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The professor and the student

College was great and had many sexy very developed girls. The professor was hot and the girls all had a crush on him. One girl sat in the front row and wore no panties and spread her legs for him to see. He told her she would have to come to his office after school as he needed to punish her.

At four o'clock she knocked on his door and he let her in. He shut the door and locked it. She was a sexy thing with big full tits and a round ass and her pussy was shaved as he could see with her legs spread in class. she wore no bra and walked with her back arched shoving her tits out.

He told her, "you have misbehaved in my class and I must punish you." As he talked to her he pulled her sweater up and looked at her tits. He then took one in his mouth and sucked it. She pushed the tit to him loving his mouth on it. He then pulled the sweater over her head and both tits were for him to suck and caress. He took turns sucking each one till the nipples were hard and huge. He then removed her skirt and turned her to see her ass and pussy. He spread her legs to get a good look at her hot pussy. He felt her pussy and rubbed her clit.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock thru the opening. She stared at his huge thick cock. It was much bigger than the boys she dated and he had huge balls too. He sat in his chair and pulled her to her knees and told her to suck his cock. She wasted no time sucking and licking his huge member. He loved her mouth covering his cock and then grabbed her head and shoved the cock completely into her mouth as she gagged on the size. He then held her head and fucked her mouth shoving his cock down her throat. She gagged but soon adjusted to the size and enjoyed his cock fucking her mouth. Soon he was ready to cum so he held her head all the way down on his cock as he shot cum down her throat making her swallow every drop.

Next he laid her over the desk with her legs spread wide so he could see her cunt. He fingered her and ran his hand and over her shaved pussy. He pushed a couple fingers into her hole and fucked it. Soon he felt her cum. He pulled the wet finger out and rubbed it on her ass. He spread her ass cheeks and ran his finger around her small bud. He then pushed the finger in her cunt to get it wet and then placed the finger at the opening to her ass. He slowly shoved a finger up her ass. As he got it in he fucked her ass adding one more finger to the opening. Now he was hard again so he placed his cock to her ass. He rubbed cum from her cunt onto his cock and began to shove it in her ass. His cock was big and thick and he had to go slow to let her stretch to his size but he wanted to fuck her ass so bad. Then he was inside her ass with his cock and he pumped back and forth loving the tight feel of the sexy ass. As he fucked her ass, he then placed two fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her. Now both holes were being fucked and she was cumming faster than she could count. Her tight holes were being stretched to the limit and soon her ass will be full of warm cum. As he felt her cum many times he then rammed his fingers and cock inside her and came hard. It felt so good to him. He loved the tight holes to fuck with his big cock.

He pulled out and then stood her up. He grabbged a nipple with his teeth and pulled on it. She had great tits for a young girl. He wanted to fuck her again and again.

"Tomorrow you will come to my office at four again." I have many more ways I want to fuck your holes." "Wear no panties or bra as it is a waste of time. I also have some sex toys for us to use. Soon you will be used to my huge cock and will take me in with ease."

He could not wait till after school tomorrow. He was hoping to get a girl for every day of the week.

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