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Blackmailed into slavery

0700hrs……Master makes contact on my phone with the message. ‘Meet you at our special place, Fri, 8 O’clock sharp. Usual items required, usual rules apply.’

I catch my breath and close my eyes. Friday night is only 2 nights away and he wants to use me again. I so look forward to his contact, usually once a week at my place we fuck and play, he teases and tortures me and he leaves next morning.
Recently, he has been booking a room at a motel, taking me out to popular meeting spots, offering me to strangers to fuck and ordering me to oblige. Mostly it is a quick fuck or blow job, but Master wants to venture further with the idea of 'Pimping' me.

It is on again, this Friday I will be tortured and fucked by strangers, as well as my Master.
My nipples stand up and my body shivers with the anticipation. There are rules that I have signed that bind me to a regime to prepare for the night.
·� � � � � � � � � � I am not permitted to masturbate or orgasm from now.

·� � � � � � � � � � If I have sex, it must be vanilla and rule 1 must be obeyed.

·� � � � � � � � � � I must place bands on my nipples each night, removing them only to shower, where I am to twirl and stimulate my nipples before re-banding them.

·� � � � � � � � � � During the day I am to tweak and stimulate my nipples approx every 2 hours. There is to be a period of 2 hours per day where they are free from banding, but they must be clamped at this time.

·� � � � � � � � � � I must insert my medium butt plug immediately upon arriving home after work and remove it in the mornings prior to showering.

·� � � � � � � � � � I must shave and moisturize my body each day.
The routine begins immediately. I shower, shave and band my nipples tightly. They are well used to banding, but the sensation still curses through me as I tuck them tightly under my bra. I moisturize my body after the shower; my skin is smooth and shiny as I slip into my uniform for work.�

The day drags. My nipples ache inside my bra and each time I tweak them my pussy reacts with tingles of joy.
Arriving home I quickly dart inside and remove my clothes. The butt-plug slips up inside with a little persuasion and I wriggle my bum to accommodate it. Replacing my underpants and track pants my evening routine must stay the same. I walk with my Neighbor for an hour, ignoring her quizzical looks every so often when I suddenly begin to walk awkwardly, until I am used to walking at a brisk pace with the plug inside me. At home I am naked, dreaming of the night to come, first with my Master using me, then passing me over to strangers and obediently doing as he tells me. I know I will be fucked hard over and over, I know I will suck cock many times, I know my arse will be fucked. I may be bound and gagged; they may whip me or stretch me out. It may be indoors or outside, I just don’t know what to expect.

Friday arrives and the day drags. I am fidgety at work, up and down from my desk, tweaking my nipples over and over, hardly able to concentrate on my work at all. Finally the time to leave is here and I make my way to my car.
‘Hey Jenny, what’s the hurry?’ I stop and look around to see Bob, the Company Boss walking behind me.
‘Oh nothing really, just got a dinner date tonight that’s all.’
‘Oh I see… actually I was hoping that we might get together for a drink sometime. You know that I think that you are very promising Jenny, you could be a great asset to the company.’

My stomach was churning, his eyes were glued to my breasts, my nipples poked out, fully engorged under the tight bands and I knew that he was coming onto me for one reason only. He leaned close to me, resting his hand on the roof of my car effectively trapping me.
‘Umm, Oh thanks Bob, that’s lovely, perhaps another night.’
He kept staring at me, his eyes leering and the sly grin on his face shifting to a not so happy expression at my rebuttal.
‘I’ll keep you to it Jenny. Oh, and enjoy your date. Someone special?’
‘Yes he is, thanks Bob I will.’�

He moves away and I finally get to my car and get out of there, arriving home with less than an hour to spare before I meet Master at the Motel.

I shower, shave and moisturize, removing the bands from my tender nipples. They swell immediately and stand up stiffly as I tweak them to Masters liking. I replace the tight bands with my special ones that provide just the right amount of pressure to keep my nipples at attention for the night. Reaching into the drawer where my sex toys are kept I take out the vibrating egg and insert it deep into my vagina. The slow deep buzz tells me that the battery is strong and the egg is on. Next is the butt plug, lubed up and sliding into place it too is specially designed to wear out for the evening. Once it is in place I step into my tight leather thong and clip the strap of the plug into place. The egg buzzes deep inside as I spli the remote control into my purse.
My bra is sheer and low cut so that my nipples are readily available and always visible to Master should he wish to inspect them. Tonight I am wearing a button through blouse to enable easy access. It too is made of reasonable sheer material ensuring that I stand out in the crowd.
My skirt is black and seemingly unassuming. The back section appears to be doubled as if wraparound in style but this is in fact an opening where a hand, fingers or even a cock could enter without disturbance to my clothing.
Thigh high black stockings and my favorite heels complete the outfit.
Hair and make up are styled to be natural looking. Master does not approve of too much make up, and my hair will be disturbed so I need to be able to style it quickly and easily so as to continue to serve.�

7.30 and I am ready. I make my way to my car, trying to remain calm and hold my excitement inside. The egg moves inside me and bumps against the plug. The breeze sneaks inside the skirt at the back and my whole body shivers with expectation.
The drive was uneventful and I am early. I wait until 8 exactly before knocking.
He opens the door and smiles at me. We embrace and kiss tenderly�

Master steps away and inspects me, I turn on his signal, bend over and lift my skirt so he can finger my pussy and feel the buzzing egg. He touches the plug and presses it deep inside me as I groan. He pulls me up and turns me around. Brushing his finger across my nipples he smiles as the hard buds react to his touch and I close my eyes. His hand moves lower, under my skirt and brushing the front of my thong as I bite my lip and move my legs apart for him. His finger slips easily under the thong and slides into my juices. He pulls me close and presses on my clit. I moan loudly as he gently strokes me, slowly circling my sex bud while holding me close from behind. His arm slides down to my bum and presses me harder against his touch. I am ready to explode, I know that this is in preparation for the night to come but I want to orgasm into his hand right now.
He slides his finger away from my Clit and leans into my ear..
‘You are a real slut aren’t you’?

