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Adultery Mexican Style

Adultery Mexican Style
by VIProffri

I was living in a small town in western Mexico by the sea for a few years and I decided I wanted to try a mature Mexican pussy since I had already had a few teens and marriageable candidates. It was pretty simple. All the local women over 25 were married with c***dren and plenty were expecting. They all went to church regularly with the k**s and husband and you would never think that you had a hope of nailing one of them. I was feeling pretty cocky one evening after doing the friend of a girlfriend who had just had her coming of age party. The bird was still lying on my sofa sl**ping off her beer and tequila. I posted an advert on a local dating board for married women that wanted a hot and exotic stranger from afar. I thought that I would have to wait for weeks, but the next morning I had my first reply. I send the woman a sms with an invite for Tuesday and took the girl to my girlfriend’s house where she was supposed to have spent the night for her parents to collect her after breakfast. When I got back, there was my reply. She wanted it today, Sunday at 9 am, after church. Her husband was going off road racing with his buddies and the k**s, 2 boys. Wow, I was knackered but my heart was racing in anticipation. As soon as I wrote her back, saying yes and asking if she wanted my house or hers, she wrote me back instantly. She wanted it bad. I got her address and a question, did I like chubby mamas. I said sure, most of the girls in town I had sunk into were chubby and virtually all the mothers and grannies were either fat or obese. Chubby was an unexpected option from the mature ones.
An hour later I set off on foot, washed and in clean clothes, to find her house. It took a while to get there but I found her shack. It was concrete block like every other house, but it was small. I did not need to knock and draw attention to myself from the neighbours waiting at the gate. The gate was open and the side door was open too. I just walked into her house and said hello. She came out into the big room but naked and with her long black hair hanging over her wide shoulders. She was huge. Fat is an understatement. She wrapped her thick arms around my shoulders and pulled me in to kiss me and slip her hot wet tongue down my throat. She had no hang-ups and knew what she wanted. She stripped me and got down on her knees holding me firmly by the cock to keep me from getting away. She had two k**s, but they had not had any sex since her last pregnancy twelve years before. She sucked like a teeny bopper scr****g her teeth along my length. I told her to get on all fours. I love big arses and hers was simply huge. She had not washed and I could smell her hormones, piss, and sweat coming from her. When I put my hand into her cunt she was already hot and wet. I just shoved my rod deep into her cunt. What that mama lacked in oral skill she made up for it in pussy skill. Her hot cunt was milking me and sucking my juice out of me before I had barely made a move. The bitch was in heat and desperate for another load and another baby. Her babies were growing up. I knew what she wanted and I was happy to give it to her. I set off thrusting and pumping her fat hairy pussy with complete abandon with the sole aim of fertilizing this bitch in heat. I knew that she was going to be mine. A few minutes later I shot my load deep inside her and she moved, thinking I was done and going to leave. But I held her by the hips and pushed her head back down telling her to stay where she was. I was nowhere near to being done with this breeder. I was going to breed her well and leave my mark too.
I kept on thrusting into her sloppy fanny. I told her to roll over but not to disengage from me or else. She squirted when she came, simply form being told what to do. This woman was a natural sub just waiting for her master to turn up in her life. I pounded her huge puffy pussy and grabbed her huge tits roughly; pinching her nipples and making her squeal and screech between moans of delight. She was flushed all over her dark tanned broad face. Her dark hair was damp and in a mess. When I had had enough I told her to get on all four again. I was going to fuck her mouth because she had to learn how to suck a cock without biting. I smacked her huge fat arse and watched it wobble all the way down to her thigh. Holding her black hair in my pale skin I pulled up her head to look into her gleaming black eyes. She was really happy, finally. I shoved my cock all the way to my balls down her throat. It was narrow and she was not used to this. When she gagged I pushed my prong deeper pressing my hairy belly into her face like a hard pillow. When I was well lubricateded, covered by her slobber, I went to her fat arse and pulled it open. He was an anal virgin. Wetting my fingers in her cunt I shoved two fingers into her backside, forcing the anal sphincter to blossom. After only a few thrusts I simply pushed in my cock. If the mare wanted to calf from my seed, I had the right to have what I liked from her. I would give her babies, but she would give me her arse and more too.

Having buggered her twice and her face in between also, I left her house at 3 pm, when the neighbours were having their siestas. A week later she sent me a sms again. She was pregnant but she wanted more. She did not know if she could live without me anymore now. It was Saturday and her husband was away again but her daughter was home. I came into the house and she introduced me to her daughter. The girl was just barely 18 and mother was not much older at only 35. The girl was fat also, but her figure still showed through well. Her hips were very high and her pussy was completely shaved. Once her daughter had started sucking my cock the bitch told me that she wanted to be my slave and that if I had also impregnated her daughter her husband would never dare to leave her for being a slave since her husband had been fucking her daughter and would believe that the baby might have been his. There I was at their house. Hubby was away at work until late driving the bus and her son was spending the weekend away with grandfather fishing. The teen was in heat, hot, wet and begging for it. Her mother was just waiting to have the shaft back down her throat and deep in her backside.
After offloading my seed in the girl twice I was busy shoving my pole up her mother’s arse. The fat woman had been moaning and groaning for the last hour while getting pounded by her rightful owner now when the husband came in the door unexpectedly early. The woman groaned and tried to break free, but I held onto my bitch and told the girl to go deal with her father. The man was in tears and could hardly move his hand to his face at the humiliation. His daughter took him gently aside to the sofa, from when he had an excellent view of his wife, my slave, from the front mounted by the cock that now owned her. He could not stop staring, watching the look of happiness and satisfaction on her face as she was pounded by a strange man he had never seen before. His daughter explained everything that had happened and told her father that she was pregnant. The girl was so happy that her father did not even question the claim nor who the father was. He was carried along the wave of his girl’s joy. There were only two things left now that I had got a slave woman, and impregnated two local lasses. I wanted the cuckold to suck the cock that dominated his household and to taste the seed that would bear him a c***d and a grandc***d. I pulled out of his wife’s arse forcing a shout out of her. I sunk my cock into his wife’s open mouth and told her to give it one good slurp. Then I walked over to the sofa. The room filled with tension, but the girl tried to sooth the cuckolded husband. I was standing directly in front of him looking down as he lay on the couch staring up in defeat and shame. Intuitively the girl took the cock and gave it one deep slurp tasting her mother’s arse juice on my shaft. Then she helped her father sit up suggesting he follow suit without speaking a word to him. The husband was a natural cuckold just like his wife was a natural slut and slave. He took it into his mouth taking hold of my balls and started to suck. The more he sucked the more he liked it. Soon he was excitedly sucking and stroking my balls. As soon as he got to that point I knew I had his nuts caught in my vice. I pulled away; after all I did not want a bloke hanging off my cock. I wanted his slave wife and more. I wanted pussy and female arse.
Since then I had two girls with his wife. The daughter had a boy and has since then got married and had one more son. The girl is pregnant again. I kept the mother as a slave and gave her away to her husband who wanted a slave for a wife. I have moved away, back to London now, but I still visit my slave a few times a year and send for her at Christmas and new year when I have more time to mount expansive arse her and share her with my friends. Last Christmas she was bred to a party of friends and we do not know which of the 12 men fathered her last c***d, but she is due to birth soon. I will be visiting my slave for the christening and to meet with some of her friends.

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