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The White Surburban Housewife

It was summer and me and my husband and our son were on vacation in Florida. Weeks before our vacation my husband Dan had bought a new digital camera and started making a record of our trip. He really got into his photography and was taking pics of everything we did. At night he would download the day’s pics to his MacBook and using his photography software he would crop and enhance his photos. Some were quite good.

Every evening after dinner we went for a walk along the beach to watch the sunset. One evening Dan decided to take some pics of me. I protested (I’ve never liked being photographed) but he was insistent and I finally gave in. That evening I was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a green knit top. Both were tight and accented my figure. Dan shot a few pics of me (the typical Florida beach stuff) and even tried having me pose. It was awkward but, hey, we were on vacation just having fun. When we got back to our room Dan immediately sat down with his computer went to downloading these pictures of me and a few minutes later I heard him say...Wow!

Dan thought my pics were fantastic. He just went on and on about how well I photographed. I protested and said that I was just a plain looking mature woman, nothing special. But Dan didn’t buy that and I couldn’t deter him so the next day he took pics of me in my swim suit. And later on when we went for our evening walk he posed me sitting on the beach in various positions that accentuated my figure. Again, when we got back to our room Dan immediately started downloading the pics to his Macbook and soon he was calling me to come and look.

Honestly, I didn’t think I looked as good as Dan was saying and I told him so. But he wouldn’t hear it and kept going on and on about how well I looked, how well I posed and how sexy I looked. I just didn’t see it. But he said that he knew good looks when he saw them and I said he was prejudice. He argued back that he was not prejudice that I was very attractive and photographed very well. I told him that he was kind and then suggested we go out on balcony for a drink (and leave the computer and pics behind).

Out on the balcony Dan could not stop talking about his new camera and taking pics of me. And I kept arguing that I was not that attractive and that his opinion was prejudiced by the fact that I was his wife. And then I told him it probably his new camera. That it made me look good. And then I told him that it was his picture taking skills that made me look good. And, it was then that Dan told me that he had an idea that might settle the argument. He told me that he was going to post my pics on Flickr.

A few weeks before our vacation Dan had started taking pictures around our house. He had taken pics of our pets, flowers and other stuff (some were very interesting). And he had posted some of these on the internet on a site called Flickr. Dan had learned about Flickr from a magazine article and decided to open an account. In the weeks leading up to our vacation Dan posted seven or eight really nice pics on Flickr. Not knowing how Flickr really worked Dan had just uploaded his pics and waited for people to comment. He didn’t add them to groups or add key words. He just waited for some Flickr member to stumble upon his pics and give him some comments. No one commented on his pics and he only got one or two views on maybe two pics. Now Dan was sitting on the balcony of our hotel room and telling me that he was going to post pics of me on Flickr so that we could get some un-prejudice comments. I protested and I pleaded but he was determined and I reluctantly relented because after all, no one was going to see me or much less comment about me.

The next few days of our vacation were busy with activities and Dan continued to take pics of me and our activities. And, frankly, his talent with photography was improving but we never spoke anymore about Flickr and posting my pics. Then on the last night of our vacation we were sitting on the balcony enjoying a drink and I asked him if he’d gotten any comments on my pics. With a surprised look he said that he’d forgot about Flickr and with that he jumped up and went inside and came back out onto the balcony with his MacBook.

As he clicked on Safari and then fumbled to type in he said he couldn’t wait to see if we’d had any activity on our pics. While he was entering his Flickr ID and password I was thinking that I couldn’t believe he’d put my pics out on the internet. Dan pressed the enter key and within a few seconds we were staring at a long list of recent activities on Dan’s home Flickr page and it didn’t take long to see the words... hot, milf, sexy, nice, want to see more, nice tits, great ass, fantastic legs and more.

Dan had posted six pics of me on Flickr. In two of them I had on a one-piece swim suit. In the other four I was dressed in shorts and tops. Nothing revealing, just me at the beach. Dan clicked on one of the pics (the one where I was wearing a pair of white shorts and a greet knit top). I must admit that my tight top and the angle of Dan’s shot really showed off my 36DD chest. And my tight shorts showed-off my waist, hips and just a hint of the place between my legs. It was a hot outfit and good photography and the results were that within about 72 hours of posting on Flickr over 20 men had found me and commented both about me and what they’d like to do with me. Most of which involved getting between my legs and exploring me with their... well you know.

