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The mother, her daughter, and her boyfriend

Ross towelled himself down, his skin glowing from the steaming shower. He threw the wet towel onto the floor, then walked naked across the landing into the bedroom. He dressed,  chino's and a short sleeved cotton shirt. No need for pants, he wasn't intending keeping the trousers on for long. He had a date, a date with Lorraine, and if he was any judge, she was gagging for it. He smiled to himself, as he looked into the mirror and combed his hair. Lorraine, Lorraine, sweet s*******n, he'd be in her knickers tonight and no mistake. He wouldn't mind giving her mother one either, she was fucking gorgeous. He was ready, he put a DVD into his jacket pocket. Lorraine wanted to watch a porn film, so she said, and he was taking one for her to watch, not that he expected to be watching it for long! The film was about a boyfriend who gets to fuck the girlfriend, and her mother, lucky bastard. He give his right testicle to fuck Lorraine and her mother, still he could dream.
Lorraine sat at her dressing table. She applied her lipstick. She wore a white lacy bra, with a matching thong, over which she now buttoned a thin cotton white short dress. Her mothers white high heels completed her outfit. She hoped Ross wouldn't be late, and wouldn't forget the movie. She wasn't a virgin, but she was inexperienced, and hoped by watching the porn film she would get some ideas, she liked sex, but needed a teacher. Ross would be her teacher. They had all evening, her mother had just gone out to spend the evening with one of her friends, they had the house to themselves. She looked at herself in the mirror, then unbuttoned the dress, and removed her bra. Having re buttoned the dress, she checked herself out again. The outline of her breasts were clearly visible, as were her dark nipples.
Paula drove down to the harbour, where her friend lived, and parked the car. She looked at herself in the mirror. An attractive woman in her early thirties looked back at her, her face framed by wavy shoulder length black hair. Her make up expertly applied, though why, she thought to herself had she bothered? She was wearing a short button up shirt dress, with high heels and the black sheer underwear, why had she bothered, after all she was just having a drink and chat with Linda. When Linda opened the door, Paula knew exactly why she had made an effort. Saucer of milk for table two?
As Linda opened the door to Paula, so Lorraine was opening another door to Ross. Five minutes later, Paula opened another door, her car door. Fucking Linda, the bitch could have phoned. Her and that useless shit she called a husband had rowed all night, but now were making up, "I knew you'd understand" Linda had purred. The question was should she go for a drink, or just go home? Home, she decided, a glass of wine, or two in front of the telly. She started the car, and began the short drive back to her house.
Lorraine was on the sofa, sitting next to Ross, her legs wide as he lightly ran his fingers over her lacy knickers, her cunt was already wet with anticipation. The film was just starting, a film in which the mother was going to teach her daughter how to suck and fuck. Right as if!
Lorraine held Ross' cock in her right hand, his trousers unzipped. She rubbed it gently, trying to concentrate on the film, and how the two women did it, and how they sucked the guys cock.
Paula stood in the doorway of her lounge, watching first the porn film, and then her daughter and her boyfriend on the sofa. The boy had a very impressive cock, but Lorraine, Paula could see, didn't have a clue as to what to do with it. She watched a while longer, before stepping into the room, Ross she could see had pulled Lorraine's knickers to one side, and was fingering her cunt.
"Good film?" Paula asked no one in particular. Ross and Lorraine both jumped, neither had heard her enter the house, both just looked up at her, stunned. As she looked down at the sofa, Paula saw Ross had lost his impressive erection. "Lorraine, keep doing what you were doing to Ross' cock." Lorraine still shocked at her mothers sudden appearance did as she was told. "That's it honey, only a little harder, you won‘t break it."
Ross had thought he was going to a real ear full, before he was thrown out of the house, but it seemed that was not going to be the case. He was still rubbing Lorraine's clit with a finger of his left hand. He swallowed hard, and then ran the fingers of his right hand lightly up the inside of Paula's left leg. She wasn't wearing stockings, and her skin was soft and smooth. As he reached up under her dress, he thought he felt her thigh quiver, then he felt her knickers. He ran his fingers along the length of the gusset, and as he did so, he heard Paula groan.
