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One of my earliest encounters - one I can never fo

I’d been there before and had seen some condom wrappers in the bushes, so was pretty sure that I knew what it meant. I’d only been with a guy once before at a nearby toilet block and was totally wanting to revisit the experience.

So here I was walking along the track near the beach, surrounded by trees and shrubs. There was a large hole in the fencing and as I was walking towards it a guy came out through it and walked briskly to his car in the car park about 100 meters away. It was about 5 pm so I figured there would be some business people driving past pretty soon and within a minute a car pulled up and a middle aged guy got out and started walking towards me. My heart was already racing, so I nervously walked towards the car park and he walked past me in the opposite direction. I glanced back and he was glancing back at me also. I could feel my cock beginning to swell as my heart raced even more, I could hear the bl**d in my ears. I turned around and he was already at the gap in the fence, he looked at me and made eye contact and went through into the bushes. I followed about 20 meters behind following the well worn track. As I weaved a little around a thicket there was like a private clearing in the bushes secluded from view with guy standing there rubbing his already bulging trousers. I walked up to him and without words he reached out and rubbed me through my shorts, I could already feel wetness inside as the pleasure of my swelling cock rubbing against my shorts and underwear and his hand pressing me. He reached with both hands and unfastened my shorts and reached inside my underwear and held the entire shaft of my swelling cock. The warmth from his hand sent shivers through me as I swelled to hardness. “Nice cock” he said and then he pushed my shorts and underwear to my ankles as he knelt down and buried his face in my crotch, nuzzling the area between my balls and upper thigh. He licked and sucked this area sending jolts of pleasure through me as his stubble lightly grazed my balls. I looked down and his trousers were down and he was pulling himself to hardness with one hand, his eyes were closed as he licked, sucked and nuzzled this area first on the right side and then on the left, inhaling the scent of this the most male region there is. I was lost in my thoughts concentrating on the pleasures that were radiating from my groin and imagining if and when he would suck my cock. I yearned for it, the feeling of it sinking into his wet moist mouth. He lifted his hand and held my shaft and rubbed and circled his thumb around my oozing cock head, the precum allowing his thumb and finger to glide effortlessly over it and yet provide a shooting gallery of pleasure to me.

I closed my eyes in pleasure and then felt another hand on my butt. I opened my eyes and looked around to see another guy, younger about 30 with his shirt off, his erect cock already out of his shorts. His hand glided over my butt and his middle finger lingered in the crack gently pushing deeper in to find my pleasure centre hiding within. As his finger grazed my hole, my cock pulsed and I could see precum running down the shaft and mixing into the slow rhythm of the other guys hand that was now slowly sucking my balls. He seemed to notice and pulled my hard cock horizontal and engulfed my cock head with a swirling of his tongue, his lips pressing hard around me. I gasped as the sensation flooded my being. The guy behind was now on his knees and gently parting my cheeks to gain access to my hole. His tongue flickered in and out sending spasms of pleasure through me and I spread my legs a little and bent forward to accommodate him. I had one tongue probing my hole and another sucking my cock, now buried down his throat as he took me all the way and started swallowing to make his throat muscles contract around my drooling cock head. I didn’t think it could get any better but then 2 more business guys came in and started taking off their clothes, stripping naked. They were pretty hot, one with a hairy chest and an amazingly huge cock that was already accepting plenty of bl**d from his pumping heart. The other guy stood next to me and pulled my T-shirt off over my head, so that I too was now naked. Both of them on either side of me, their hands beginning to rub me all over my chest and arms. The guy on the left lifted my arm and started licking my arm pit, while working his head and mouth towards my nipple. The other guy went straight to the nipple and I lifted my arm over him and placed my hand on his shoulder pulling him against me. The pleasure was now like a hurricane as it as coming from so many places, arse being rimmed, cock being sucked, nipples being sucked and armpit being grazed with manly stuble. I reposition one arm to get a hold of the guys large cock and he moaned as I stroked him, and the sound sent shivers through me as it then echoed from all four guys and they all moaned, sucked and slurped as they continued probing, licking and sucking me. A fifth guy then appeared and as if it had all been planned, focussed his attention on my neck, slowly licking upward to my ear, while his arm slid around my waste, and his other hand on the other guys cock. Everyone was now pleasuring me, but also having some pleasure provided to them. I was nearly ready to cum and could feel the early tingles and warmth building, my balls had contracted and the guy licking my arse was also gently rubbing my balls and intermittently stroking guy number one’s cock, through my legs. Then a sixth guy appeared, he was pulling his cock out and jerking off to the scene in front of him, 6 guys almost all naked with a tangle of limbs, tongues, mouths and hard cocks. I can only imagine what it looked like, but being the honey pot in the middle was pretty fucking awesome. Guy number 6 then entered the fold wrapping his hand around the butt of the guy feeding on my nipple, which made him straighten up. They instantly locked mouths and started kissing passionately, the sight sending the last impulses of orgasm building tension to my cock, balls and arse. “I’m about to cum” I moaned and they grabbed their arms around me holding me rigid as my entire body convulsed in the most intense orgasm ever. Waves of pleasure radiated outwards as contraction after contraction pulsed my liquid cream into guy number ones mouth. Rimmer – guy number 2 lost his load at the same time squirting jism through my legs onto guy number one. My hands contracted down on big dick guy and he removed my hand and took control of himself, while guy number six bent down and swallowed guy number 5 to climax. Even though I was spent, my cock was still in guy number one’s mouth, he was gently draining the last few drops.

My whole body was tingling from head to toe and I couldn’t move, I felt I was floating so just admired the naked male torsos and cocks around me. The guy sucking my ear had missed out the most, his cock still hard, so I licked my hand and grabbed his cock gently. He jolted at the sensation as I gently stroked him from top to bottom, swirling my hand over his cock head maximising the pleasure from my lubed hand. His moaning was a turn on and I felt my cock hardening again, still inside guy number one’s mouth. He didn’t miss the signals and started sucking vigorously massaging my balls with one hand and the rotating around the shaft of my cock with the other as he focused on the head and upper shaft with his mouth. Someones hand gently reached into my ass crack and probed my moist hole with their hard warm finger gently inserting up to the knuckle slowly pulling it in and out. The guy I was pulling, now had some attention on his ass also and I was extremely aroused and turned on by his maoning. As a tongue licked his arse and probed his pleasure centres, I blew my second load with only about 6 contractions before the sensitivity was too much and I had to pull out of his mouth. He went straight onto the guy I was pulling and took him deeply into his throat to mix with all the cream I had just deposited. A few gasps and he was done. Everyone had ended up happy and I had experienced my first multiple encounter. I couldn’t wait for another

As I have recounted this, the memory of these events have made me incredibly wet. I need to have a pull and try to relive that most intense orgasm. I hope it has provided you guys with plenty of tool dripping action and pleasure.

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