Dan was shocked and embarrassed (about the frankness of the viewer’s comments). Also, he was shocked because he’d posted about a dozen pics of a****ls, flowers, insects and stuff but had never received a comment (and only a few views) but here he had uploaded a few pics of his wife in shorts and the floodgate of comments and views had opened up. Furthermore, he had been hoping to see some flattering comments about how nice I look or how attractive I am but instead he received a stream of comments from men who thought I was hot and sexy and wanted to fuck me. Frankly, he didn’t like what he was reading but on the other hand he was aroused by the comments and, secretly, he wanted to read more.

I was shocked, embarrassed, frightened, angry, and disturbed. Here were pictures of me... on the internet... for everyone to see! Moreover, here were men looking at me and making comments about my tits, legs, pussy, ass, and mouth. Calling me hot and sexy. Men telling me that I’m a real MILF. Telling me that they wanted to see more of me and less clothes! And, telling me what they’d do with me if they could get their hands on me. Yes, I was shocked, embarrassed, frightened, angry and disturbed but in a rather odd sort of way I way flattered, and maybe aroused.

Dan and I had been married for years. He’s the only man that I’d ever known. But, I’ve worked with men who flirted but that was just office flirting. And, there have been men who’ve asked me out. In fact, I once worked for a construction company where the managers were always trying to get me to go out with them and their customers. And, occasionally, I’d go out with them for a business lunch or dinner and help them impress a customer. Once they even wanted to me to go with them and their customers to Florida for the weekend. They firmly believed that I could have a positive influence on a potentially lucrative customer. But I was a married woman and I clearly explained to them that I could not participate in their business development activities. So, looking back, I guess there have been men who’ve been attracted to me and told me so. But these comments on Flickr were raw, to the point, and unabashed and frankly I was excited by them. And I wanted to read more.

After we returned home from our vacation Dan continued to take pics of me and post some of them on Flickr. In one pic I was wearing a very tight, hot pink, knit top. Dan had photographed me against a black wall (at a restaurant) and the result was a very striking pic that really showed off my 36DD’s and my blonde hair. Even I admitted that I looked very hot and sexy. Dan posted this pic on Flickr and immediately the views and comments started coming in. My viewers wanted to see me without the top. They wanted to see me without a bra. They wanted to suck my tits. And of course, they wanted to get between my legs and pleasure themselves. I was aroused and flattered by their comments and I was shocked the volume of views, comments and Flickr-mails.

One evening Dan said he wanted me to see a new comment. Before he showed me the comment he told me that he wasn’t sure how he felt about it and he wasn’t sure how I would feel but he wanted me to read it. He told me that he wanted me to experience this whole Flickr thing and that these comments were just part of the experience. He went on to tell me not to get excited or upset but just to enjoy the experience. After he told me all of this I was obviously curious and a little concerned. What could people be saying that would be a shock? After all, I’d read dozens of comments from strange men on the internet who said flat out that they wanted to fuck me or wanted me to suck their cocks. So, what could be anymore shocking?

His Flickr name was Big Daryl and his comment was... “Has she ever had BBC?”. BBC? What is BBC? I really didn’t know. Dan, embarrassed, explained to me that BBC meant Big Black Cock. Dan said, he wants to know if you’ve ever had sex with a black man? I said, NO, I’ve never had sex with a black man. I’ve never had sex with anyone except you Dan! Why does he say BBC? Why Dan’t he just say.. have you ever had sex with a black man? What’s this BBC? Then Dan went on to explain that some black men have much larger penises than the normal white man and that’s why they refer to themselves as BBC.

I WAS shocked. Honestly, I’d never heard of such. Then I asked Dan if they were bigger than him because he was very big to me. Dan patiently told me that he was your normal white man but that some black men were twice the size of him and that some were even larger. Twice the size? Yes, Dan said, twice the size and some even bigger. This was all new news to me. I’d never heard of such. Even when I was working for the construction company where talk about sex was as common as talking about the weather I’d never heard about black men being larger than white men. But then I had never been around black men. I had never worked with black men. My experience with black men was the occasional delivery or service man who came through where I was working or at our home. Being a white southern woman I just didn’t have any experience or knowledge about black men.