"What the hell are you doing, Ross, that's my Mum you're touching up, and Mum, that's my boyfriend!" Lorraine shouted.
Paula looked down at Lorraine, Ross was still fingering her, her legs still spread wide. Lorraine had a point, what did she think she was doing, but the thought passed, as Ross slid his fingers inside her wet cunt.
"What I am going to do Lorraine is show you what to do with that cock, that is why you're watching that film I take it?"
Lorraine nodded, it was, but what did her Mum mean. Paula walked in front of the sofa, and unbuttoned her dress letting it drop to the floor. She knelt down and took Ross’s cock in her hand, and pulled the foreskin down quickly and very hard, at the same time digging her nails into the shaft. “You ever tell anyone about this Ross, I’ll cut it off, do you understand me?”
Ross did. Fuck that hurt. “Yes Mrs Campbell, I get it. I’ll won’t tell a soul.”
Paula smiled. “Good, so long as we understand each other,” and with that she opened her mouth and took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. As she pulled her head away, she ran her tongue along its full length.
“Come on Lorraine, lets see how you suck cock” Paula said. Lorraine knelt beside her mother, tentatively she opened her mouth, put her lips around the top of his cock.
“No honey, look like this,” Paula said, and ran her red lips around the head of Ross’s cock. “Now you try.” Lorraine tried again.
Ross laid back on the sofa, as the two women went to work on his cock. He doubted it had ever been so hard. “For fuck sake, don’t come,” he thought to himself.
“Now take it all in you mouth, like I just did.” Paula told Lorraine.
Lorraine did as she was told, Paula watched satisfied with Lorraine’s technique.
“Can we break for a mo,” Ross said, “only I don’t think I can last much longer, Mrs Campbell.”
“Lorraine, time to stop, just for a while.” Paula told her daughter. “and Lorraine time to get out of that dress.”
Lorraine stood up, and removed her dress. She rubbed her nipples, which felt strange, all tingly, the nipples hard and erect. Then she began to take her panties off, but was stopped by her mother. “Not like that, turn around, and slowly take them down, and wiggle your bum a little. Lorraine duly obliged. “Now stand with your legs apart, lean forward, and with one hand spread the cheeks of your bum, and with the other part your pussy, and a finger yourself.” Paula told her. “That’s good, now lick your finger.”
“I can’t do that,” Lorraine said firmly.
“Yes you can, now do it.”
Lorraine licked her fingers, they were wet with the juice of her cunt. “Not so bad” she thought, “I taste alright.”
“Ross, fuck my daughter” Paula commanded.
Lorraine laid on her back, and Ross entered her. He fucked her with long, slow strokes.
“Now change position, Lorraine you on top.” Paula told them. “No like this.”
Paula demonstrated. She got astride Ross, facing away from him. Holding his cock, she lowered herself onto its hardness. She began to fuck Ross, slowly at first, then more quickly. Lorraine knelt at Ross’s feet, and watch wide eyed as her mother fucked her boyfriend, his cock going in and out of her wet pussy. She had only an hour or so before thought how she needed a teacher, now she had one, but her mother? Mum was clearly enjoying herself, and really knew what to do, but she could have just told her.
“Now you,” Paula said, “ like that.”
Lorraine took hold of the cock, still wet from her mother, and then lowered herself onto it. It felt different this way round, until now she had only been fucked laying on her back. Ross was meeting her thrusts now, this felt good, better than she’d had before. Ross reached around her, and squeezed her tits, “harder, squeeze them harder,” she heard herself say, only it wasn’t her voice, it was a deep husky voice, that rose from deep within her. She felt her cunt become so wet, her stomach taut with anticipation, which was suddenly realised, as she groaned with pleasure, she was coming, “oh my God, oh my God, yes, yes, mmmmmmmm.”
When she opened her eyes her mother was smiling at her. “Good? Now doggy style Ross,” Paula instructed. Lorraine eased herself off Ross’s cock, and then watched open mouthed as Paula sucked his cock, the cock she had only just been fucking. How could she do that, Lorraine thought.
“Lorraine tastes good, eh Mrs Campbell,” Ross said. Paula looked up, but without removing the cock from her mouth, then carried on, her head bobbing up and down rhythmically.