‘Yes Master.’
‘You are going fuck strangers tonight?’
‘Yes Master.’
‘You are not going to refuse me.’
‘No Master.’
‘You will feel pain Slut.’
‘Yes Master.’
‘But this will please me, so you will be glad to take it for me.’
‘Yes Master.’
‘Good, now suck me.’
His cock was hard and ready for me. I knelt down and took it in my mouth, sliding the thick shaft deep into my throat and removing it again. Up and down I moved on his cock while he stood over me until he took a clump of my hair and held it tight. That was my signal to stop moving and hold still while he fucked my mouth. Master drove his cock deep into my mouth, exploding his cum thick and deep inside me. Shuddering to finish he withdrew and helped me to my feet.
‘Lets go, give me the remote please.’
‘Oh yes Master.’ I hand him the device and we leave the Motel room. �

Tonight Master has decided that we will go to the clubs and bars close by to try our luck. First we go into a trendy bar. The place is half full with men and women in business suits, obviously relaxing after the week at work. It doesn’t take long for Master to strike up a conversation with a group of 3 guys while I remain dutifully at his side. I know I am getting glances from the men, my nipples are extremely prominent and I am dressed more provocatively than any other woman in the room.
Master has maneuvered me into position so that all the guys have great views of my nipples, and with one arm leaning back on the table so that my blouse is pulled tight, the sight is having the desired effect on them all.
The ramps up the vibrations of the egg and my nipples spring more to attention immediately.
We drink with the men for a few minutes, one of them goes to the bar for drinks while one goes to the men’s-room, so master moves in on the one who is left behind.
‘Hey, see my Lady here, she is feeling very horny and needs a quick fuck. You interested?’
The guy’s eyes nearly pop out of his head, and before he can say anything, I move close. Taking his free hand, I slip it behind me and inside the flap of my skirt. He can feel my naked arse cheeks, and with some more exploring he finds the thin strip of the thong that I am wearing. I press into him in a hugging position as his hand moves between my legs, it is hot and damp and he is hooked.
We move quickly to the car.

Master has ordered me to suck his cock while we drive to the motel and I obey. The guy is panting and still shocked when we arrive a few minutes later, his hands exploring my hard nipples frantically during the journey.
Inside the room he removes his pants in a flurry and moves near me on the bed. His hands frantically undo my blouse and push my bra upwards, dragging across my tender nipples. Master is standing beside the bed and suggests that I remove my skirt as well. I stand and remove my clothes, Master then orders me to suck the guy again, while he removes the plug and vibrating egg, suggesting to the guy that he might like to watch the action.
I bend at the waist and take his cock in my mouth, slowly sucking on it while Master removed my thong and unclipped the plug. His fingers are exploring my pussy, two then three pushing deep inside me to remove the egg. Each thrust pushes me deeper onto the cock that I am sucking and bringing me closer to climax. The egg out, Master continues to finger me, thrusting in and out of my pussy as I grunt and groan in the lap of our stunned guest. His cock is almost ready to blow so Master orders me to remain in position while our guest fucks me.
Moving behind me he pushed his raging hard on deep inside me pussy. Master is tweaking my nipples as the guy pumps his cock in and out, bumping and grinding against the butt plug with each stroke. Soon he lets his load loose inside me and is finished.�

‘Good. Slut, clean up and get ready to go again.’
‘Yes Master.’
I want some release but it is not coming, so I wash myself up, tidy my hair and we return to the bar.
The Guy tells his mates his wild tale and they are all smiling and looking in my direction. Master nods to them so the whole process is repeated again. This time the two of them go at me together. One in my mouth while the other fucked my pussy, then they swapped over and I went again.
Still no release for me and I knew that these were just a warm up for the night to come.
By the time we left the bar I had fucked 6 guys. All the same doggy style sex with the butt plug remaining inside my arse and bands on my nipples.
Master returns the egg inside my pussy and turns it on. The buzzing sensation deep inside is sending me wild.
We moved down to a club where the Clientele would be rich, relaxed and horny. A very white-collar club filled with Corporate Managers and ambitious Men with no time for relationships but plenty of time for kinky sex.
I had already sucked and fucked 6 guys, my pussy was swollen and tingling with anticipation as we entered the room.
The first guy from here was a 40 something Manager in Finance. It didn't take long cahtting to him to find out that his fetish was light bondage and Master was only too willing to oblige. In the car he fingered my pussy and played with the butt plug while I removed my bra and he sucked my nipples hard.

Back in the room Master had already prepared the shackles on the bed so I was quickly cuffed by my wrists and ankles spread-eagled.
He worked on my nipples with his mouth while continuing to finger my pussy, carefully avoiding my clit. I was wet and ready for him, the cum of 6 men still inside me from earlier in the night. The egg still inside, he asked Master to leave it and he would remove it soon.
Turning around to the 69 position, he rammed his cock deep inside my mouth while pounding my pussy with his fingers hard. He asked Master to turn the egg up, sending me wild, groaning, straining and sucking his cock hard.

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