Dan said that I needed to reply to his question. Reply? You want me to reply to this guy’s comment? Yes, Dan said, it the courteous thing to do. He took the time to view your pic and ask you a question the least you can do is reply. Give him an answer to his question. What should I say? Well, just say no. Just tell him that you’ve never been with a black man. Hesitantly I scrolled down the page to the Comments block and there I typed... No... and then clicked Post Comment. Then we refreshed the page and there under Big Daryl’s question... Has she ever had BBC? was my reply...No. This was the first time that I’d ever replied to someone’s comments on Flickr. It felt strange but exciting and I wanted to do more.

Later that evening Dan told me that I had another question from Big Daryl. He wanted to know... “Why have I not had sex with a black man?”. Again Dan told me that I needed to reply. So, I replied that... “I’ve never had the opportunity”. Dan was angry at my comment. He wanted to know why I said that “I’d never had the opportunity”. He wanted to know why I just didn’t say that I didn’t want to have sex with black men. I told him that I didn’t say that because it’s not true. That given the opportunity I might like to have sex with a black man.

All of this resulted in a long discussion about sex and race and in the end I told him that if we were not married and if I was single and looking that I might consider sex with a black man. Particularly since I had this knew found knowledge about BBC. Dan was furious that I would even consider sex with a black man. He told me that a black man would ruin me and that I would never be fit for a white man again. I told him that I didn’t believe him. How would a black man ruin me? Dan told me that a black man would turn me into a whore and share me with his friends. He told me that black men were intrigued with white women and were overly fascinated about sex with white women. And that black men could give white women great pleasure and satisfaction but they always ended up abusing them and ruining them for anything other than being a sexual plaything. I told him that he was a racist and he was prejudice.

Over the next week Dan shot another set of pics of me. In these I was dressed in sheer black leggings, black high heels and a black and white striped knit top. It was a hot outfit and Dan shot some very good pics of me in various poses. In several of the poses I was laying on our bed posing in some very provocative positions. A very hot picture was one where I was standing in my heels but I was bent over leaning on my dresser. My legs were a little apart and I looked like I was waiting to be taken me from behind. It was a hot pic. As you can imagine, these pics were sexy and provocative and Dan uploaded them to Flickr without even asking me my thoughts or opinion. He was in a hurry to see the views and comments.

Once these pics were uploaded it only took a minute or two before the views and comments started coming in and it was the usual stuff, only more. My viewers wanted to be in bed with me, be beside me, be on top of me, wanted me on top of them and some just commented that I was attractive, sexy and hot. It was hard for me to believe that all these men were faithfully following my pics and felt so comfortable as to tell me their intimate thoughts and desires of what they wanted to do with me.

Big Daryl commented that I looked hot and asked me if I could handle BBC. And I replied that I’ve never had BBC so I didn’t know if I could handle BBC or not. Big Daryl commented back that he had 8 inches that I could try. I replied “Whew 8 inches. That’s big! Not sure I can Handle that”.

When Dan saw Big Daryl’s comments and my replies he went ballistic. He accused me of flirting with black men. He said my comments were encouraging this black man to make more comments on my pictures. This set off another evening of argument and debate around sex and race. Dan just could not handle the idea of black men and white women. And I took the more liberal opinion that it was ok for consenting white women to have sexual relations with black men. I was more open minded than the usually open minded Dan. Plus, I was secretly intrigued by this BBC thing!

Dan told me that he didn’t want to see anymore comments about me from black men. And I reminded him that it was he that put my pictures on Flickr for all to see and comment about. Dan got angry and then said that he was quitting Flickr and I said “great”! That I didn’t want my pictures out there to begin with. That night Dan removed all my pictures from his Flickr account and but left his nature and travel pictures. My pictures, comments about me and all my flickrMails were gone.

Over the next couple of days I went through what you might call a withdrawal. For weeks and weeks Dan had shot photos of me, uploaded them to Flickr and each night I read comment after comment from viewers who said that I was beautiful, sexy, desirable, hot, an MILF and etc. Now all of that was gone and I missed it. Then I had a brainstorm. It dawned on me that I could create my own Flickr account!

Setting up my own Flickr account was a hoot. First I had to come up with a user-id and password. Then I had to choose a screen name and I come up with the name...The White Suburban Housewife! I was on a role!

Next, I worked on my profile. This was too cool! In my profile I told some things about me and why I was sharing my pictures on Flickr. I described how I got started by my husband taking pictures of me at the beach and posting them on his Flickr account. Then I shared why he no longer wanted to post my pictures and I decided to create my own Flickr account. I completed my profile with stats and information about me such as my weight, height and measurements. Oooooooo! And some of my favorite stuff!

