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For my master the night i dreamt of you

You came to me last night. A whisper in a dream. You stood above me watching me slumber.

As i dreamed of you my hands found their way down between my thighs. My fingers playing with my pussy lips finding the nub in the center that would be my clit. I sighed because in my dream it were your lips that tasted me, teased me, kissed and sucked me. Your hands roved over my body while you mouth savored the juices that were flowing freely.

You pinched my nipples and i gasped and arched my back. Spreading my legs further apart and looking down at me you ran your strong hands over my body. The contrast of your ruffness and my silking smooth skin was intoxicating beyond anything i could have imagined.

Knealing before me, you spread my pussy lips, all pink and wet i felt devine, on fire with lust. Circeling my clit gentle at first, i begged for you to fuck me, penitrate my wet hole, take be fiercly. Denied i came on your fingers. My legs shook, my hands trying to fight your fingers off my swollen pussy. It hurt and yet it felt so good.

Begging you, pleading, you stopped and looked down at me. A look of power, control eminating out of every pore.

Your cock, rock hard now teased the wettness between my thighs. I shifted to allow you better access, but you leaned forward, encased my neck with your strong hands and whispered in my ear.

"Are you a good little cunt?"

"Yes sir," I whispered.

"Are you my good little cunt?"

"Yes sir."

And with that you drove you hard cock inside me. Filling me with such pleasure i came immediately. You hands still around my throat, your body pressed into me, i quivered with such delight. You fucked my like an a****l, raging against the tight pussy that was drpping with my precious cum. I ground into you, meeting every thrust with my own. Feeling your hot breath on my face you kissed me, nibble the tender fleash of my lips.

Deeper you drove into my as i was ready to cum again you ordered me to hold it. "Don't tou dare cum my sweet cunt!"

Lifting my legs up and turning me over you entered me from behind. You grabbed a handful of my lush red hair; while your other snuck around and diddled my clit. Pulling my head back and to the side you could see the passion on my face, the gasps as you entered me harder and faster.

"Cum for me my little whore."

And at once my pussy clinched and juices covered you cock. I felt you climax and sigh as you emptied you hot sperm deep inside me. Limply you rested ontop of me and luxurated in the smell of sex that wafted through the air.

I woke.

My fingers covered in my own pussy juices. The sheets between my legs wet and warm. I smiled up into the ceiling and wondered...... Will i feel you tonight?

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