasts forwards as he bent my arms up my back marching me to the door of the room.
He led me out to his police car and shoved me in the front seat. Master stood at the door and watched helplessly as the Cop fastened the seat belt, got in and we drove away.
Before moving off he pulled my skirt up, slid me closer to him and warned me to keep my legs wide open.
It felt like every person was looking at me, thinking I was a criminal in the police car, all the while the cop had his hand between my legs, roughly fingering my pussy while he drove along. It was so tender from the 11 fucks the night before, but he didn’t care about that.

My house wasn’t far away and we pulled up out the front, he straightened my skirt and uncuffed me so that we could walk inside together. He even held my hand, giving the impression that we were a couple. I wanted to vomit, but managed to hold myself together until we made it inside.

He dragged me to the couch, sat down and stood me in front of him.
‘Ok, Strip whore.’
I slowly began to undress, but his agitation grew so I removed my clothes quickly and stood naked in front of him.
‘Get on your knees where you belong cock sucker.’
? I knelt in front of him as ordered, expecting him to make me suck his cock, but he instead positioned me so that I knelt up straight, leaning back with hands gripping my ankles. It was painfully uncomfortable but he liked it.
‘Go to the bedroom, get on the bed in this position and wait. Im going to take a look around.’
He pulled and twisted my nipples before pushing me away and standing up. I quickly obeyed, hoping that he would get this over quickly.
I knelt in position on my bed for many minutes before he came in. He was naked and his cock was hard, his body toned and strong, very athletic looking. My eyes moved to his cock, it was large, probably 8-9 inches and thick around the head and very straight.

If I was perfectly honest it was a stunning cock, and his body bordered on gorgeous, but I hated this man with a passion.
He moved to the bed, turning my body to face him, leaning forward and taking my nipple in his mouth. One hand moved between my legs, the other around my bum and handled the butt plug. He sucked hard on one then the other nipple, his fingers exploring my pussy and pressing on the plug hard to push my hips even further forward. I felt like my back was breaking, but a feeling of excitement was beginning to take over my body.
I was responding to his touch, my pussy was wet and nipples hard as he contito work on them, the plug was now being moved in and out of my arse as the finger fucking of my pussy gained momentum.
He moved closer and put his cock against my pussy, pressing the plug hard inside me he pushed his cock inside and began to fuck me. My back was bent awkwardly but his arm held my in position for him to fuck me hard. His cock rubbed directly on my clit and I knew that I was going to cum again. I fought the urge as hard as I could but he thrust harder and harder until I had to yield and orgasm.
I screamed and moaned loudly as my juices flowed, he continued to pump hard until I was finished.
Pulling out he pushed me onto the bed.
‘Get on all fours you filthy slut whore.’
I obeyed him turning and kneeling on my hands and knees.
‘Grab your whore ankles, Im gunna fuck that arse of yours you cum slut.’
I reached back and grabbed my ankles tightly. My arse was high up and the plug bulged out as he positioned himself behind me. He pulled the plug out and rammed into me hard, crushing my head into the bed, digging his fingers into my hips as he pumped my arse.

The sensation was awesome, but I hated myself for loving it. I moaned with each fuck as he went at me harder and harder, faster and faster until he finally let his juices go into me.
He was a****listic, fucking harder and harder while he was cumming deep insidme, growling this deep guttural growl as he embedded his sex into me.
He released himself, pushed me away like trash on his beat and left the room.

I lay there and cried, hating every moment of the time with him. The blackmailing r****t cop had used me for the first time and all I could do was wait for my nextvisit from him.
Master called to check on me later in the day and I cried again. He reassured me that it would be all right, that the cop would find someone else and I would be free of him.
Deep inside me I wanted that to be true, but there was a yearning beginning to grow….

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