The last thing I did was upload some pictures. I pulled up iPhoto and browsed through all of my pictures. I selected eight or nine that ranged from conservative to provocative. I uploaded these and set their viewing level to... Public. Then I titled and described some of the pictures. I was finished! I had my own Flickr site! Now I just needed some guys to find me and start commenting on my pictures and sending me some FlickrMails!

A couple of days went by and nothing happened. No views, comments or FlickrMails. I was deflated but I decided to take action. I added Tags (sexy, milf, hot, mature, blonde, legs, breasts and BBC) to each picture. And next, I added my pictures to a few Groups. Then I turned off the computer and went to bed.

The next evening I turned on my computer and logged on to Flickr. I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise, and relief, I had some views, comments and a FlickrMail. And, the FlickrMail was from Big Daryl!

Big Daryl wanted to know what happened to my pictures on Dan’s site but he was glad that he found my new site. I explained to Big Daryl that Dan and I argued over his comments and my replies to his comments. Big Daryl apologized for causing me and Dan to argue but explained that he was just interested in learning if I was interested in BBC. I told him not to apologize and that I was just trying to engage a black man and learn something about BBC (other than what Dan had told me). Big Daryl wrote me back that I was an intriguing and beautiful woman and that he would like to help me learn about black men and BBC. And, he signed his FlickrMail as... Marvin.

Over the next few weeks Big Daryl (now Marvin) and I communicated frequently via FlickrMail. I learned that he was an independent business man in Dallas-Fort Worth and that he traveled extensively throughout the world. In addition I learned that he was just a couple of years older than me and that he’d never been married because all of his time was spent building his business. Marvin also learned some things about me!

One evening I received a FlickrMail from Marvin telling me that he was coming to my city. He went on to say that he’d like to meet me in person. This frightened me. The thought of meeting someone that I met online was a stretch. The idea of meeting a black man I met online was over the top. But Flickr was a stretch for me and communicating with Marvin about sex and BBC was over the top. So I reasoned that meeting him in person was the logical next step in my new adventurous life.

We agreed to meet for lunch at a very public restaurant. I nervously arrived on time and entered the restaurant. It was very busy and quite a number of people were waiting to be seated. I started scanning the crowd of people looking for Marvin a black man. Suddenly I felt a hand on my arm and heard someone say “are you Susan?”. Startled, I quickly turned around and was looking at a tall black man. He said “hello, I’m Marvin”.

I said “yes, I’m Susan.” Marvin was dressed in a dark blue business suit, a white shirt and a striped tie. He looked like a banker or a lawyer or a corporate VP. We exchanged pleasantries and then I commented that it looked like we may have to wait a few minutes for a table. Marvin said no, that he’d arrived early and had already had us a table. Marvin led me to our table and then pulled out a chair for me to seated then he took a chair adjacent to me.

The first couple of minutes were awkward because neither one of us knew what to say. Then Marvin said something like you’re more beautiful in person than on the internet. I commented back that I’ve always felt that I photographed poorly and Marvin said no, that he did not mean that my photos were bad it was that I was even more beautiful than my photos revealed.

That little icebreaker was all that was need to kick off an afternoon of conversation that ranged from why I put myself on Flickr to why did I agree to meet a perfect stranger for lunch. I shared with him Big Daryl’s comments and how those comments enlightened me to the differences of black men and white men. We talked about me and Dan and the arguments that we had about race and sex. I told Marvin that even though I was a white southern girl I was more open minded than Dan about race, sex and a lot of other things. And the reason that I agreed to meet him for lunch was so that I could meet and have some time with a black man. Something that I had never experienced.

Marvin was a gentlemen and took the time to carefully explain black men’s thinking about whites and particularly white women. He went on to clarify that not all black men were large and that many are the size of their white counterparts. After two glasses of wine and about three hours of intimate conversation I had the courage to ask Marvin if he was big. Marvin smiled at me and said that’s private information.

It was now late in the afternoon and we were the only two customers left in the restaurant. I told Marvin that I had really enjoyed our visit and I really enjoyed meeting him, lunch and the conversation. He said the pleasure was his and that we needed to get together again sometime and I could educate him about southern white women. I agreed that was a good idea and that I would like to share with him the intimacies of southern white women. He said that sounded intriguing.

Marvin was in a hurry to get to the airport to catch his flight back to DFW so we said our goodbyes and agreed that we’d meet again soon. I needed to go to the restroom before I got on the road to home and Marvin said he need to go too. Our waiter pointed down a long hallway to the restrooms and me and Marvin started that way. We said goodbye again and then went into the restrooms.