Lorraine knelt on the sofa, Ross behind her, she felt him inside her, deep in her, it felt good, and she pushed back against him. Paula half sat on the sofa’s edge, and ran her hand up the inside of Lorraine’s thigh, and then rubbed her clit, gently at first, then more rigorously. Lorraine came again, loudly this time, then realised it had been her mothers hand.
“My turn,” Paula said. Paula replaced her daughter on the sofa, but again she sucked his cock before he entered her. Paula stretched her back so it was arched, she gripped the sofa’s far arm with her hands, and gave herself to the moment. She came quickly, she’d needed the fuck more than she had known.
“Now suck his cock again Lorraine.”
“No I couldn’t, I mean its been inside you,”
“Lorraine just do it.”
So Lorraine did, and discovered it tasted just like her fingers had, when she had fingered herself.
“Lorraine, Ross needs another break.”
“No really Mrs Campbell, I’m fine,” Ross protested.
“Ross, shut up, and watch.” Paula told him. Then she laid back on the sofa and masturbated, you too, she told Lorraine. So Lorraine took up position at the sofas other end, and watching her mother, fingered herself. Lorraine was on point of orgasm when Paula ordered her onto her knees, where she continued to finger her wet cunt. Paula ran her fingers down Lorraine’s back, and then down into the cleft of her buttocks. Unlike her, Lorraine had pubic hair, its was black and soft, but had been clipped short. Paula slipped two fingers into her daughters cunt. Ross watched, and as he did so, Lorraine took his cock into her mouth. The fingers in her cunt felt good, and she came just thinking about how good they were. Then a finger slipped into her arse. That didn’t feel so good, but soon it felt alright. The second finger felt alright too.
“Now you do that to me,” Paula said.
Lorraine’s inhibitions were slipping away minute by minute, did as she was bid, and almost came herself, when she felt Paula’s cunt pulse as she came, she licked her fingers, and was about to move away, when Paula asked her to finger her arse as well. Lorraine pushed her fore finger in first, then added her middle finger, pushing them in as far as they would go, Paula seemed to love that, and Lorraine felt her come again, her anus pulsing tightly, and rhythmically on her fingers.
“Mrs Campbell,” Ross said, “I want to see the two of you, together, you know what I mean.”
Paula knew exactly what he meant.
“That’s your price is it Ross?”
“That’s my price Mrs Campbell,” Ross replied, smiling happily, “dreams it seemed could come true, but would this one,” he thought.
“What’s he mean Mum?” Asked Lorraine.
“He wants a full on lesbian show, that’s what he mean’s, that or he might forget his promise to keep quiet. That‘s what he means.”
“You fucking pervert Ross!” Lorraine snapped.
“Its not me, fingering my mother, is it. So?” He left the question hang in the air.
Paula and Lorraine both knew they had no choice, even if they both knew they had been headed that way, though they both left that unsaid.
“Lorraine, you perch your bum on the edge of the sofa, I’ll show you how first.” Paula said.
Lorraine to Paula’s surprise said “No, I’ll go first, then you can tell me where I’m going wrong.”
Paula spread her legs, and her cunt, as Lorraine tentatively ran her tongue over her clit, before licking her pussy over its whole length.
“Now stick your tongue inside” Ross said. Lorraine prodded and probed with her tongue, then stuck it as far in her mothers cunt as she could. Paula went wild, and Lorraine felt herself longing for her turn. Ross took hold of Paula’s face, and pulled it to his crotch, she opened her lips and he fucked her mouth.
Ross watched the two women, his cock was so hard it hurt, he fucked Paula’s mouth as Lorraine was busy with her tongue. Fucking hell, he didn’t even dream, dreams this good. He stopped just before he came. He needed to come, after all, he had all night and would soon be hard again. He had both women kneel before him. God he felt good, they took turns to lick his cock, and his balls, then he came on Paula’s outstretched tongue, then on Lorraine’s. That felt so good. Paula knew what to do, she shared his load with Lorraine, kissing until they had swallowed it all.
“Now, can we continue Ross, lessons are not over yet,” Paula said smiling, and turning to Lorraine, whose legs were already spread wide. Then he knew she had wanted to do that all along, the dirty bitch.

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