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The tease

he had dated her for over six months. She let him touch her tits and pussy but never fuck her. He loved her sexy body. She had great round tits and a "fuck me" ass. He wanted her bad. Last night he pushed her bra up and sucked her tits and fingered her pussy, but she would not fuck. He slid a finger in her pussy and it was so tight he leaked cum down to his balls. He planned to fuck her soon. She loved to tease and make him hard.

Tonight she was coming to his house for dinner. She walked in looking sexier than she ever had. She wore a halter top and no bra and a short short mini skirt with a skimpy thong. He wanted her so bad. He kissed her and felt her tits as he pushed the halter aside pinching the nipples. He then sucked one nipple into his mouth then he stopped. "Lets have some wine."

They sat on the couch and drank wine laughing and talking as he admired her huge tits. He kept filling her glass and she was getting tipsy on her empty stomach. Soon she laid back against the couch fully d***k. He picked her up and took her to his bed. He had planned this night and could hardly wait. He laid her on the bed and removed her halter showing the fantastic tits. Next he took off her skirt and thong. He rubbed her nice round ass. It was so hot. He then tied her hands to the top of the bed and her feet spread wide to the bottom. With her legs spread he could see her sweet shaved pussy. He leaned over and licked it. She then moaned. He started with her tits licking and sucking them making the nipples hard and erect. As he sucked the nipples he bit each one. They felt marvelous in his mouth. He spent a long time lickiong and sucking and pinching her huge nipples.

He then went down to her pussy. He spread it wide to see her pink cunt. He rubbed her clit between two fingers and listened to her moan. He pushed two fingers up her hole and finger fucked her. She started to get very wet. He then removed the fingers and used his mouth to suck the clit and lick the cunt. He pushed his tongue deep into her hole and tongue fucked her as she started to wake up.

He stripped out of his clothes and his cock was hard and sticking straight up. He rubbed his cock all around her face and over her lips. He left a trail of warm cum on her sweet lips. Before tonight was over he would have her sucking ever inch of his ten inch cock. He rubbed his cock around her nipples loving how they felt and then he wrapped the tits around his cock but only for a second as he planned to cum in her cunt and no where else first.

He got on the bed and straddled her. He called her name to wake her. He wanted awake when he first fucks her. She started to wake and looked scared at being tied and naked with her legs spread. Here he was with his huge cock straddling her body. She knew he was going to fuck her. He rubbed her pussy and told her to relax and how much she would love being fucked and all he would do to her tonight. She looked at his cock and he told he he was going to push it in her tight cunt and fuck her till she screamed. he told her she would want more and more of his big shaft all night. he would show her about fucking many times and sucking his cock and wanting it in her ass.

He spread her cunt and placed his cock at the entrance to her hole. He slowly pushed in as her cunt was wet letting him inside. He pushed inch by inch inside her tight hole. When he was inside her completely, he then grabbed her tits and held on to her nipples rubbing them between two fingers. He pulled almost out then went back in many times. She felt so tight and warm. he wanted to fuck her all night. As he pushed in her pussy and played with her tits she started to relax and enjoy the fucking movements. He then started to fuck faster and he could see her getting very excited so he fucked hard and fast getting wild as she felt so good. Soon she screamed and came hard and he felt her cum against his cock. This put him over the edge and he filled her tight cunt with his juice. He cunt seemed to grab his cock and never had he felt anything so good before.

He then pulled out and put his cock to her mouth. "Lick the tip and taste how good we mix. Later i will cum in your mouth so you can really taste me." She did lick his cock tasting their cum mixed together.
He then laid beside her to rest before he decided where he would fuck her next.
stay tuned for part two......

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