In the restroom I did my business and then took the time to freshen my makeup, lipstick, comb my hair and call Dan to tell him that I would be home soon. When I came out of the restroom I was surprised that Marvin was waiting for me. I figured that he’d already left for the airport but he said that he wanted to see me once more and tell me how beautiful and sexy I was in real life (not just on Flickr). Then he leaned over to kiss me on the cheek but instead of kissing me on the cheek he quickly pressed his lips to mine and gave me passionate kiss. I was shocked! And before I could react he put his arms around me, embraced me and gave me another passionate kiss.

My legs were limp and I was trembling. Marvin recognized this and quickly apologized for his actions but he continued to hold me in his arms. He told me that I was the most intriguing white woman that he ever met and that he just had to kiss me. Then he told me that he had been viewing my pictures on Flickr for weeks and that he had become fascinated with my pictures and the other viewer’s comments. Then, and I don’t know why, I kissed him. I put my arms around his strong body and I kissed him as passionately as he had kissed me. I was out of control.

My head was spinning and I didn’t realize that Marvin was directing and moving me into the men’s bathroom and into the handicap stall. There he embraced me and kissed me again. I told him to stop. That I didn’t want to do this. I told him that I was a married woman but he continued to kiss me with even more passion. And with every kiss and every embrace he was dominating me with strength and romantic prowess and I was succumbing to his advances. This was new territory for me because I had never been dominated by a man. Dan had always been a passive husband. He’d never f***ed himself upon me but now Marvin was taking charge of me and forcing his will on me and I liked the experience. I liked being held and kissed by a strong, dominate man and I wanted to see where this would go.

Marvin escalated his advances. With his left hand he reached under my dress and f***ed his hand between my legs and began to feel me. I begged with him to stop but I succumbed to him and spread my legs so that he could better feel and finger my vulva. I quickly realized that Marvin knew women, and now he was starting to know me. He knew where to touch me and how to touch me. I was aroused and excited by his touching and feeling me.

After completely feeling me up he turned me around and put his arms around me and began fondling my breasts. His large hands squeezed my breasts and then he started rubbing and squeezing my nipples between his fingers tips. He told me that he had been dreaming of doing this every time he looked at my pictures on Flickr. He said that his favorite pictures were the ones where my nipples were hard and visible through my sweaters and tops. He said that he dreamed of feeling and squeezing my nipples.

Then Marvin f***ed me to bend over and grab hold of the handicap assist bars. I asked him what he was going to do and he said he said that he was going to fuck me. I screamed and then pleaded with him to stop but he told me that he had dreamed of fucking me for weeks. Ever since he saw my pictures on Flickr. He said that he desperately wanted to be the my first black man. He wanted to be the man who christened my pussy with a BBC. I screamed no and said that this had gone far enough. That I really didn’t want to experience BBC. But he had me bent over, stretched out and my legs apart and he had pulled up my dress to around my waist and now he started rubbing and feeling of my thighs and ass.

With both hands he took hold of the top of my tights and pulled them down below my butt. Then he pulled down my thong, bikini panties. I was now completely exposed for him and he slid his hand between my legs and began to feel and explore my vulva. I spread my legs to give him more room to grope and feel me. He said good girl, you know what to do. His hand was large and easily cupped my vulva. I was already trembling from the sensation of a man touching and stroking my private area then he inserted a finger into my vagina, I went limp. His finger felt as large as Dan’s penis and with it he was exploring me and bringing me to a state where I desperately needed to be sexually satisfied. I spread my legs even further apart and he fingered me deeper. And with his thumb he rubbed my clitoris. Oh God, he knew how to arouse me!

In the heat of the moment I thought about Dan and how all of this was wrong and I wanted to stop. So I screamed no, that I didn’t want to do this but then I felt Marvin’s large cock rubbing between my legs and against my vulva. He was huge, much larger than Dan, and it excited me that he was so large and to think that any moment now he would be forcing himself into my vagina. As he continued to rub me with his cock I could feel him grow and become even larger. I pleaded with him not enter me. But he had grown full erect and was ready to take me. I begged him not to put his cock in me but even as I begged I felt him position his cock in the cleft of my vulva and begin to push. I begged him not to hurt me and told him that I was too small for him but he ignored my pleas and pushed harder. The head of his cock was large and I could feel it trying to penetrate my small opening when he pushed. After several attempts he f***ed my legs wider apart, repositioned his erect cock and pushed even harder and suddenly I felt him enter me.

