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First time oral anal

First off let me be clear I do not consider myself a m*****ation survivor, I do not support sex with anyone u******e under no circumstances except for my TRUE STORY.......

Summer 1985 graduating to middle school, There was two girls in my class who were getting tits and a little bush, So my experience would pay off later. Anyway I had gotten in some trouble so I had to stay with my moms friend pam.,Little did I know this would be the summer I became a man and did I ever. Pam was a bartender who liked to drink with the girls from the expensive resturant that she worked at (the same as my mom)(awakward). Because of the trouble I was in I had restitution to pay so I get a job at the same resturant,shit everyone was practically f****y, its the resturant buisness in the mid 80s lots of d**gs and everyone fuckin each others wives , husbands and sons, daughters. I can only speak to my experience but I dont think I was the only one to recieve the training I ultimately recieved. At this time I am 12 gonna be the big 13 and had already felt up pussy and tits in the dark classroom during film strips. I can honestly say at that time I wasnt real sure were to stick my small but thick and growing longer cock, I hadnt even jerked off yet. Well when The resturant closed for the evening most of us busboys did side work for the waitresses so they could get upstairs or downstairs depending on the group. Before I ever tasted my first pussy I had already seen the two cooks In a back closet fuckin another busboy (to this day he fucks women so I think there was a little bit of f***e used) I had seen my Idol the Thang bangin out Sheila who to this day is smokin even in her 60s. Basically it was mid 80s alot of cocaine and fuckin is the way I remember it. So after the side work was done we would all cut loose and my mom usually stayed after to do a little partying and I would catch a ride with whoever was goin my way. Well as it turns out pam the bartender and the woman decides she take me home on the weekends because her old man was working night shift (hes police) well summers movin along. It was almost the end of June because Pam asked me if I would watch there house on Monday and tuesday so she could go out of state for fireworks.. I was twelve, wasnt exactly very busy and I would have to be there during the day since Pam had odd jobs for me as punishment for tellin the neighbor girl I was gonna finger her the first chance I got. How stupid of me to say something so loud that I wasnt even serious about in the first place.... Well the weekend goes off without a hitch sunday about 530 my mom gets a call from Pam suggesting I stay the night. Whatever Ill be there before my 900 curfew and she says that I dont have to worry about my moms silly curfew, after all I am almost 13 so I stayed out until 130 I knew Pam would be home then. I role in about 20 after 1 I hear this faint but muffled moan I look around but cant find the noise. I go over and shut the door figureing the noise is coming from outside and go get in the shower. Like I have already stated I had a pretty fat cock with hair around so Ive obviously started puberty, My voice had already changed come to think about it. I grab a towel and start for Pams room to shower well she must have had that big black dildo up to her throat because she didnt hear me cum in and wham rite ther in front of my face was my first live pussy and shes fuckin herself she is slightly startled because she just closed her eyes and kept pushin that big blck plastic cock as far as she could, That was the first time I have been exposed to intercourse now I know were Im put this dick when I finally get a girl that will let me fuck. Lookin back I was a horny little fuck already. She lets out a slight wail then a deep moan followed by the sounds of juices mixing and she pulls this 12in cock out and this fluid shoots out. My first squirt. I didnt know that women can come too. So I ask Pam if she is alright. She responds that I spied on her the whole time and that I shouldnt stair when people are fucking or even masterbating. She told me what would be the normal thing to do and I swear was to get out of sight and watch, She said thats how she learned to be with her husband she used to watch her dad fuck her mom and grandmother (she said no one knows about that) and I shouldnt repeat it.. By this time she has some what covered up but I can tell her pussy was wet I mean it was glissening pink fluid Isaid Im going to take a shower and she ackowledged I was going in there. So this is how I know that it wasnt an accident I run the shower as hot as can be stood of course steam is good for sinuses I was told by someone. Well I am shapooing my hair and I go down my chest to my stomach to my not very long but apparently it was fatter than most men her age Cock. Well the soap is slick it is steamin I dont know why but that was the first thought I had about wanting to jerk one off. I had been getting random hard ons but this one was different it felt good and firm and I could use this thing now if I wanted to. But who am I going to fuck.. I saw the first bit of cum on my dick when I got done.. Since there was no exhaust fans I had a window cracked.. I start to dry off and I hear some leaves move out the window I pretend I didnt hear, But Im trying to watch out the corner of my eye because I think Christina has snuck out to look through the window and saw what she came to see.. Wrong the sound I heard was Pam watching me I continue to dry off and get ready for the night.I walk back through Pams room and shes not here. Thats weird..I start down the hall and I hear a rough sounding grunt going on and its coming from the end of the hall my room what I see made me a voyure from then on Isee barb between Pams legs her mouth buried in black pussy hair I dont know who the guy is that is fuckin the shit out of barb but I need to get out of the way and watch, so thats what I did they must have fucked for three hours I came 4times and I think I saw every sex act performed that night must be the coke.... Well Pam says she sore and pulls off his cock (i think she got it in the ass)well instead of goingto the master bath she goes to the hall bath. Busted, my cock in my hand cum covered obvious I was watching. I try to play it off but no use she is pointing for me to come downstairs.. I hear little barb sounding like she is in pain but saying to go faster.. WOW the sounds of nature. I get to the basement and Pam is standing there with a full bush (before the pussy evolved bald) She motions for me and I respond, She sits in the recliner and has me kneel between her legs she grabs my head and f***es it in to her clit,as she says lick the hard part near the top,found it rite away. I start to feel her hips movin she puts 1 of my fingers in and I prceed to finger fuck and lick this grown woman till I felt my upperlip got wet and I instictiviley grabed at my hard cock and I knew where I was puttin it. Pam reaches down to stop me from slippin my dick in.. Remember this is 85 im 12 and I just ate the pussy of my babysitter. who was at least mid thirtys. She tells me not to fuck her pussy. I look at her like Bitch you just came on my face and Ive got a hard dick I try for that furry pussy again tellin her Im happy with hers being my first piece of pussy.. She says no because its not rite I finally got pissed rolled her over a stuck my thick little cock rite in her ass and didnt come for 15mins.....Long story short this is true story I ended up fuckin her every christmas till I was 20 oh yea we have a baby that is not raised by me because of my age, Now I hadnt seen Pam for 18yrs I run into her at a gas station. I couldnt help but think I want to eat that thing again just like the first time......All women I fuck have Pam to thank for the longgevity I have Thanks Pam See Ya Christmas eve cause guess what the statue of limitations isnt up I think well do it like the old days Im gonna fuck that ass raw slut

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