Oh My God, he was in me! He had f***ed the head of his huge cock into my vagina and now he was pushing even more of himself into me. He was big, much bigger than Dan. His huge cock felt different that anything that I’d ever experienced. Oh God!. His cock was long and it was big around and it was stretching my vagina. And, it was moving more deeper inside me than Dan had ever been. His cock was reaching into places that no other man had ever been. Marvin’s cock was in my virgin territory.

And, he was taking me from my behind. Dan had never taken me like this before. Our only positions were missionary or me on top. But Marvin had me standing in my high heels, bent over, legs apart, my dress pulled up, tights pulled down below my ass, and he was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my body. I was being fucked like a bitch by a black man with a nine inch cock!

He was fucking me slow and steady. Each thrust of his cock hurt me but the sexual sensation of being fucked by a cock this size overcame the pain. I was screaming and moaning but I was screaming from sexual sensation, arousal and excitement. And I was moaning from the pleasure that his huge cock was giving me. Oh My God! His cock was so good! His Big, Long and Round Black Cock was exploring me, stretching me and bringing me to an orgasm!

OH Marvin! OH MY GOD! Yes! Yes! Yes! I”M CUMING!!! OH GOD!! He reached under me and grasped my breast. He said let it go babe, let it go! My whole body flashed with heat, jerked, trembled and then it came, an orgasm brought on by a huge black cock. I’d never experienced an orgasm like this in my entire life. Marvin had taken me to a new state of sexual realization. His cock had reached places in my body that had never been touched and by touching these places he had released emotions and sensations that I’d never felt before. This black man and his BBC had released a new sexual me. I was now a new woman. I was a black man’s woman. A black man’s white woman.

Now Marvin was fucking me hard and faster. I could feel his cock inside me and it was swollen rock hard. Suddenly and f***efully he took my blonde hair and pulled back my head. The fucking was now even harder and faster. Marvin was talking dirty to me. Calling me a slut and his white whore. I could feel his cock swelling even more. He told me that I was his new white whore. He told me that my pussy now belonged to him. He was fucking me harder. He told me to say that I was his white whore. Oh My God, he was fucking me so hard! He told me to say that my pussy now belonged to him. All of his nine inches were in me. His balls were slapping against my thighs. I told him that I was his new white whore and that my pussy now belonged to him. I told him that I would do anything to have his cock in me and to be fucked like this.

Marvin took hold of my hips and made a very hard thrust in my vagina and then he CUMMED! A burst of hot semen drenched my insides. He continued fucking me but now he was also pumping semen into my vagina. Oh God! I was being seeded by a black man. He pumped semen into me for what seemed like forever. I didn’t know that a man could have that much semen. He moaned as he deposited the last of his seed into me. He told me that I was a good fuck and that I had a body that was built for fucking and that I was built for satisfying men particularly black men.

As quickly as this encounter had started it was over. Both of us were spent. Marvin pulled his cock out of me. I felt satisfied. I had been embraced, kissed and fondled by a black man. I had been fucked like a bitch. I had taken nine inches of BBC. I had been brought to orgasm. I had been filled with a black man’s semen. And, I had been called a whore, a slut and told that I was built for fucking and satisfying black men. What else could a middle-aged, white, suburban housewife, and Flickr star ask for?

Marvin had stepped out of the handicap stall and I could hear water running and him cleaning himself. I had sat down on the toilet and was letting Marvin’s semen drip out of a stretched out hole that had been my tight little vagina. Marvin came back into the stall and saw me sitting on the toilet, my dressed pulled up around my waist, my tights down around my ankles and his semen dripping out of me. He saw my stretched out vagina and commented that he had really reamed me out. He said that was would make a good picture for Flickr! We both laughed and agreed that my Flickr audience and followers would love to see a picture of me just after I had my first BBC.

I cleaned up, straightened my clothes, fixed my face and hair and then drove Marvin to the airport. On the way to the airport Marvin was on his phone talking with what sounded like business associates. During one call he started telling the person on the other end about fucking me and how I was such a good fuck. Then he told the person that he would like to hook him up with me! I was in shock! When the call was over Marvin asked me if I could meet him and one of his customers for dinner the next week. He told me that his customer was really interested in meeting me and getting to know me. I was speechless! What had I gotten myself into?

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